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These enterprise teams are feeding their wanderlust (and bonding with each other) with Woyago

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You bring the guests.
We'll bring the entertainment.

All Woyagos (virtual events) are led by charismatic, friendly, and energetic natives – not actors! – from your chosen destination. And in just 60-90 minutes your team will create warm and wonderfull connections with each other that will last for years.

Where will you take your team next?


Ultimate bliss for Paris lovers, would-be Paris lovers, and not-yet Paris lovers.


Fiestas, tapas, beaches, and the parts of Barcelona that tourists don’t get to see.


Everything you’ve ever heard about India is *nothing* compared to the truth.


Your team will find out they’re more Italian than they think they are.


Hear what companies like Google, IBM, and Apple are saying about Woyago

Amazon Home Case Study

Discover How Amazon Home Nailed Remote Team Building During the Pandemic: One Virtual Bike Tour at a Time!

DisplayR Case Study

Find Out How Displayr Boosted Client Engagement and Secured a 10-20% ROI with Virtual Paris Tours: Your Ticket to Unconventional Marketing Success!

High-level highlights

Amazon Home loved the fact that there was nothing to do except send a zoom invite. Woyago did everything else!

Their employees' feedback was so positive, Amazon Home is now planning to schedule a virtual tour for their team every month.

Woyago has had more sign-ups from the Amazon Home team than all the other scheduled virtual activities.

The Background

How it all began

Pre-pandemic, the Amazon Home Team worked together at the flagship Seattle office and at a few satellite offices.

During the peak of the pandemic, which led to an extended lockdown, the Amazon Home Team transitioned to a fully remote work model . The challenge then was to find ways to sustain their supportive relationships and forge new ones while away from the office.

During lockdown, a lot of people joined the team and there’s constant rotation. So we had a lot of new hires who had never met their team members face-to-face. Quarantine also had a lot of people burned out and wanting to go abroad.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

The Challenge

Bringing together a (large) remote team

Putting on an event for 150-200 tech designers and engineers together, in-line with pandemic protocols, was no easy feat. Especially when the agenda is all about strengthening company culture, creating relationships, and having a good ol’ time, together as a team.

Looking for creative ways to solve this challenge, Veronica scheduled a series of four different virtual events, including the Woyago biking tour of Paris, an escape room, a trivia contest, and an around-the-world adventure. The Woyago bike tour got the most sign-ups.

Parisienne smiling to her laptop wearing red berret and stripe t-shirt.
A virtual happy hour being hosted on a tablet

The Solution

A party in Paris and a (rainy!) bike ride

The day Veronica’s team was scheduled for the live bike tour turned out to be a rainy one – not an uncommon occurrence for either the Amazon Home Team or the Woyagers (Woyago tour guides).

Woyago dispatched Jean, “our toughest biker who doesn’t mind a bit of rain,” and Ludivine (LuLu), who injects some interactive and engaging activities.

“It was really nice to have everyone turn on their cameras and get to see each other while taking this bike tour of Paris. It was a good way to do something together and feel like we’re still part of a team and we’re not alone.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

The Result

Much fun was had by all

Feedback from Veronica’s team about the virtual tour format was so positive that they’re now planning to make a team virtual tour a monthly recurrence. Veronica also noted how much she enjoyed the booking experience.

“I loved how easy it was. I literally didn’t have to set anything up. I just attached the Zoom invite to the meeting and Anto took care of the rest. That was really nice. I’ve already recommended it to other executive assistants.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

Woman giving thumbs up against yellow back

High-level highlights

Matilda Sarah of Displayr aimed to deliver value to potential clients and offer a distraction during the pandemic.

Using Woyago's virtual Paris tours as a unique business development strategy, Displayr found a creative way to engage prospects while demonstrating their software.

The tours resulted in a 10-20% ROI on next-step pipeline results with an average of one to two software demo requests after each virtual visit.

remote worker waving at colleagues on computer screen

The Background

How it all began

The onset of the pandemic brought challenges in maintaining connections with potential clients. Matilda Sarah, Displayr’s Co-Founder and Head of Brand, was determined to offer something more than just conventional marketing tactics.

“Back then, things were pretty dire, so I wanted to do something that would distract people, give a bit of an endorphin rush.”

Matilda Sarah , Displayr Co-Founder and Head of Brand

The Solution

Virtual escapism combined with business demonstration

Matilda’s feedback-driven strategy led her to Woyago’s virtual Paris tours. Not only did this present an opportunity for prospects to escape momentarily from the daily grind, but it also allowed Displayr to showcase their data analysis and reporting platform in a fun and innovative manner.

“We started by showing how to build a dashboard in our software. The backdrop of the dashboard was an island with an airplane flying overhead, branded with their logo, heading to Paris,”

Matilda Sarah , Displayr Co-Founder and Head of Brand

girl with hands and arms in the air cheering

The Result

Reaping rewards beyond just fun

Beyond just offering a delightful experience, the virtual Paris tours bore fruit for Displayr’s business development efforts. Each tour was fully booked, and more impressively, Displayr witnessed a 10-20% ROI in terms of next-step pipeline results.

“Our main goal is to keep the conversation going or to book a demo after the tour.”

Matilda Sarah , Displayr Co-Founder and Head of Brand


“When I met with Peter from Woyago over Zoom, his huge, quirky smile immediately made me feel good, and I thought, THIS is what I want, and THEN, he started talking and it just got better”

Matilda Sarah , Displayr Co-Founder and Head of Brand

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