Intimate Paris Experiences for Teams & Travelers

Experience Paris in a way you will ALWAYS REMEMBER


The most important thing for us is to create connections with each company (personalized and customized experiences) and individuals. Think of us as a really old friend who you haven’t spoken in a long time. Our plan is to bring the friendship up to date while we’re together.


Our goal is to create the strongest positive emotion and feeling that you will always remember. You might forget what we said, but not how much you laughed and feel with us.


There’s a meaning to everything you go. You must come out an improved person somehow at the end of our time together.

We are inviting your team to be part of our experience

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Connect, laugh, and learn with your team while in virtual Paris from the comfort of your home office. 60-90 minutes each. Fully facilitated

Outdoor Tours and Team Buildings for Corporate

Personalized and customizable events for your team in a new city

Plan Your Company Retreat

Let us plan for you whole your stay in the city of Paris

Video Testimonials from Apple, IBM iX, Google, Lyra Health and more

John - Data Content Manager

“I have never done anything like this. I can say it was just amazing. That was a really fun experience. My team definitely appreciates it. It was very different and highly recommend it to others.”

We are inviting every traveller experience exceptional city tours during your in-person visit

We served over 30000+ happy visitors and families


This was the most wonderful experience of our Paris trip. The wine and cheese tasting gave us a great opportunity to get to know Herbert better and learn about the “French” way of thinking. We loved the wine and cheese, but the conversation was really what made it special. He was even kind enough to drop us right at our next reservation! I cannot say enough good things about the experience. There were even some special local stops that we would never have done on any other tours.


This was the best decision we made for our trip to Paris. This experience is like being shown around the city by some friends. It’s both casual, and informative. Biking through the city was fun and easy, Peter made us feel safe and was always looking out for us. Herbert was wonderful and we had a deep great conversation over great wine and cheese. Both these guys are really passionate about what they do, and you can really tell. If you’re looking for something personal and unique, this is it, book it now, don’t look any further. After we left we were talking about how we wish we would have had this type of experience in other cities we’ve visited.

Who are we?

Parisians, through and through. Former architects, train operators, engineers who gave up their jobs to make a living out of sharing the most beautiful city with amazing, interesting people from all over the world like you.

Cliche Parisian wearing stripe t-shirt, red scarf and red berret. Holding bottle of wine and french baguette