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With an ever-increasing number of people working from home or on the go, it’s more vital than ever to have the greatest productivity tools and apps to convert your time-consuming tasks into more defined and efficient activities.

With a focus on collaboration, project management, time management, task management, and contact management, many office productivity tools will help you ensure that everyone’s needs are catered at the right time, in the right way, by the right person!

Read on for our top 9 productivity tools and discover the magic of getting more done in a shorter time!

Best Office Productivity Tools for Project Management

1. Asana

Asana is a project management tracking application, that was designed in 2008.

Its purpose is to simplify the task management and progress of different employees’ actions, on all your projects, through a single app.

It allows you to create to-do lists for ongoing projects, assign tasks to specific employees, and set reminders for future deadlines.

The search function helps you locate past work. You can also tag a specific colleague or your entire team in requests, posts, or comments for a great collaboration.

Simply, Asana is this one-of-a-kind productivity tool that will make managing projects easy for all! 

2. Trello

Another great project management tool that will help your team members staying on the same page is Trello.

It is a free app that will help to track exactly what your teammates have completed until now, assign project tasks and overall improve collaboration and communication for remote teams.

With Trello, you can create multiple boards for the several projects you are leading. You can also participate in ongoing conversations within each board as well as invite multiple users to join the board at the same time.

Each board is composed of cards that stand for individual activities to be performed with different priorities, deadlines, checklists, files, pictures, hyperlinking, and more. You can easily move or attribute tasks thanks to a drag and drop system.

You can also integrate third-party services into your workflow, like Jira, Slack, Adobe XD, some Google apps (such as Gmail or Google Drive), Microsoft Teams, and more!

Pro tip: Trello has a free version to start testing out that business productivity tool first. And if you are ready to take this productivity software to the next level, you can easily switch to a standard version, premium version, or even an enterprise plan for a small monthly fee.

Complete Office Suites to Help You on Day-to-Day Tasks

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most complete office suites and productivity tools you could invest in.

It is a comprehensive suite integrated with all the essential office cloud-based tools. It covers data of different applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel for hassle-free and efficient management of critical office needs like documents, presentations, emails, and spreadsheets.

Additionally, the OneDrive feature offers cloud services and conveniently performs document storage through online savings and backups of your files. 

Microsoft Teams, included in some plans, will allow you to improve team collaboration within remote teams thanks to team chat, voice calls, and video conferencing. The office messaging feature will make it easier for you to communicate and coordinate office tasks within a secure environment.

Besides team collaboration through daily or weekly stand-ups, you can also handle data from your customers and suppliers.

Note: Microsoft Office 365 is available on all your devices. You can easily download the mobile app on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones if you want to work from your phone or your tablet!

2. Google Office Suite

While this productivity suite is not a new office software, it remains one of the most popular business productivity tools for any workplace – small businesses like big companies.

The Google Office Suite provides a variety of productivity apps available from all your devices.

Among the different apps, first, we have Google Drive, which offers great services for the online storage of all your documents. Note that the free version allows you to store up to 15GO. If you want a greater capacity, you will need to upgrade your plan to a paid version.

Then, we find Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which can also become great office collaboration tools. Use them daily to edit documents, presentations, and tables online. The best part? You can actually work in sync with your remote team!

If you fall for the Google Office Suite, you will also probably make good use of Google Calendar. Ideal to schedule meetings, check your entire team’s calendar, or video conferencing through Google Hangout, this will quickly be of great support in your remote work routine.

Pro tip: All of those productivity tools have their own mobile app for an enhanced experience on mobile devices.

Bonus tip: For our Woyago team building events, we love to use Miro! Miro is an online digital whiteboard where teams can work together in real-time. It’s like having a meeting when you can draw cool pictures, share documents, chat with one another, and much more!

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Social Media Productivity Tools

While talking about productivity, we cannot forget about social media.

It’s become a major marketing tool and to promote your business and attract new customers. But you know as much as us that you can easily be spending time – a lot of time – on creating social media posts, captions and stories.

Investing in the right productivity tools that will help you do it, is just the thing that can help you win personal hours at the end of the day!

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best productivity tools for social media because it makes managing posts easy.

Whether it is for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, or any other desired platform, you will be able to flexibly schedule posts, at the time your want. Next, Buffer will automatically publish them depending on the scheduled times decided.

Another wonderful feature of this tool is that it also records engagement statistics such as likes, clicks, retweets, comments, and shares.

Try its efficiency thanks to their free version that includes a single user, 3 social media accounts, and a 10 scheduled posts limit per month. 

2. Later

Another market leader for Social Media productivity tools is Later.

Similar to Buffer, this online tool will help you plan and publish your posts ahead across different social media channels, by adding content from several sources.

Very easy to take in hand, you can also use the drag and drop scheduling to modify the settings of your posts.

This application also provides detailed analytics on your posts and activities. Additionally, it intelligently determines the optimum scheduling time by analyzing your messages’ engagements to recommend ideal days and times to publish to reach your target audience!

Other Useful Business Productivity Tools

1. Slack

Slack is a free app that will help turn your office communication upside down.

This office messaging tool is used by teams to chat, share files and folders as well as create office channels dedicated to specific projects or companies departments.

And thanks to integrations with other apps and project management tools (like Trello, Google Docs, etc.), Slack can quickly become your new favorite office messaging app.

This is a wonderful office collaboration tool, especially for teams experiencing remote work.

2. Pocket

Pocket is a great productivity tool that will allow you to store interesting information through a browser extension, about your favorite articles, videos, and websites you have been browsing on the web.

It enables you to easily save any online content from your phone or computer for later use. This way, you can organize them into different categories if necessary.

The search function allows users to find saved web pages at any time of day, even offline!

The free plan has ads, but the premium version delivers you permanent content with other advanced search tools and smart filtering.

Pro tip: Available on the App Store, Mac App Store, Amazon Apps, and Google Play online store.

3. Grammarly

When you write, post, and share content, it is important to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

The free tool Grammarly helps you do just that by offering several features such as spell checker, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and grammar checker.

As you type something on multiple devices such as a computer a tablet or a mobile, Grammarly will immediately detect errors and typos on the fly. It sends you a notification within seconds to make sure everything looks right.

If you want to win time by eliminating the need to double-check your grammar, Grammarly is exactly what you need!

You would have understood, sometimes, it’s a matter of getting the right tools for your business, that will make a perfect office investment and that will save you hours on end.

By integrating them into your workflows, you can become more and more effective at tasks such as scheduling posts, managing complete projects, create checklists, and even doing office communication!

And between you and us… most of those apps and software can also be used for personal productivity tools. Isn’t that great news to organize your half-marathon training, wedding, or any other life plan you have?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the best use of software to bolster your office productivity!

Try them out and let us know about your experiences with them. If you have other office productivity tools that should be added to the list, also feel free to comment below.

Until next time!

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