Have Some Fun in Paris With Our Virtual Team Building Activities!

Our experiences take remote team building to the next level. Discover the City of Lights from the comfort of your home or office while getting to know your team better!

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Virtual activities that will bring your team, family, friends, and even your dog to Paris

Between wine and cheese tastings, live bike rides from the streets of Paris, French stereotype trivia, virtual team building activities, and French vocabulary that will make you laugh out loud, we promise that you’ll end up obsessing over Paris...just like us!

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A relaxed Virtual Walk or an engaging Party in Paris?

A Virtual Party In Paris

Suitable for business

Learn hilarious French vocabulary, compete in ridiculous Parisian trivia, and discover your Parisian soul with absurd icebreaker questions! Your group will learn quirky stories about Paris while they connect, interact, and engage with each other.

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Learn More | BOOK NOW

Add Some Extras!

Virtual Picnic in Paris

A Parisian will host you directly from Paris! Your guests will receive a “picnic box” with French delicacies; and we’ll enjoy them together while learning, laughing and “walking around” Paris 

60 – 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Learn More | BOOK NOW

The Only Live Interactive Bike Ride in the World

Ride a bike through Paris from the comfort of your own home with your team, friends, or family! Join our Parisian guide as he or she takes you around the city in real-time. You’ll hear hilarious stories and soak up the most beautiful sites! A second Parisian guide will provide context, photos, and extra jokes from a second screen

60 – 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Learn More | BOOK NOW

Wine and cheese tasting at home

Not in France? No worries! We’ve teamed up with iGourmet and Vinebox to deliver each member of your party a set of 3 or 6 French wine samples plus 4 different kinds of French cheese. Join us as we taste, drink, and discover Paris together.

Continental US and Europe only.

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Learn More | BOOK NOW

Are we that good? We’ll let our former guests tell you the truth about our virtual activities!

Who are we?

We’re Parisians who are madly in love with Paris! We used to make a living from guided tours in the City of Lights…until April 2020. Unprecedented circumstances tried to shut us down, but our love of Paris found a way to break through travel restrictions to bring our home to you!

Cliche Parisian wearing stripe t-shirt, red scarf and red berret. Holding bottle of wine and french baguette

We'll help you plan your trip to (Virtual) Paris

Prepare your Parisian virtual hangout!



1. Receive our price list » 30 seconds

After you’ve filled out the form below, we will send you a price list and other information within about 5 minutes. You can also reach out via email at ohlala@woyago.com and we’ll be happy to help.

2. Make a plan by email or zoom call » 15 to 30 minutes

We can usually schedule a call within a day or two. If you already have an idea of which virtual activity you’d like to do, this call won’t take more than 15 minutes. If you have some extra time and would like to explore all of our options, we have 30-minute calls available. No time for a phone call? We get it! We can provide full support via email. After you choose a virtual activity we’ll send you a proposal with all of the ideas laid out.

3. Review and sign virtual activity proposal » 5 minutes

Our virtual activity proposals are pretty straight forward and there is zero fine print. You can expect to find the name of the activity, the cost, and a few basic terms of agreement. Sign the proposal when you’re ready. There is a secure payment portal for credit card payments.

4. Schedule your date » 5 minutes

We can usually schedule on short notice, and, of course, for any future date. We have 24-hour availability, including weekends, so just let us know what works best for you!

5. Invite your guests » 5 minutes

Once we schedule your virtual activity, we will send you a calendar invite with all the details to join. You can add your coworkers to the invite, or copy it to your own calendar system. It’s easy!

6. Attend your virtual activity » 60 to 90 minutes

On the day of your activity, all guests will log into the video conference. Your virtual activity will be run by an expert facilitator who will make sure that everyone has a great time. For larger groups, we also provide a co-host to support on any technical issues that come up. Most of our events are 60 to 90 minutes.

7. Leave a review » 2 minutes (optional)

This step is optional, but our hosts would appreciate it if you took the time to leave a review after your virtual activity!