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Patrons enjoying outdoor seating at a typical Parisian bar, representing one of the best bars in Paris where locals and visitors mingle over drinks and lively conversation.

Discover the best bars in Paris by night, a city where the stars shimmer over the Seine and every corner beckons with the promise of a new adventure. It’s not just about the iconic landmarks; it’s where the very essence of joie de vivre comes alive in its eclectic bars. Before we dive into our curated list of the best bars in Paris, let’s raise a glass to the city that never fails to enchant us, from its majestic days to its mesmerizing nights. This guide is your key to unlocking the most unforgettable nights in the City of Lights.

A Night Out in Paris – More Than Just a City of Lights

Welcome to Paris, a city that truly comes alive as the sun sets, transforming into a vibrant hub of nightlife and excitement. As we eagerly anticipate events like the upcoming Paris Olympics, there’s no better time to explore the myriad of bars that define Paris’ night scene, each offering a sip of its unique character and charm. From the classic cocktails at a chic cocktail bar to the innovative drinks menu featuring ginger beer and natural wines, these bars capture the spirit of Parisian nightlife.

Beyond iconic landmarks and bustling events, immersing yourself in the local culture through its bars is quintessentially Parisian. Each drink, from a refreshing natural wine at a trendy abricot bar to a bold nut butter-infused whisky, is a chapter in Paris’ gastronomic narrative, akin to the delicious journey in our “10 Best Things to Eat in Paris” blog post.

In the diversity of Paris’ arrondissements, each neighborhood hosts a variety of spots, from chic rooftop bars to cozy, hidden speakeasies. Whether you’re in the trendy Marais, the historic Latin Quarter, or near the iconic Champs-Élysées, our guide will navigate you to some great cocktail bars where you can enjoy delicious drinks like fresh mint-infused cocktails. These bars, often part of a boutique hotel, boast vintage glassware that adds to the allure of your drink, be it a sherry-butt-aged concoction or a cocktail served in a frozen cube. Let’s embark on this nocturnal adventure and discover the bars that make Paris, the City of Lights, a true haven for night owls and connoisseurs alike.

The Classics – Timeless Bars with a Story

In the heart of Paris, some bars have stood the test of time, each one a custodian of stories and memories from decades past. ‘The Classics’ are not just bars; they are timeless institutions where cocktails are intertwined with history, and the walls whisper tales of famous patrons and bygone eras. These legendary establishments offer more than a drink; they invite you to become a part of Paris’ enduring narrative, a story that continues to unfold with every poured glass.

Bar Hemingway at The Ritz, Place Vendôme

Nestled in the heart of the luxurious Ritz Hotel in central Paris, Bar Hemingway at The Ritz in Place Vendôme is more than just a bar; it’s a piece of Parisian history. Renowned as Ernest Hemingway’s favored haunt, this cocktail bar exudes timeless elegance and has been a gathering spot for literary and cultural icons.

Its signature ‘Serendipity’ cocktail, a refreshing mix of Calvados, mint, apple juice, and champagne served in vintage glassware, captures the essence of classic Parisian sophistication. As we approach the Paris Olympics, Bar Hemingway plans to host themed nights that celebrate both the sporting event and its historic literary connections, offering a range of delicious drinks including classic cocktails.

Harry’s New York Bar, Rue Daunou

Just a short walk away, Harry’s New York Bar on Rue Daunou stands as a testament to cocktail history in central Paris. Opened in 1911, it’s famed as the birthplace of the Bloody Mary and the Sidecar. The bar’s New York-style ambiance has made it a favorite among expats and celebrities for over a century.

Their classic Bloody Mary, made with a unique twist of ginger beer, pairs perfectly with the savory delights of Paris, as featured in our “10 Best Things to Eat in Paris” blog post. In anticipation of the Olympics, Harry’s is preparing a special menu of cocktails inspired by the participating countries, offering a global taste experience right in the heart of Paris.

Le Bar du Bristol, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Le Bar du Bristol, located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, is where Parisian luxury and timeless charm converge. A part of the esteemed Le Bristol Hotel, this bar is known for its refined ambiance and celebrity sightings.

The ‘Bristol Old Fashioned’ – a sophisticated twist on the classic, made with aged rum and homemade syrup – is a testament to the rich flavors of Paris. Celebrating the Olympics, Le Bar du Bristol will introduce a special cocktail menu, capturing the athletic spirit and grandeur of the games.

Chic and Trendy – Where Style Meets Cocktail

Paris’ nightlife transcends its storied past, emerging as a vibrant canvas for the chic and trendy. In the city’s bustling arrondissements, renowned for their pulsating energy, a selection of fashionable bars captures the essence of contemporary Paris.

These trendy hotspots, where the art of mixology meets cutting-edge design, create an atmosphere that’s both electrifying and sophisticated. Here, each cocktail, from a classic concoction to an innovative frozen cube creation, is not just a drink but a statement of fashion and flair, reflecting the city’s reputation as a global trendsetter.

As night falls, these stylish bars become the playgrounds of the avant-garde, offering an experience that’s as visually stunning as it is tantalizing to the palate.

Little Red Door, Rue Charlot

First, step into Little Red Door in the Marais, an area known for its fashionable crowd and dynamic energy. This cocktail bar, with its avant-garde interior and creative ambiance, is a hotspot for the stylish.

Their must-try cocktail, “The Illusionist,” is a masterpiece of mixology that tantalizes the senses, featuring ingredients like fresh mint and nut butter-infused whisky. The best time to visit? During a Parisian evening, the Marais come alive with its eclectic vibe.

Gravity Bar, Rue des Vinaigriers

Another gem is Gravity Bar, located in the lively 10th arrondissement, an area known for its hip and happening nightlife. The bar’s modern, wood-centric design and laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere make it a favorite among the city’s trendsetters.

Their signature cocktail, “The Orbital,” is a blend of innovation and classic flavors, a perfect representation of Paris’ modern culinary scene. Visiting Gravity Bar on a weekend night offers an immersive experience of Paris’ contemporary cocktail culture.

Hidden Gems – The Secret Side of Paris

Within the bustling cityscape of Paris lie clandestine havens, hidden bars, and speakeasies that offer a mysterious escape into the city’s less-trodden paths. These secret gems, tucked away behind unassuming facades and down narrow alleys across various arrondissements, beckon the curious with the promise of unique experiences.

Each hidden spot, a treasure in its own right, is steeped in an aura of exclusivity and intrigue, serving not just exquisite cocktails but also stories and ambiance unlike any other. For those adventurous enough to seek them out, these bars provide an intimate and unforgettable glimpse into the shadowed, yet vibrant, corners of Parisian nightlife, where every visit feels like being let in on a well-kept secret.

Candelaria, Rue de Saintonge

In Le Marais, the 3rd Arrondissement, there’s a quaint taco shop known as Candelaria. But the real magic lies behind an unmarked door, where an intimate speakeasy bar serves innovative cocktails. It’s a unique find in this historic district, blending the flavors of Mexico with Parisian chic.

Their signature drink, the ‘Guêpe Verte’ made with chili-infused tequila, offers a fiery twist on Paris’ diverse culinary scene. During the Paris Olympics, Candelaria could be your cozy retreat away from the crowds, providing a quiet yet vibrant atmosphere.

Moonshiner, Rue Sedaine

Venture into the 11th Arrondissement, and you’ll stumble upon Moonshiner, cleverly hidden behind a pizzeria. This Prohibition-era-style bar, with its vintage ambiance, offers a secret indulgence in the heart of Paris.

The ‘Smoky Old Fashioned’ here is a testament to the rich flavors of Parisian cuisine, adding a smoky layer to a classic cocktail. For those looking for a peaceful escape during the Olympic excitement, Moonshiner provides an evocative and tranquil haven.

Lavomatic, Rue René Boulanger

Lastly, the quirky Lavomatic in the République area of the 10th Arrondissement is a delightful surprise hidden behind a laundromat. Entering through a washing machine door, you’ll find a playful and colorful interior that instantly uplifts the mood.

Their whimsical ‘Bubble Trouble’ cocktail is a nod to the innovative spirit of Paris’ culinary scene. For those seeking a playful and relaxed escape from the Olympic festivities, Lavomatic is an ideal choice.

Themed Adventures – Bars with a Story to Tell

In the heart of Paris, an array of themed bars unfolds a world of stories, each venue a unique chapter in the city’s rich tapestry of culture and history. These bars are more than just drinking spots; they are immersive experiences, where the decor and ambiance transport patrons to different eras and realms.

From the artistic enclaves of Montmartre to the historic streets of the Latin Quarter, each bar weaves its narrative, offering a drink menu that complements its theme. Whether it’s a cocktail inspired by literary greats, a concoction that captures the essence of Parisian cinema, or a drink that harks back to historical events, these themed bars provide a captivating and sensory journey through the multifaceted story of Paris.

Le Bar à Bulles, Cité Véron

In the artistic haven of Montmartre, the 18th Arrondissement, lies Le Bar à Bulles, perched atop the iconic Moulin Rouge. This cinematic-themed bar celebrates the bohemian and artistic legacy of the area, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world of French cinema.

Their signature cocktail, ‘La Vie en Rose,’ is a tribute to the classic French chanson and the romance of Paris. For those visiting the nearby Olympic venues, Le Bar à Bulles serves as a perfect thematic retreat for a pre or post-event rendezvous.

Bibliothèque Bar, Rue de l’Université

Venture into the literary heart of Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th Arrondissement, and discover the Bibliothèque Bar. This book-themed sanctuary is a tribute to the neighborhood’s rich literary history, with walls lined with books and an ambiance that whispers tales of past intellectuals.

The ‘Hemingway Daiquiri,’ named after one of the area’s famous literary residents, offers a taste of Parisian literary excellence. Its proximity to several popular arrondissements makes it an ideal spot for a thematic escape during the Olympic festivities.

Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde, Avenue Victoria

In the 2nd Arrondissement, Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde offers a journey into the realm of science fiction and fantasy. This bar is a celebration of geek culture, featuring decor inspired by popular sci-fi and fantasy themes.

Their signature drink, ‘The Blade Runner,’ is a futuristic concoction that perfectly complements the bar’s thematic experience. Located near some of the central Olympic venues, it’s an exciting getaway for those seeking an adventure beyond the typical Parisian night out.

The Innovators – Cutting-Edge Cocktail Creations

Paris is not just a city steeped in historic charm; it’s a pulsating hub of modern mixology, where innovative bars are continually pushing the boundaries of the cocktail craft. These trendsetting establishments blend the rich tapestry of French culinary heritage with bold, contemporary flavors, creating a cocktail scene as diverse and dynamic as the city itself.

Here, mixologists are akin to chefs, using a palette of unique ingredients and creative techniques to concoct drinks that surprise and delight.

Amidst the cobblestone streets and classic bistros, these cutting-edge bars stand as testaments to Paris’ ever-evolving spirit, offering locals and visitors alike a taste of the city’s flourishing and adventurous modern palate.

Experimental Cocktail Club, Rue Saint-Sauveur

In the heart of the 2nd Arrondissement, the Experimental Cocktail Club stands as a beacon of innovation in the cocktail world. Known for its avant-garde approach, this bar blends classic French flavors with modern twists.

Their standout cocktail, ‘Velvet Underground,’ a harmonious mix of cognac, truffle honey, and champagne, represents the innovative spirit of Paris’ culinary scene. During the Olympics, the bar plans to introduce a special cocktail menu inspired by the participating nations, adding an international flair to their offerings.

Le Mary Celeste, Rue Commines

Le Mary Celeste, located in the trendy Marais district, is another gem in Paris’ cocktail crown. This bar is renowned for its creative use of fresh, local ingredients in crafting unique cocktails.

The ‘Sea Breeze,’ with its refreshing blend of sea fennel-infused gin and citrus, is a testament to their commitment to culinary innovation. The bar’s proximity to popular Olympic venues makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a cutting-edge cocktail experience amidst the Olympic excitement.

Danico, Rue Vivienne

Danico, nestled in the bustling 2nd Arrondissement, is a chic bar known for its stylish ambiance and inventive cocktails. The bar’s signature drink, ‘Danico’s Delight,’ a fusion of rare spirits and exotic flavors, offers a taste of Paris’ contemporary mixology scene.

As the city gears up for the Olympics, Danico plans to showcase cocktails that capture the essence of this global event, offering visitors a unique way to celebrate the games.

A Toast to The Best Bars in Paris

As our journey through the best bars of Paris comes to a close, it’s clear that the City of Lights offers a dazzling array of experiences for every type of night owl. From the hidden speakeasies whispering the city’s secrets to the avant-garde bars setting new trends in mixology, each establishment we’ve explored adds its own unique flavor to the rich cocktail of Parisian nightlife.

These bars are not just places to drink; they are destinations in themselves, integral parts of the broader Parisian adventure that intertwines with grand events like the Olympics and the city’s renowned culinary scene.

We encourage you, whether you’re a local or a visitor swept up in the excitement of the Olympics, to step into these bars and immerse yourself in the diverse stories they tell. Each one offers a different perspective on Paris, a city where every night has the potential to be as thrilling and full of surprises as an Olympic event.

Remember, in Paris, the simple act of sipping a cocktail can be as grand and exhilarating as winning gold – each drink, a celebration of the spirit and charm that makes this city truly incomparable.

Your Journey Through Paris Awaits

Our voyage through the enchanting bars of Paris may have reached its end, but your adventure is just beginning. To delve deeper into the heart and soul of this magnificent city, we invite you to explore our other insightful guides.

Discover the excitement and spirit of the “Paris Olympics,” where sports and culture collide in a spectacular celebration. Satisfy your culinary curiosity with our “10 Best Things to Eat in Paris,” a guide that promises a feast not just for the taste buds but for the soul.

And for those wondering where to stay, our “Best Arrondissements to Stay in Paris” offers a local perspective on the most charming and convenient neighborhoods to make your home base.

But the story of Paris is not ours alone to tell – it’s a tapestry woven by the experiences of everyone who has wandered its streets and savored its delights. We want to hear from you! Share your favorite Parisian bars and the unforgettable experiences you’ve had there.

Did you stumble upon a hidden gem in the Marais? Sip a cocktail that redefined your idea of mixology? Every story adds to the rich narrative of Parisian nightlife. Share your tales in the comments below, and let’s continue to celebrate the endless wonders of Paris together!

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