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They say if you want fun, then go to Paris. We couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been to Paris, you can testify to the experience. But the icing on the cake is the Paris nightlife! I can confidently say there is no better city after sunset. If you want more fun in this city after enjoying famous Paris attractions during the day, try exploring different parts of the city at night. You’ll love the illuminated monuments and unique architecture, including the lit-up Eiffel Tower.

You’ll be spoilt with choices when deciding what to do on your Paris trip at night. Where should you go? Don’t get overwhelmed. There is no right or wrong place to go at night in Paris – all neighborhoods have unique attractions and experiences regarding Paris nightlife. However, this article reviews the best nightlife Paris offers. Read through to learn what to do and which neighborhoods and clubs to visit at night.

We have exclusive options from offbeat Paris night scenes, quiet night outs, memorable evenings out, music venues, trendy clubs, and cocktail bars in Paris. So, let’s get started.

Top Nightlife Spots in Paris

Paris has many legendary bars and clubs well-known by locals and international tourists. What’s more interesting is that the Paris nightlife areas are spread across the city, unlike in other major European countries where the nightlife areas are concentrated in the city center.

Below is a list of top nightlife spots in Paris you should visit.

Le Marais Neighborhood

Ask any Parisian where they’d rather spend their nightlife, and they’ll tell you Le Marais. This neighborhood is their favorite, with a varied nightlife scene. This historic party neighborhood is the home of the LGBTQ+ community in Paris. Moving around the neighborhood, you’ll notice a lot of rainbow flags spread everywhere across it. 

There are many lesbian pubs, gay clubs, and queer-friendly cafes. Visiting any of these areas will have you experience one of the greatest Paris nightlife. For instance, gay visitors can visit Amnesia gay bar at 42 rue Vielle du Temple, while lesbians can visit 3W Café lesbian bar at 8 Rue des Ecouffes. And remember, you can do anything here without being restricted.

Oberkampf Neighborhood

Oberkampf came into the limelight in the mid-90s when a young crowd gathered to party and enjoy themselves. Today, this neighborhood is one of the most attractive centers for those wishing to experience authentic Paris nightlife. Both locals and international tourists overcrowd this neighborhood to experience the unique nightlife. There are many nightclubs and amazing bars to meet the high number of visitors. While in this neighborhood, you may want to visit Café Chabron – they never disappoint.

Pigalle Neighborhood

Have you ever heard of Paris’ red-light district? If you plan on visiting the Pigalle neighborhood, you’ll be at the center of the so-called red-light district. And for the avoidance of doubt, this neighborhood has one of the best nightlife experiences Paris offers. 

You’ll always find something exciting in this district, from high-end late-night clubs and cool bars to the Moulin Rouge. You’ll also love visiting this area if you’re a hip-hop or rock fan. Pigalle can perfectly match the Antwerp or Amsterdam counterparts’ experience.

While in this neighborhood, you may consider visiting:

  • The Moulin Rouge
  • La Fourmi
  • Lux Bar Hopping
  • Au Lapin Agile

Les Bains Nightclub

How will you feel when you enter a nightclub and receive a warm welcome with your name striking on the dancefloor and the adjacent swimming pool? If you want to experience this Paris highlight, consider visiting the Les Bains Nightclub. Worry less about the location – its address is 7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé, Paris 3.

Locals say Les Bains never sleeps – and it’s true. The nightclub buzzes with activities all day long. Yoga, hip-hop, concerts, signings, exhibitions, culinary events, you name them, all take place here. Truly, this is the place where art meets party. Dancers are not left out, either. If you love dancing, you can have one of this nightclub’s best Paris nightlife experiences.

La Bellevilloise

Despite being a small venue, La Bellevilloise guarantees the perfect nightlife experience for first-timers and regular Paris visitors. When the sun sets in the evening, visit La Bellevilloise to catch the live events. You’ll have a chance to see your favorite artists perform live on stage. Stay late at night to experience the more-fun nightlife in Paris – it transforms into a club from 2300 hours. If you’re more into the pre-2000s classics, ensure you don’t miss the “Classic Only” event.

Besides music, classics, and live performances, you’ll also treat yourself to Paris’ finest, ranging from whiskey, and cocktails, to many other drinks. The wooden chairs and tables bring a serene environment that improves the experience.

The bar’s address is 19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris, France.

Unique Nightlife Experiences in Paris

Every nightlife area in Paris has a unique experience it brings to visitors. Below, we highlight the unique nightlife experience for some of the best locations to visit.

Cabaret Show at Moulin Rouge or Lido de Paris

Moulin Rouge is world famous due to its unique attractions. The Cancan dancers and the cabaret shows make Moulin Rouge a more sought-after nightlife destination in Paris. The cabaret show is packed with songs, dances, and acrobatic skills that entertain visitors.

The Cabaret show at Moulin Rouge starts at 1300 hours and ends at 0100 hours daily. You must pay an entry fee worth $170 per person to enter the club. The club’s address is 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France.

Rooftop Bar at Terrass” Hotel or Perchoir Rooftop Bar

How better can you enjoy your evening in Paris than partying on the rooftop? The rooftop bar at Terrass” Hotel offers the best nightlife experience in Paris when the weather is good. While on the rooftop, you’ll enjoy the incredible scenery of the city and landmarks and gaze across the lights striking the full stretches of the neighborhood.

Jazz Club at Caveau de la Huchette or Duc des Lombards

If you want to enjoy a quiet night in Paris with soulful music, consider the Jazz Club at Caveau de la Huchette. This amazing bar hosts jazz bands entertaining locals and visitors all evening and night. You can listen to or dance to the tune of the timeless tradition of Saint-Germain des Prés jazz and pop music. Professional musicians also have a chance to learn more from renowned jazz experts.

The club is open every day of the year; therefore, you can visit any day.

Factors to Consider When Enjoying Nightlife in Paris

Consider the following factors when enjoying the nightlife in Paris.

Dress Code/Attire Requirements

One thing you should know about Paris is that most nightclubs and cabaret shows observe a particular way of dressing. It is their way to dress chic. So, when visiting any nightclub, dress up smartly and elegantly. You can wear blouses, skirts, chinos, jackets, or T-shirts with loafers, boots, or heels. However, avoid jeans and T-shirts when visiting high-class clubs.

Entrance Fees and Drink Prices

Like any other city, night outs in Paris attract different fees depending on the neighborhood, time of the year, club, or even day of the week. However, the average cost of drinks ranges from $5.60 to $22.40. In addition, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee before entering a nightclub. Be ready to part with around $11.20 to $22.40 to enter any nightclub.

Transportation Options for Getting Around Safely

Moving around Paris is easy. There are metro stations spread everywhere in the neighborhoods. The metro, charging affordable fees, can easily move you around different neighborhoods. Note that the metro stops at 0030 hours on weekends and 0130 hours during the weekends. Past these hours, consider using a Taxi app for easy and convenient navigation.

Buy a Paris Passlib if you’ll stay more than three days in the city.

The illuminated Eiffel Tower isn’t the only attraction in Paris. You can visit any nightlife district in Paris, including Rue de la Roquette and Latin Quarter, for a great nightlife experience as both neighborhoods have a unique experience. The amazing DJs will make your nightlife in Paris even better. Nightclubs like Jazz Club and Rex Club, to mention a few, have international recognition, and you should consider visiting them for a nightlife experience to remember.

While you enjoy your nightlife experience, practice the following tips.

  • Know and spend within your budget.
  • For a more mellow experience, consider a nightclub catering to locals.
  • Only go to standing clubs if you intend to meet new people.
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