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young girl laying on grass holding the planet in her hands

13 Earth Day Activities to Do at Work

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of both classic and easy Earth Day activities that you can do with your colleagues at work to celebrate planet Earth.

modern scandinavian home office

Best Home Office Setup

There are countless ideas for putting together the best home office setup. But, the primary elements to consider are the right tools and an ergonomic setup. The right tools will

virtual happy hour written in block letters on orange background

6 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas For 2022

Virtual happy hour ideas are practically inexhaustible, with easy options to carry out. For the foreseeable future, these fun activities will take over among the remote working teams, and for

Happy Hour Loading Meme

Virtual Happy Hour Memes

Need a few virtual happy hour memes to help get you in the mood? With many teams working remotely now, virtual happy hours have become something of the norm. And