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This post was last updated on January 9th, 2024

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5 Ways to Celebrate National Boss’s Day Differently in 2024
5 Boss’s Day Gifts for the Practical Joker Boss

Bosses Day 2024 is on a Wednesday this year. In October, it’ll be time to celebrate all that we owe our bosses. We tend to forget that our bosses deserve recognition too for leading us and making our work lives enjoyable.

You may not have the opportunity to regularly spend time with your boss, so Boss’s Day 2024 is a great opportunity to make an excuse to do so (even virtually if you have to) and share positive feedback.

Show that you appreciate the hard work they do for the company by treating them like royalty! It’s okay to spoil your boss every once in a while (it’s only one day a year after all.)

But what does this day actually mean? Why should you celebrate it? And how can you make it a meaningful celebration?

Here are some ideas to get you started, as well as tips and tricks for celebrating this special day in an impactful way. 

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A female boss presenting at a meeting with four employees sitting at a board room table near her.

Don’t forget to celebrate your leaders on Boss’s Day October 16th, 2024.

Introduction to National Bosses Day

What is Boss’s Day?

Boss’s day is a national day to show appreciation for the people who have helped you get where you are today… Your boss!

It’s a day to celebrate good bosses and thank them for the contributions and responsibilities they take every day in the office.

What’s the story behind National Boss Day?

The National Boss Day began back in 1958, when Patricia Bays Haroski, one of the employees of a state farm insurance company in Deerfield Illinois, decided to express gratitude to her boss for the responsibilities taken and dedication he put into work.

Between you and us… Her boss actually happened to be her father, which might have slightly motivated her action!

Thus, she picked a not-so-random date, October 16 – her father’s birthday – and went to the United States Chamber of Commerce to register it as National Boss’s Day.

Later, in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner, confirmed her registration and officially proclaimed boss’s day.

It is now also celebrated in other English-speaking countries such as Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

When is Boss’s Day 2024?

Boss’s Day falls on Wednesday, October 16th, 2024.

Is Boss’s Day always October 16?

National Boss’s day is often celebrated on October 16 in order to respect the original registration. However, if October 16 falls on a Sunday, then the closest date will be chosen, either October 15 or October 17.

Who celebrates Boss’s Day?

The registered National Boss Day is celebrated by everyone who works in a company or organization and wants to show some gratitude to their bosses.

It is a day for them to thank someone who has helped you in their professional career.

Pro tip to Bosses: You can also take the opportunity of this celebration to do something nice for your employees too! That would be very appreciated by all staff in the office.

Why is it important to celebrate this day?

There are a few reasons why you should celebrate boss’s day 2024:

  • First, they gave us our jobs, right?

  • Then, It’s an occasion to show the appreciation you have for your boss,

  • It helps her/him get recognized for all the efforts made for the team,

  • It creates a convivial atmosphere in the office,

  • And finally, it gives you a perfect excuse to organize something fun with your teammates and potentially have your boss or company pay for it!

What do you get your boss for Boss’s Day?

A few gift ideas you could get your Boss include flowers, a bottle of wine, organizing a lunch at their favorite restaurant around the office, cards gift certificates or even planning a small party with the full team.

Read on to get more ideas!

5 Ways to Celebrate National Boss Day Differently in 2024

You might have some questions on how to make this celebration meaningful, but it isn’t hard at all. Follow the guide!

Eight cupcakes with white icing on top and the letters that spell out thank you on them.

Nothing says thank you more than delicious cupcakes that spell it out!

1. Tell them what they mean to you

It is as simple as this. Probably one of the best ways for employees to thank their bosses is by saying thank you. This celebration is the perfect occasion to simply let her/him know how much she/he means to you and your work.

Feeling creative? Create some boss day cards, make up a song about how awesome your boss is or even take it to the next level by filming a lip dub inside the office!

An older gentleman receiving a gift for bosses day 2021 from his employees

It’s okay to treat your boss on National Bosses Day!

2. Get them a boss’s day present

If you want them to feel extra special on this national boss day, pick a small token that you know they will appreciate. Here are a few ideas people give their bosses on this day:

Looking for more corporate gift ideas? Check out our post on the best Corporate Gifting Companies out there in 2024.

3. Give them a break

Another idea will be to just give them a break. Yes, you read that correctly.

If your boss is usually too busy to take a break from work during weekdays, surprise them by freeing up half a day off his or her calendar.

Postpone those numerous meetings or take care of them with your team. Take on one or two more assignments and allow your top-dog to go home early for once.

One coworker holding a chocolate cake with a silver party hat on her head while her colleagues stand around her celebrating

There’s no better reason to eat cake (and drink bubbles) than Bosses Day 2024!

4. Organize a small work office gathering

Make a small gathering with your office team and build something fun. It could be anything from organizing a lunch at your boss’s favorite place, making a team breakfast in the workplace to start the day on a positive note or a fun game night.

5. Celebrate Your Virtual Boss

If your team went virtual in 2020 or has gone hybrid, you might consider celebrating boss’s day 2024 with a video team building meeting.

5 Boss’s Day Gifts for the Practical Joker Boss

Boss’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the lighter side of leadership. If your boss is the office prankster, always ready with a gag or a laugh, these five gift ideas will fit right in with their humorous repertoire.

Wooden hand showing middle finger.

Croquis Hand Gesture Holder

For the boss who’s never at a loss for a quip, this Croquis hand sculpture is a gift that speaks volumes without saying a word. Perfect for those moments when they’re too busy to chat, the hand can be positioned to display a ‘talk to the hand’ gesture, providing a clear but comical “leave me alone” signal to the team.

Gift your boss a Croquis hand sculpture, humorously poised with the middle finger raised. It’s a cheeky nod to those all-in-good-fun office banter moments. Is it though?

Keeping the banter in the office has never been easier on National Boss’s Day!

Personalized Whoopee Cushion

Elevate the classic whoopee cushion with a custom touch. Have it emblazoned with your boss’s name, a funny inside joke from the office or a national boss day line. It’s sure to secure a seat at the next team meeting and a burst of laughter when an unsuspecting colleague falls victim to the prank.

Desk-Sized Miniature Golf Set

Transform those dull moments into a mini-tournament. This desk-sized golf set comes complete with a putter, balls, and a course that fits just beside the keyboard. It’s a great stress reliever and an open invitation for a playful challenge among team members.

The Never-Ending Birthday Card

Does your boss love to celebrate every occasion? This musical boss day card doesn’t stop playing until the battery dies or it’s destroyed. It’s an endless serenade that will have the whole office in stitches – use it with caution!

Fake Software Update Screen Magnet

Slap this magnet onto your boss’s screen, and watch them try to click away a non-existent update. It’s a harmless way to give them a taste of their own medicine and share a good-natured laugh.

Remember, the best gift is one that acknowledges the unique personality of your boss while keeping the spirit of fun and camaraderie alive. Choose wisely, and you might just become the next office legend for your gift-giving prowess!

National Boss’s Day with a Twist: Time to Plan (or Plot) for 2024!

There you go! Those were our tips for celebrating a different boss’s day this year.

And if your boss doesn’t appreciate these gestures, it may be time to find a new job! 😉

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