Amazon Home Case Study

Amazon Home uses Woyago to combat remote-work burnout, get to know new hires, and have fun together as a team.

“We did four different events that week and the Paris tour got the most sign-ups. Afterwards, I got messages from people saying it was super fun and asking for a link to Woyago so they could book tours for their own teams.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant

High-level highlights

Amazon Home loved the fact that there was nothing to do except send a zoom invite. Woyago did everything else!

Their employees' feedback was so positive, Amazon Home is now planning to schedule a virtual tour for their team every month.

Woyago has had more sign-ups from the Amazon Home team than all the other scheduled virtual activities.

The Background

How it all began

Pre-pandemic, the Amazon Home Team worked together at the flagship Seattle office and at a few satellite offices.

Now, a year and a half into lockdown, the entire team is working remotely. No watercooler hack, no over-the-shoulder creative genius, no parties during lunch break.

How will the team maintain their supportive relationships and create new ones? What will happen to the company culture and spirit of collaboration?

During lockdown, a lot of people joined the team and there’s constant rotation. So we had a lot of new hires who had never met their team members face-to-face. Quarantine also had a lot of people burned out and wanting to go abroad.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

The Challenge

Bringing together a (large) remote team

Putting on an event for 150-200 tech designers and engineers together, in-line with pandemic protocols, was no easy feat. Especially when the agenda is all about strengthening company culture, creating relationships, and having a good ol’ time, together as a team.

Looking for creative ways to solve this challenge, Veronica scheduled a series of four different virtual events, including the Woyago biking tour of Paris, an escape room, a trivia contest, and an around-the-world adventure. The Woyago bike tour got the most sign-ups.

The Solution

A party in Paris and a (rainy!) bike ride

The day Veronica’s team was scheduled for the live bike tour turned out to be a rainy one – not an uncommon occurrence for either the Amazon Home Team or the Woyagers (Woyago tour guides).

Woyago dispatched Jean, “our toughest biker who doesn’t mind a bit of rain,” and Ludivine (LuLu), who injects some interactive and engaging activities to ensure that visitors see as much of Paris as possible, despite the rain.

“LuLu and Jean were very engaging and fun,” says Veronica. “We all enjoyed Jean’s ninja biking skills in the rain!”

“It was really nice to have everyone turn on their cameras and get to see each other while taking this bike tour of Paris. It was a good way to do something together and feel like we’re still part of a team and we’re not alone.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

The Result

Much fun was had by all

Feedback from Veronica’s team about the virtual tour format was so positive that they’re now planning to make a team virtual tour a monthly recurrence. Veronica also noted how much she enjoyed the booking experience.

“I loved how easy it was. I literally didn’t have to set anything up. I just attached the Zoom invite to the meeting and Anto took care of the rest. That was really nice. I’ve already recommended it to other executive assistants.”

Veronica Melnick, Executive Assistant @Amazon Home

Why take your team on a Woyago?

No need to bring wine*

Woyago hosts are experts in getting everyone started. Whether your team members are savvy, snobby, smiley, straightforward, or standoffish – your host will have everyone relaxed, building stronger bonds and poking fun at each other, in a good way. (*But feel free to drink.).

No need to bring fun

It’s not about being polite and playing the game and pasting a smile on your face and trying to have fun because now it’s time to do "teambuilding." All you have to do is show up and we'll take you on your journey. How hard is that? (That was a serious question).

Let us whisk you (and your team) away.

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