The 11 Best Corporate Gifting Companies: Impressive Gifts for Busy Businesses

Corporate Gifting Companies to Impress Your Employees with

End of year Christmas office parties, ugly winter sweater contests, Secret Santa with your teammates. But what about corporate gifting?

Nothing better to show your appreciation, gratitude, and recognition to those who work with you or for you, than a corporate gift. And knowing where to go to get great corporate gifts for your clients and employees is the only way to make sure that you’re giving them something they’ll actually love.

If you’re not sure where to look for corporate gifting companies that’ll offer you great corporate gift ideas, as always, we’re here to help!

Check out our curated selection of corporate gifting companies that’ll help you get the best corporate gifts this year and blow your client’s and employee’s minds away!

Donation Gifting: Always better with a cause!

1. Gifts for good

Gifts for Good is a corporate gifting company that offers a wide variety of curated gifts from accessories to beauty, from food and beverages to fragrances, from fashion to electronics, and much more!

That’s for us a top corporate gifting company as any gift you will choose from their catalog will actually help a cause.

Whether you are sensitive to help the fight against Breast Cancer, supporting indigenous artisans, recycling, or empowering women, or just because you are passionate about the environment, gifts of goodwill allow your company to make a difference with corporate gifts.

The plus: You can also build some swag packs and customized gifts with your brand design for corporate events or for your employees for instance!

Fun Corporate Gifts ideas & Goodies

If you’re looking for something less serious, check out this corporate gifting company that will help you find great treats for your clients, within a low budget.

2. Uncommon Goods

Because sometimes a little goodie can do the trick…

Uncommon Goods is a corporate gifting company that highlights the work of independent artist-made resulting in a selection of handcrafted unique gifts.

Make sure you also use their present personalizing services to fit your event or company swag!

Digital Gifting: We’re in the digital era after all!

3. &Open

&Open is perfect for corporate gifts with a refreshing new take on corporate gifting with their digital version.

Whether you are looking for cash gifting, exclusive subscriptions, or donations gifting, &Open will allow you to surprise your clients with a simple click!

4. Snappy Gifts

The Snappy Gifts Corporate Gifting company offers quite a digital gifting process. Your client would first receive a direct mail in their inbox, surprising them with the fact that they received a gift from you.

Once the email is open, the recipient will be able to either accept the gift suggestion you made or chose another one among their list of curated gifts on their website.

Ideal if you’re looking for corporate gift ideas but are unsure of your client’s tastes. A corporate gift that fits their needs, within a click? Sounds like a winner to us!

5. Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie is a corporate gifting platform where you will be able to pick a budget and then suggest a list of presents or let the full control to your gift recipients.

They will connect and choose among great options, the perfect gift that will suit them. You will never be wrong anymore!

6. Gift Pack

Gift Pack is an automated gifting company that brings the gifting experience to a whole new level thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Unlike other platforms, this program allows you to use data in order to pick a personalized gift for any customers or teammates you might want to spoil!

They offer a seamless experience by plugging their technology directly into your CRM system, without any installation required.

This innovative corporate gifting platform might change the gifting market!

Environmental Gifts: When gifting makes our planet better

7. Earth Hero

The next corporate gifting company, Earth Hero offers all ecologically friendly corporate gifts.

They have hundreds of products already curated for any type of sustainable corporate gift you are looking for. All respect the list of standards they establish to make sure any brands are earth-friendly.

The plus: Earth Hero is a Certified B Corporation, is a member of the 1% for the planet initiative, and offers plastic-free and carbon-neutral shipping.

They got everything right!

8. Treedom

Treedom made the environment its main purpose in gifting. And when gifting with Treedom, gift recipients receive nothing other than, a tree.

Rest assured, it won’t reach your mailbox: These unique gifts are formalized through a gift card with a QR Code. When scanning this one, it allows recipients to collect their newborn tree online, in the company’s forest.

A great way to remind your ecological values to your clients and team while planting trees and helping the CO2 reduction on our beautiful planet!

What else?

Luxury gifts: Who doesn’t need sparkles in its life?

9. Gift my Client

Surprise your employees, clients, and other recipients and make them feel great, with some high-end gifts.

Gift my Client selected for you some nice and exclusive presents such as cosmetics, refined food, and drinks, or even gateways!

Custom Gift Boxes: A great mix of everything they love!

10. Boxfox

If you want to take customer gifts up a notch and make quite an impression, think about custom gift boxes!

To do so, Boxfox is your best ally. It specializes in gift box gifting and allows you to create the perfect combination of great products you know your clients will love.

The Plus: For every box sent, they plant a tree – Yay to combining gifting and ecology!

11. Book Block

Another great option would be Book Block

This corporate gift box company offers many customization options such as sizes, branding, and colors.

Chose among their selection of 600+ bespoke products: stationery, chocolates, marmalades, candles, wines, mugs, leather goods, and much more, to create your custom boxes.

You can also add a personal message, to make your corporate gift even more special!

FAQ: Corporate Gifting Companies

What does corporate gifting mean?

Corporate gifting is a fabulous marketing tool that allows you to show your appreciation for a client (or prospective client), employees, or any other corporate partner by sending them gifts for a specific day, to thank them, or to emphasize your collaboration during a company meeting or event for instance.

What can be examples of corporate gifts?

Depending on the special occasions you chose to gift your collaborators, ideas could be branded apparel, holiday gifts, promotional merchandise, personalized or customizable gifts, gift boxes.

Either way, the key to great corporate gifting is to send your partners memorable gifts made of original and unique gifts, without forgetting a handwritten note to make it more personal.

Why are corporate gifts important for businesses?

Today, corporate gifts are given for a wide variety of reasons.

A corporate gift can be a way to thank a client for their business, to say thank you to a new employee for their hard work, to make an excellent first impression on clients, to strengthen business relationships, or to congratulate someone on their promotion.

Overall, it’s also a great way to have your partners instantly remember you if they need your services following an event or a meeting.

How much do companies spend on corporate gifts?

Following the Study led by Coresight Research, on average, companies are spending between $25 and $125 for their business gifts.

Companies are getting more creative and understand also the positive impact they can have, which means that they’re now willing to spend more money to find the best corporate gifting service these days!

How to choose a corporate gifting company?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business gifts, which is why it can be difficult if you’re trying to find the right corporate gifting company for your needs.

There’s more than just choosing the right corporate gift – The company you will choose should have a team that’s attentive and thoughtful, with a good grasp of what each client needs.

It is also always nice to find a business that can create some custom-made pieces or personalize their products to your branding.

And there you have it! Your complete guide on corporate gifting companies. Now you know where to go for any corporate gifting companies idea, just in time for the holidays and year-end meetups!

And if you want to know more about how to integrate corporate gifting into your strategy, make sure to read our blog post How to do Corporate Gifting!