Post: 13 Earth Day Activities to Do at Work

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This post was last updated on, January 16th, 2024

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve bundled together a comprehensive list of activities that perfectly blend environmental consciousness with team-building. These earth day activites range from the timeless classics to easy, engaging initiatives that everyone at work can participate in.

Our selections aim to spark enthusiasm for environmental stewardship while promoting sustainability practices within your organization. Whether it’s planting trees, organizing a cleanup drive, or engaging in energy-saving challenges, each activity is designed to bring your team closer together and deepen their connection to the planet earth.

We understand that different teams have varying needs and preferences. That’s why our list includes a diverse array of activities suitable for various settings. If your team is working remotely, we’ve got a selection of virtual activities that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. For those in the office, we have indoor activities that don’t require stepping out but still celebrate our Mother Earth. And of course, for teams who can venture outdoors, we have lined up several hands-on activities that bring you closer to nature.

So, gear up for a day filled with fun, learning, and meaningful action. Let’s come together to celebrate our planet and contribute to its well-being. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can make this Earth Day memorable and impactful for your team.

Table of contents
1. Plant trees and flowers
2. Recycling program
3. Raise funds for charity
4. Carpool or public transit day
5. Reduce waste contest
6. Take a walk
7. Collect e-waste
8. Meatless lunches
9. Pick garbage
10. Build an insect hotel
11. Community vegetable garden
12. Composting workshop
13. Earth Day Bingo!
14. Host a “Lights Off” Hour
15. Bicycle Rally

Tips to Becoming & Remaining a More Sustainable Workplace
Celebrating Earth Day at work FAQ’s

Best Earth Day Activities

team of co-workers planting trees on a earth day activities day

1. Plant trees and flowers in the office courtyard

Looking for a perfect Earth Day activity to do at work on a sunny day? Why not plant some trees and flowers in the office courtyard or the local park?

Having a garden is not only good for the environment because it reduces carbon emissions, but it can also provide a habitat for local animals.

Having a garden can also make the area more inviting for team members to have lunch outside or take a brief walk to reduce stress and boost productivity.

If you don’t have an office courtyard, don’t worry – you can still participate in this activity by planting trees and flowers around the perimeter of your building. You could even turn it into a competition and see which team can plant the most trees/flowers in a set amount of time.

Studies show that having indoor plants can increase concentration and productivity by up to 15%.

2. Create an office recycling system

Recycling is a great way to reduce your office’s environmental impact, and it’s easy to set up. One way to do this is to create an office recycling system. You can start by designating a few bins for paper, plastic and metal, and glass.

Once you have your bins set up, take a few minutes to set up a how-to recycle guide for colleagues on what can be recycled. You may be surprised how many people don’t know what can and can’t be recycled.

You can post signs on top of the bins or send out an email with instructions. And don’t forget to include recycling in your office’s weekly cleaning routine. By taking these simple steps, you can make a big difference to the environment.

3. Hold a team fundraiser for an environmental charity or organization

One great idea to celebrate Earth Day is to hold a team fundraiser for an environmental charity or organization.

This will be a fun way to get everyone involved, but it will also help spread awareness about the importance of environmental protection and support a cause that is important to you. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your fundraiser. You could hold a bake sale, a car wash, or even a sponsored walk or run.

So get your team together and start planning your Earth Day fundraiser today.

a group of young adults car pooling

4. Organize a Carpool or take non-motorized or public transportation to work

Though Earth Day only comes around once a year, we can do plenty of things to help the environment every day.

One easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to carpool or take public transportation to work. Not only will this save you money on gas, but it will also emit fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Even better if you live close enough to walk or bike to work. You’ll get some exercise in and help the planet at the same time.

Enjoy the Earth Day celebration to talk to your coworkers and see if anyone is interested in organizing a carpool. Then, make a plan for how you will all get to work together. With a little effort, we can all do our part to protect the planet for us and for future generations.

Pro tip: Carpooling is also an excellent team-building by-product to get to know your colleagues better and have a good time on your way to work.

5. Hold a contest to see who can come up with the best ways to reduce waste in the office

One of the fun Earth Day activities you could organize is to challenge your coworkers to reduce their waste. See who can come up with the most creative ideas for recycling, composting, and reducing paper usage and overall the best ways to reduce waste in the office.

You can measure the personal trash cans of every team member at the end of the week – or the month. The lightest bin is the winner. You could even give away a prize, like a free lunch or a gift card, to entice participation.

This Earth Day activity will get everyone thinking about ways to be more environmentally friendly and help to cut down on office expenses. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised by the results.

6. Take a nature walk & learn about Climate Change from a Local Environmental Guide

One fun and easy way to celebrate Earth Day at work is to transform your happy hour into a refreshing walk with the whole team. This is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, but it’s also an opportunity to learn more about the local environment and learn simple ways they could help make a difference.

If you’re not sure where to start, try contacting a local environmental organization or park ranger station. They can usually provide maps and guides for nature walks in the area. And if you’re lucky, they may even be able to provide an environmental educator to lead your group.

While you’re out enjoying this outdoor team-building, take some time to learn about the effects of climate change on local ecosystems. This is a simple approach to raising people’s awareness of the problem and driving them to learn more about it.

7. Collect e-waste: ask everyone to delete emails they don’t need anymore

Email is one of the most popular forms of communication at work, but it can also be a major source of clutter.

According to the Washington Post, a person’s emails analyzed over a year would represent 300 pounds of carbon footprint, or about 200 miles driving a basic car. We have to limit our use of emails at work.

On Earth Day, take a few minutes to declutter your inbox and help reduce your office’s environmental impact. Encourage everyone in your office to delete any old emails that they don’t need anymore and to unsubscribe from newsletters you never read.

Not only will this free up storage space on your company’s email servers, but it will also help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it will make it easier to find important emails when you need them. So on Earth Day, make a resolution to declutter your inbox and help reduce your workplace’s environmental impact.

8. Invite local producers to cook for a meatless lunch

Inviting local producers to cook for a meatless lunch is a yummy way to celebrate Earth Day at work. And you can support local businesses and reduce your carbon footprint by doing so.

Meat production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so by eating less meat, you’ll be doing your part to help the planet. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to try some new and delicious food.

Just make sure to let your coworkers know in advance. With a little bit of planning, you can easily make Earth Day a success at your workplace.

Pro tip: If you want to make it more social, you could also invite family members of your coworkers and make this Earth Day Event a company-wide event.

an older man smiling where glasses smiling into the camera while picking up trash

9. Clean up an area (beach, street, park, etc.)

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But what about all of the trash and debris that remains up along our shorelines, streets, and parks?

Each year, millions of tons of litter end up in our waterways and on our land, where it can harm wildlife, pollute ecosystems, and even end up in our food. That’s why Earth Day is the perfect time to get together with your coworkers and make a difference by cleaning up an area near your workplace or home offices for hybrid teams.

Not only will you be doing your part to protect the environment, but you’ll also get some exercise and fresh air in the process. So make Earth Day count this year – head outside and pick up some litter.

10. Build an insect hotel

At its heart, the goal of Earth Day is to inspire people to take action to protect our planet. And while there are many ways to get involved, one simple way to celebrate Earth Day at work is to build an insect hotel.

Insect hotels provide a safe place for beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs to nest and hibernate. In turn, these insects help pollinate plants and control pests, both of which are essential for a healthy environment.

Best of all, building an insect hotel is easy and can be done with items that you may already have around the office. Take a break from your usual work routine and build an insect hotel with your colleagues. It’s a fun way to show your commitment to protecting the environment.

11. Start an office community vegetable garden

Few things are more gratifying than eating a meal that you grew yourself. Community gardens are a great way to get employees involved in growing their own food. Not only do they provide a sense of accomplishment, but they also promote camaraderie and team building.

To get this earth day art project started, pick a sunny spot in the office where everyone can help with the planting and watering. Then, decide what vegetables you want to grow.

Once the garden is up and running, anyone can take anything they like or need. You can create a thriving community garden that everyone will enjoy with a little effort.

If you’re limited on space or prefer to keep your garden indoors, you can try growing office plants in pots or other containers. Herbs are a great option because they don’t take up much space in the office kitchen, and they can be used to flavor your lunchtime salads or cooked meals.

12. Host a composting workshop

Looking for an Earth Day activity to do at work? Why not host a composting workshop.

Composting is a process of breaking down organic matter, such as food scraps and yard waste, into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Not only is it an environmentally-friendly way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and promote the use of natural fertilizers, but it can also save money on garden products. Plus, it’s easy to do and is an interesting skill.

To get started, gather some materials. You’ll need a container (a plastic bin with a lid works well), some holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, some shredded newspaper or other carbon-rich material, and some kitchen scraps.

Once you have your materials, invite your colleagues to join you for a workshop. Talk about the benefits of composting and how easy it is to do. Then show them how to set up their own compost bin.

If you do not feel confident about that, ask the help of a local gardener or someone from the city’s public works department. They might be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you or your colleagues may have.

13. Earth Day Team-Building Bingo

Here’s a fun and easy way to celebrate Earth Day at work: Bingo! This year, make a commitment to being more eco-friendly at work and use this bingo card as your guide.

Put together a list of Earth Day-themed activities, such as recycling, composting, using public transportation, and so on. Give everyone at the office a bingo card, and see who can check off all the boxes first. You can offer prizes for the winner (and maybe even the first few runners-up) to make it even more fun.

Not only is this a great way to bring environmental issues to the forefront, but it’s also a great way to build team spirit and have some fun at the office. Whatever squares you check off, you’ll be helping to make a difference for the environment. And who knows, you might even have some fun while you’re doing it.

14. Host a “Lights Off” Hour

Encourage your community or workplace to turn off non-essential lights for an hour. This simple yet effective activity raises awareness about energy conservation and the impact of electricity usage on the environment. By participating, individuals and organizations can directly contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

This hour not only saves energy but also provides an opportunity for people to engage in alternative activities like stargazing, candlelit dinners, or discussions about sustainability. It’s a powerful demonstration of how collective action, even as simple as turning off lights, can have a meaningful impact on our planet.

Moreover, the “Lights Off” Hour can serve as a catalyst for broader conversations about energy use and sustainability practices. It encourages participants to reflect on their daily habits and how they can make more environmentally conscious choices in their lives.

an office with a bicycle in the background

15. Bicycle Rally

Organize a community bicycle rally to promote eco-friendly transportation. This engaging event not only reduces carbon emissions by encouraging alternatives to vehicular travel, but it also advocates for a healthier lifestyle among participants. By choosing to pedal rather than drive, community members actively contribute to reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.

A bicycle rally can be more than just a ride; it can include educational stops along the route, where participants learn about local environmental initiatives or historical landmarks. This transforms the rally into a fun and informative journey, enhancing the community’s connection to their local environment and heritage.

Additionally, such an event fosters a sense of community and solidarity. It brings together people of all ages and backgrounds with a shared purpose: to support sustainability and enjoy the outdoors. Group rides like this can also raise awareness about the need for more bike-friendly infrastructure in cities.

Engaging local businesses and organizations as sponsors or participants in the bicycle rally can further amplify its impact. It encourages a collaborative approach to promoting sustainable practices within the community.

Tips to Becoming & Remaining a More Sustainable Workplace

Bring eco-friendly snacks for your team to enjoy

Eco-friendly snacks are not only good for the environment, but they’re also healthy for you and your colleagues. This Earth Day, try to bring locally sourced, organic, and/or fair trade snacks.

You can also try to reduce your team’s food waste by bringing snacks that are in season, without packaging, and/or bulk-friendly. Not only will this reduce your team’s carbon footprint, but it’ll also save you money.

Bring your reusable water bottle to work

According to the EPA, Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles every year. And of those, only about 23% are recycled. That means that 38 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills or as litter every year. But you can help to reduce that number by bringing your reusable water bottle to work.

Delete all single-use plastic items from your office

Another way to reduce your team’s environmental impact is to eliminate all single-use plastic items from your office. This includes discarding items like disposable cups, plastic utensils, and straws, which are all examples of single-use plastics. To support this initiative, stratetegically place a recycling bin in the office, encouraging team members to properly dispose of any unavoidable plastics and to consider reusable alternatives

Print double-sided whenever possible, or use electronic documents instead of paper

Try to print double-sided or use electronic documents instead of paper whenever possible. This will save trees and reduce your team’s carbon footprint.

Add people to think about it when they have to print (signature)

Add a note to think about it when they have to print. For example: “Please think about if you really need to print this” or “Is there a way to avoid printing this?”

This will help your team be more conscious about their paper usage and hopefully reduce the amount of paper your office uses. If you are working remotely, you can also just have a simple sentence in your signature to state the same.

Use recycled paper and furniture

If your office is in need of new paper or furniture, try to use recycled paper and furniture. This will reduce the amount of waste that your office produces and help to save trees.

Offer your employees Remote days

You can also help the environment by offering your employees remote days. This will reduce the number of emissions from commuting and help to save on energy costs.

Chat rather than Send emails

As emails are time-polluting, try to chat in person or use an office collaboration tool instead.

Switch to energy LED efficient-bulbs

You can switch all LED bulbs in the office and put time-controlled light/other electronics to help reduce your energy consumption.

FAQ: Celebrating Earth Day at work

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is meant to celebrate our beautiful planet as well as to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the earth and protecting the environment.

When do we celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated every year worldwide on April 22nd. Why not do something special at work this year to mark the occasion?

What are some Earth Day activities for adults?

There are many Earth Day projects or activities for adults, but some popular ones include recycling, composting, using public transportation, and volunteering with an NGO.

What are some Earth Day activities for kids?

Earth Day reminds us all of how precious and beautiful our world is and how careful we should be with the issues we are facing. To create awareness and teach kids from a young age, there are many earth day activities you can organize for kids, such as doing a science experiment, a themed-scavenger hunt, earth day craft, and art projects, or creating a bird feeder.

What are some Earth Day activities for students?

Earth Day for students is not that complicated either. Common Earth Days activities include planting trees, going on an informational hike, doing a science experiment, or collecting e-waste among the full school. This special day will encourage and teach students to learn about the natural world and its many wonders, so make sure to use that opportunity.

Why should we celebrate Earth Day?

Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to raise awareness about environmental issues and to build team spirit at the office. It’s also a perfect opportunity to do something good for the planet.

How can my workplace become more sustainable?

There are many ways to make your workplace more sustainable. Some tips include bringing eco-friendly snacks, using recycled paper and furniture, offering employees remote days, and switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs.

What can I do for Earth Day at home?

You can do many things for Earth Day at home, such as recycling, changing your light bulbs for energy-efficient ones, composting if you garden, and making your own natural cleaning products. You can also try to reduce your meat consumption and adopt the law of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

There are plenty of earth-day activities that you can do at work to show your commitment to the environment. So this year, try out a few of these ideas and help make a difference.

Our planet needs us all year long and not only for one day. Keep these initiatives active all year round by forming a green committee. They can push actions further, conduct a company-wide energy audit every year to see if the actions are paying, and suggest new ideas.

We hope you enjoyed these Earth Day activities for adults. If you have any other ideas or feedback, share them with us on LinkedIn! We’d love to read them.

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