Post: 9 Delicious and Easy French Recipes to Cook at Home

French picnic basket with fruit cheese and wine

Are you missing travelling through Europe? Are you looking for easy French recipes to “take you back”? Would you like to try new things while exploring French culture? Then, we have what you need.

Here are our recommendations of 9 Easy French dishes that will be a breeze to whip up at home and can all be made from ingredients found around your kitchen.

From breakfast to dessert, find out in this blog post what are those easy French dishes that are sure to please, their description and the recipes you can follow to challenge yourself to French cuisine.

These recipes are so easy that they practically speak for themselves: just follow the recipe instructions and voila – great home-cooked French food in 30 minutes – or less! Now who says cooking isn’t fun?

Easy to cook and to enjoy, those dishes will take you to Paris in the blink of an eye – or well, in a simple bite!

Quick and delicious French dishes

The croque madame sandwich, one of the nine easy french recipes featured in our blog post
Meet the Croque Madame – the Croque Monsieur’s better half!

Croque Monsieur

Let’s start this list with one of the most famous men of French cuisine: The Croque Monsieur.

This ham and cheese hot sandwich is an easy comfort food to all situations: It can be served for lunch, dinner or even breakfast!

The Croque Monsieur is made with slices of ham and gruyere cheese placed between two slices of buttered bread, previously spread with mustard de Dijon.

For the biggest food lovers, add a layer of béchamel sauce on the top. The sandwich is then put in the oven until the edges of the bread are golden and crispy.

Add a fried egg on top for extra yummy-ness – And meet the Croque Madame!

This dish is rarely served by itself: It is usually served with french fries, a soup or salad. Good news: Those ingredients can be easily found at your local supermarket!

Check out the full recipe here.

French style steak tartare on a white serving platter with slices of garlic herbed toast on the side.
Steak tartare – quite possibly the easiest of French recipes to make at home!

Steak Tartare

Nope, we’re not cheating – this one is nothing complicated! It’s about getting the best ingredients and making sure they are mixed properly.

The raw beef meat might sound scary to some. It does have a special taste and an interesting texture, but believe us, it’s worth trying!

The recipe for a Steak Tartare starts with acquiring a finely chopped high-quality raw beef. That’s by far the most important step of the recipe!

Season it then with salt and pepper, then mix it with chopped shallots, garlic, an egg yolk, capers and cornichons (French gherkins).

Add in there the dipping sauces of your choice. It usually includes mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, a splash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

The final grade you will give to this dish will then depend on your own mixture and preferences as your only job is to chop everything beforehand and serve everything separated so that everyone can choose their own seasoning. Easy, right?

If you do want to have the insights of a professional to understand the perfect doses you should use and how to mix everything the French way, check out our Virtual Cooking Class with a Parisian Chef coming soon!

Oeufs Cocotte

A classic French starter or dinner dish that we Americans usually enjoy as breakfast is the Oeufs Cocotte. Those simply stand for eggs baked to perfection in a ramekin.

Snuggle up for breakfast with your loved ones and treat yourself to this easy French recipe!

To cook them properly you will need some quality ham and cheese such as Comté, Emmental or Gruyère.

Start with buttering the walls of the ramekin, add ham, an egg, sour cream and some grated cheese on top. This goes straight to the oven for a few minutes.

Once done, add a few fresh herbs (parsley, chives), salt and pepper to taste and your eggs are all set! Easy-peasy!

Find a detailed recipe on how to cook them just here.

Classic French dishes to cook at home

French onion soup in a white bowl on a wood place mat served with a baguette
Nothing says comfort like a traditional French onion soup.

French Onion Soup

A traditional French meal which is one of the most famous bistro dishes from France: we are calling… The French onion soup.

How could a food lover not fall in love with that bowl of soup topped with melted cheese and toasted croutons?

The recipe for an easy “Soupe à l’oignon” starts with thinly sliced onions sautéed slowly in olive oil. Add a boiling beef broth, red wine and a few condiments to season the soup to perfection.

Prepare on the side slices of baguette or fresh bread toasted with butter and serve them inside the bowls. Add the soup, salt, freshly ground black pepper and cheese on top. Pass it in the broiler for a few minutes… And voilà!

To spice things up, some add a layer of croutons at the bottom of each bowl before adding in the onion soup mix!

To master this classic French dish, cook it hand to hand – or camera to camera – with our virtual French cooking class with a Sassy Parisian coming soon!

slices of homemade vegetarian quiche on a white wood platter with leaves of arugula sprinkled on top
Your favorite French quiche recipe cut into pieces and served as an appetizer. Or as a main course alongside salad greens.

Quiche Lorraine

With the quiche, we let the soup aside for a pastry crust… Yum!

Indeed, that dish is made with a flaky pastry crust and filled with a well whipped mix of eggs, liquid cream, cheese, onions and bacon or ham. Season with salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.

Pour the mixture into the pie crust previously pre-heated. Cover it with grated gruyere cheese – or any other type of cheese you love!

Place the quiche in the oven for a little while and get ready to enjoy this buttery, cheesy and flavorful French dish!

Note that this specialty can be served cut into pieces as an appetizer while entertaining guests or as a main course alongside salad greens.

Try an easy Quiche recipe here.

Coq au vin made easy

Coq au vin is one of those French food recipes which can be made very simple but will still definitely impress for the delicious taste.

The secret? This easy recipe uses chicken thighs instead of rooster so that you can still definitely get all the flavors of that tasty wine sauce without struggling to find the correct meat!

For this recipe, we roast the chicken and bacon first, then add some diced carrots, garlic and onions.

Pour in red wine, tomato sauce and herbs before seasoning with salt and pepper. Let it simmer for a while so that the chicken can get tender.

Place some mushrooms on top of the dish and cook for about 10 minutes more in order to make them soft. Serve with boiled potatoes…

And you’re done! Another meal to put in your easy French recipes collection!

Get the fast recipe version of this traditional French dish here.

Easy to make French desserts

Pain Perdu

Have you ever tried French toast?

No? Then, you need to try them right away – They will take you to food heaven!

Yes? Then, we are not surprised if you tell us you love them but have never tried to cook them at home. They sound complicated to bake but did you know they actually take just a matter of minutes?

What a wonderful recipe to cook at home, that is not only easy but also tender and savory. The right way to prepare it: mix some milk, eggs and brown sugar (and cinnamon if you wish).

Dip the bread slices in that mixture and fry them in a hot buttered pan, on both sides until golden brown and there you go!

French toast can be eaten as is or with maple syrup on top. And perfectly compliments a cup of bitter coffee. They can also be appreciated alongside bacon, cheese and eggs – if you want to make a full sweet and savory breakfast.

Find the detailed steps just here.

a plate a crepes on a white plate with bananas, strawberries and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Sweet or savoury crepes for breakfast, lunch … maybe even dinner?


French pancakes or crepes are a traditional recipe that you’ll definitely want to include in your French Food recipes collection.

Simple and fast to prepare, those will become your perfect breakfast, main course or dessert if you want to feel French for a minute!

The secret recipe for delicious crepes? Batter eggs, milk and flour and add in a splash of orange blossom water.

Then use around 1/2 cup for each crepe and spread it into a small circle in a hot oiled pan. Know that your first crepe will never be perfect, there is always a “fail” one!

Cook on medium/hot heat until you see the edges of the pancake becoming wavy, then flip with a spatula and cook until you can lift it.

For a main course, fill it with ham, béchamel, mushrooms and cheese.

Roll them like burritos, sprinkle a pinch more of grated cheese and send it to the oven for a few minutes!

For breakfast or dessert, fill them with jam, chocolate, fruits or add some sliced strawberries and whipped cream on top!

You can also serve them with ice cream, or just with some butter and cinnamon apple sauce.

Want to master the art of crepes? Discover our live online French cooking class with a Parisian chef, to learn the French way, directly from your home! COMING SOON!

Apple Tart

Easy to cook at home and perfect for eating hot or cold, the last classic French dessert we are introducing is… The French apple tart!

What makes this dessert so special? The combination of different textures: the tender apple slices, the light and smooth applesauce, and that lovely crispy caramelized bottom and buttery puff pastry. Easy to make, just follow the recipe and you’ll get it!

You can slice a rustic apple tart and serve it along with coffee or tea to instantly bring the atmosphere of Paris to your table. Your guests will love it!

Find a detailed tart recipe here.

If you are curious about French cuisine…

What are some classic French dishes?

Classic platters from France can include:

  • Breads and pastries such as baguette, croissants or chocolatines;
  • Traditional meals such as french onion soup, quiches, ratatouille, coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon;
  • Desserts such as macaroons, chocolate mousse or crême brûlée.

Those are just a few examples!

French cuisine has so many classic recipes that it would take several hours to quote them all. Indeed, it is one of the oldest cuisines in the world!

What is the most famous dish in France?

The most famous dish in France is probably the boeuf bourguignon.

It is a stew using red wine, pearl onions, garlic, beef and bacon that are cooked for several hours until the meat is tender. It is often served with potatoes or French fries.

What should I cook for French guests?

If you’re cooking for French guests, you don’t have to prepare a French meal. Better to ask them what they would like to eat or make one of your specialties.

Just keep in mind that French eat quite light and enjoy vegetables or salads aside any platter.

Some small tips that your guests will highly appreciate: Think about having some wine ready, a nice butter – if it is a salty one, even better – and fresh bread.

From sweet or savory recipes, fancy to simple, we hope that these French recipes will make you feel like a Parisian for one day!

If you feel curious, read next the Most popular food in France blog post.

And if you want to take a further step and improve your French culinary skills, make sure to check out our new virtual experience where you can cook a full meal with a French chef live from Paris coming soon!

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