Post: 175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking!

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This post was last updated on March 13th, 2022

Why do we need ice breaker questions for virtual meetings, you ask? Because People are awkward. We feel shy, anxious, and self-conscious when we meet new people for the first time in person.

But what if you meet people for the first time online? It can be even more tricky, right?

Virtual icebreakers help break down barriers during virtual meetings. They can be an important tool for remote teams who don’t get to see each other every day.

Because if asking a few icebreaker questions can transform any awkward silent pauses into exciting and engaging conversations, then believe us, it’s worth trying out!

Below, we gathered 175 ice breaker questions to help your team talk more easily, share their thoughts comfortably and open up a bit more about themselves, even though they’re still miles away!

Next time, give them a go if you want your virtual meeting to be THE “company speakeasy” that everyone talks about… Or that gets people talking!

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175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 8

Easy-Peasy Icebreaker Questions

These icebreakers are ideal for introducing a new team member, getting your team to open up with each other, discussing simple subjects, and establishing connections.

Pick some of these easy icebreaker questions below to start a virtual meeting off the right way.

  1. Would you say you are a morning person or a night owl?
  2. What’s your morning routine?
  3. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?
  4. If you have the option, are you able to bring your pet(s) on camera?
  5. Do you have any siblings, and if so, can you present them?
  6. Do you have kids, and if so, can you present them?
  7. Do you collect anything, and if so, what is it?
  8. What fashion trend would you like to bring back?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  10. Do you have any superstitions or rituals, and if yes, what are they?
  11. How do you imagine your dream house?
  12. Who was the last person that made you laugh really hard?
  13. If you could invent new ice cream, what would it be called, and what flavor would it have?
  14. How did you celebrate last New Year’s Eve?
  15. What is one thing you would add to your daily routine if you had one extra free hour per day?
  16. If you could have any superpower on earth for one day, what would it be, and how would you use it?
  17. Where do you come from?
  18. Do you have any tattoos, and if yes, what are they?
  19. What’s the thing you have claimed for years you will do but haven’t yet?
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175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 9

Pop-Culture Icebreaker Questions to Ask Your Virtual Team

Because knowing the other team members’ tastes and preferences could help you bond and find common ground with them, we have gathered some ice breaker questions that can be asked to your virtual team.

  1. What’s the last movie you watched?
  2. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?
  3. What’s your favorite movie of all time?
  4. What’s the social media you use the most?
  5. What’s your favorite show that you don’t feel like the whole world is watching yet?
  6. What’s the article of clothing you could not live without?
  7. What’s your favorite song?
  8. Who’s your favorite superhero?
  9. What is your favorite childhood cartoon character?
  10. If you were to sing karaoke, what song would you choose?
  11. If you could impersonate a fictional character from a TV show, who would it be?
  12. What is the last book you read?
  13. What was the first concert you went to?
  14. What is your favorite childhood movie?
  15. What fictional world would you like to be part of?
  16. What’s THE song that makes you want to dance?
  17. Is there any song you know by heart, and which one is it?
  18. What music festival(s) have you been to?
  19. What is the last book that impacted your life, and how so?
  20. Which movie would you like to see on a big screen again?
  21. What TV show would you like to live in?
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175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 10

Exciting & Funny Icebreaker Questions for Adults

If you want to lighten up the mood of your conference call or sales kick-off meeting, choose among those fun icebreaker questions and get your virtual team to share some laughs and anecdotes!

  1. Can you tell us a short joke that you know?
  2. Can you tell us an embarrassing story that happened to you during high school?
  3. Have you ever gone “viral” on social media, and if yes, can you tell us the story?
  4. What was the worst advice you ever received/gave to your best friend?
  5. Who’s your celebrity crush?
  6. What were your first – and wrong – impressions of the other team members?
  7. If there was a zombie apocalypse coming in, what are the 2 teammates you would take on your team and why?
  8. Have you ever messaged someone accidentally at work, and if yes, what was it?
  9. What was the worst gift you ever received?
  10. Can you show us your phone wallpaper?
  11. If you were an animal, which one would you like to be and why?
  12. Do you have a secret talent you could show us?
  13. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you in your life so far?
  14. What is the most embarrassing fashion trend you adopted?
  15. What is your go-to emoji?
  16. What reality TV show would you like to be part of?
  17. Can you show us your favorite sticker, GIF, or meme?
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175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 11

“Would You Rather” Icebreaker Questions

If your team members don’t know each other yet and need help opening up, you could use some of these easy and fun “would you rather” questions below:

  1. Would you rather go ice skating or surfing?
  2. Would you rather travel to the North Pole or South America?
  3. Would you rather live in your dream house or travel around the world?
  4. Would you rather have ice cream for dinner every night or ice tea for breakfast every morning?
  5. Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?
  6. Would you rather be a celebrity or a superhero?
  7. Would you rather be a basketball player or a chef?
  8. Would you rather wear casual clothes every day or formal suits to work?
  9. Would you rather have no electricity or no water in your home for a week?
  10. Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or have the ability to fly?
  11. Would you rather be a millionaire or have superpowers?
  12. Would you rather be the president of the United States or a pop star?
  13. Would you rather wear shirts or tee shirts every day of the year?
  14. Would you rather work in a disgusting office space from Monday to Friday or be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?
  15. Would you rather have superman’s strength or be invisible?
  16. Would you rather be the president of the company you work for or work as a freelancer?
  17. Would you rather only eat pizza or chocolate cake for the rest of your life?
  18. Would you rather go in the street in slippers or swim in ice-cold water?
  19. Would you rather be on a diet for the rest of your life or live without internet access?
  20. Would you rather go golfing or go camping?
  21. Would you rather be able to move things with your mind or teleport yourself?
a slice of pizza and pasta on a fork
175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 12

Food and Drink Icebreaker Questions

These yummy ice breakers are perfect for getting to know your squad’s tastes.

Bonus game: Next time you head to a team’s lunch, challenge one person of the team to order for everyone based on what he learned!

  1. What’s the best food you’ve ever eaten?
  2. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve tried in your life?
  3. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  4. What type of cuisine do you prefer?
  5. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
  6. For a Sunday brunch, pancakes or waffles?
  7. What was the spiciest food you ever tried?
  8. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
  9. Do you prefer to eat ice cream with toppings or without?
  10. Is there any drink that would make even the worst day better for you?
  11. What’s your go-to drink when you go out?
  12. For your breakfast, tea or coffee?
  13. Would you go for a thin or thick pizza crust?
  14. What’s your favorite cheese?
  15. What’s your typical Sunday dinner?
  16. What’s your unhealthiest guilty pleasure food?
  17. What’s the food you would never eat again?
  18. Are there any foods that make you gag just by their smell?
  19. What’s your favorite fast-food meal?
  20. In case of extreme cooking laziness, what’s your go-to instant food?
  21. Are you more of a sweet or savory person?
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175 Best Ice breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings That Will Get Your Remote Team Talking and Talking! 13

Deeper Virtual Ice Breaker Questions for Team Building

Suppose your virtual team has already been functioning for some time. In that case, you might dig deeper with questions that stimulate a bit more reflection and thoughts.

Here are some examples to help you find the creative virtual ice breaker questions for your next team-building exercise or team meeting!

  1. What are some goals that keep you up at night?
  2. Who was the best boss or mentor that you ever had?
  3. What would be the name of your autobiography if you wrote one?
  4. How do you want to change/improve yourself this year?
  5. What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
  6. What are 3 things on your bucket list?
  7. What would you choose if you could instantly become an expert in something?
  8. What are the three items you would take with you on a desert island?
  9. Which historical figure would you like to have dinner with?
  10. What’s your favorite quotation?
  11. How do you see yourself five years from now?
  12. If money was not an issue – what is on your “must-have” list for a perfect day/night out in any city?
  13. If there were a fire and you could only save one thing from your house, what would it be?
  14. What is your greatest accomplishment?
  15. What are some of the things you’re most proud about in your life?
  16. What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?
woman carrying red suitcase
Travel-inspired ice breaker questions are perfect for inspiring conversation!

Travel Ice Breaker Questions

Who doesn’t dream of traveling? Well, we can’t promise that we’ll get back to normal soon. Still, you can already try those virtual icebreaker questions and travel through our peers’ experiences and stories!

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world for your next vacation, where would you go?
  2. If you could live in any country in the world, where would it be and why?
  3. What languages do you speak?
  4. If you could learn a language instantly, which one would you choose and why?
  5. What was your first trip without your parents?
  6. Did you ever travel solo, and if yes, how was it?
  7. What’s your favorite destination so far?
  8. Which place would be on top of your bucket list and why?
  9. If you could teleport yourself right now, where would you go?
  10. What’s the most beautiful beach you have ever seen?
  11. What’s your favorite city you’ve visited and why?
  12. Which is the best place for a weekend getaway?
  13. Do you prefer traveling by car or plane?
  14. If money isn’t an issue, where would be your ideal vacation destination, and why?
  15. What’s the most thrilling experience you’ve had?
  16. Do you prefer traveling alone or with someone else?
  17. Have you ever lost a flight?
  18. If someone handed you a free plane ticket, where would be your top choice for an adventure destination, and why?
  19. If you travel abroad, would you prefer to stay at locals places or in luxurious hotels?
  20. What was the worst place you stayed when traveling?
  21. Have you ever lost your passport?

Creative Ice Breaker Questions About Remote Work Life

Because a common topic remote teams share those days is simply the fact of working from home, break the ice between team members by asking about their daily remote life!

Here are a few virtual ice breakers to get you started:

  1. What is the most unlikely object to be on your desk?
  2. What is the one word that others might use to describe you in the workplace?
  3. Can you give us a tour of your remote office space?
  4. What are some things that you miss about working in an office?
  5. Would you rather go back to work in the office or keep working remotely?
  6. Has anyone already accidentally shown up behind your back during an important virtual meeting, and if yes, what happened?
  7. What are the top three things that make you happy while working from home?
  8. How has your job changed since going virtual?
  9. What’s your favorite Zoom background?
  10. If it’s possible, can we see some photos of what is on your desk right now at this very moment in time?
  11. What’s your favorite quarantine outfit?
  12. How do you use the commute time gained since working from home?
  13. Did you develop any new hobbies during lockdown?
  14. What are the top three things you would do on your first day back in the office?
  15. Do you feel it’s harder to find the balance between work and personal time when working from home instead of in an office setting?
  16. Can you tell us the latest gossip at work?
  17. Virtual meetings should be with or without video?
  18. What did working remotely teach you about the team’s organization and life?

Virtual Icebreaker Questions That Might Turn Controversial

Some questions don’t have a correct answer… But yet, everyone has their own opinion on the topic!

During your next team building, ask these highly debated questions to get the conversation going and see where everyone stands on the matter.

  1. Can pineapple be a pizza topping?
  2. Which one from the egg or the hen came first?
  3. Would you say soap is clean or dirty?
  4. What’s the best barbecue side?
  5. Should salad be eaten before or after the main course?
  6. Which one is better for napping, the bed or the sofa?
  7. What next artist would you add to the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  8. Which one is better for ice cream, the cone or the cup?
  9. Can you make an omelet by shaking the eggs before cracking them?
  10. Do you prefer to work in a noisy environment or in complete silence?
  11. What’s your idea of an ideal meal for dinner: meatloaf with potatoes and carrots or chicken soup with rice noodles?
  12. Which one is the most interesting: Instagram or Facebook?
  13. Is artificial intelligence worrying or genius?
  14. Which one is the ideal before going to bed: a cup of fresh milk or warm tea?
  15. Which topping is better for pie: whipped cream or ice cream?
  16. Should the paper toilet hang under or over the roll?
  17. What apps would you keep if you had to delete them all from your phone and could only keep 3?
  18. Would you prefer being exceptionally tall or exceptionally short?
  19. Which one of the 5 senses would you rather lose?
  20. Shall we eat pizzas with silverware or with our hands?
  21. Would you say “How I met your mother” is a better TV show than “Friends”?

And many more…!

FAQ: Virtual Icebreaker Questions for Newbies

What are ice breakers?

Ice breakers are questions and activities that you can use to help people feel more at ease in a group setting.

They’re used in meetings and team-building events because they take the pressure off of introducing yourself to new people.

How so? By making it easier for them to participate in a conversation or activity even if they don’t know what to say.

Why use ice breakers during virtual team-building or meetings?

Virtual meetings are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. They allow employees to collaborate across borders without having to be present at the same location.

However, there is one major drawback of virtual meetings: it is hard to bond with people you interact with only through screens.

One of the best ways to combat this is by using ice breaker questions during your virtual meetings, which will get you opening up to others.

How can virtual ice breaker questions help remote teams?

Icebreaker questions for virtual meetings are used to help remote teams get to know each other better and engage in more fruitful conversations, even after the meeting has ended.

There’s a wide range of icebreakers that you can choose to introduce remote workers or strengthen their relationships.

Scroll up for more inspiration.

What are some good icebreakers for virtual meetings?

Some good icebreakers for a virtual meeting could include icebreaker questions about the attendee’s life, tastes, remote work life, or hobbies, for instance.

It’s also a great idea to add some fun icebreaker questions or games to play on the video call with the remote team, such as two truths and one lie or a virtual Scavenger Hunt, to keep your team entertained.

What are good team-building questions?

Team building questions are designed to incite exchange and interaction between team members. To do so, avoid closed questions or simple yes or no questions.

Good team-building questions should be open-ended questions. Why? Because that allows people to really share their experiences or points of view instead of answering with a simple “yes” or “no.”

They should also be innocent, accessible, and easy to answer so that anyone can take part in the conversation, whatever their age, gender, beliefs, religion, etc.

Below is our selection of virtual ice breaker questions for virtual meetings, organized by topic, that you can include in your next virtual team building or conference to help shake things up!

How do you make a virtual meeting fun?

A virtual meeting doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest. There are plenty of ways to make a virtual meeting fun and engaging.

Start by setting the tone with an icebreaker round of questions, which will create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable participating. This can be something as simple as going around the room and asking everyone to tell a short joke.

Then, make sure to keep the meeting interactive. This can mean incorporating polls, breakout rooms, and Q&A sessions into the agenda.

You can also organize icebreaker activities during the meeting that will help everyone get to know each other better. Try incorporating some fun themes or games into the meeting to keep everyone engaged.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with participants after the meeting. A quick thank-you note or follow-up email can help to show your appreciation for everyone’s participation. Add a fun GIF related to a joke or specific moment of the meeting.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to making virtual meetings that are both enjoyable and productive!

What is a fun virtual icebreaker?

Whether you’re hosting a virtual party or just getting to know some new people at work, icebreakers are a great way to help everyone feel more comfortable.

And what’s more fun than a game of would you rather? Have a look at our list of 20 “Would you rather” fun ice breaker questions above.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out our 13 fun icebreakers for small groups blog post, and try the who am I game, charades, or even a freeze dance challenge!

What are good icebreaker activities on Zoom?

Here are a few ideas:

One option is to play “two truths and a lie.” Each person takes a turn sharing three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is false. The other participants then have to guess which fact is the lie.

Another possibility is to have everyone share their favorite book, movie, or TV show. This can lead to some great conversations about shared interests.

Or, you could try something like “would you rather,” where people have to choose between two hypothetical options. For example, would you rather travel to the moon or explore the bottom of the ocean?

Check out our blog for more virtual ice breakers!

There you have it: A full list of ice breaker questions that’ll make virtual teams closer together!

Most of these icebreaker questions are hybrids and will work for both in-person and remote teams, as well as for people who have or who haven’t met before.

And for you, was it difficult getting to know each other and developing relationships during virtual meetings? Have you tried any of these ice breakers? What ice breaker questions have you used in the past to get your team talking?

Share them with us on social media – we’ll be happy to read your feedback!

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