Introducing the Ice-Breaking Ball - The perfect tool for making new connections

Our unique design and interactive prompts make it easy and fun to connect with others.

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What is the Ice-Breaking Ball?

The Ice-Breaking Ball is an innovative addition designed to enhance communication and teamwork.

This foam ball, similar in size to a soccer ball, features an array of ice-breaker questions printed on its surface. It’s a simple yet effective tool to facilitate engaging conversations among team members.

Crafted with the intention of encouraging interactions, the Ice-Breaking Ball serves as a catalyst for conversations that might otherwise remain untapped. The ice-breaker questions provide an easy starting point for team members to connect during events.

By introducing interactive games like “A Minute in the Sun,” “Nonsense,” and “Hot Seat,” the Ice-Breaking Ball becomes a versatile asset, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of togetherness.


It just works: leave it in a room and watch the magic happen

Safe for work prompts: all phrases have been thoroughly vetted

One ball, 20+ games: small or big groups, strangers or friends, team work or ice breaking, there’s a game for every occasion

Practical and Harmless: fit it in anywhere. Extremely maleable! Made of tissue with cotton filling, impossible to hurt someone with it. We tried!

(Sounds like a win-win-win, no?)

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