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As the world moves away from the traditional way of managing and running a business, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have never been as popular as they are today. The initiatives aim to create a collaborative and productive work environment by ensuring everyone feels valued and appreciated and has equal rights to resources and opportunities. However, DEI initiatives require proper training to ensure their effectiveness in the workplace. This article examines online employee training, how it’s done, and why it is crucial. 

What is Online DEI Training?

Online diversity training for employees entails enrolling the workforce in an online training program, teaching them the importance of a harmonious, collaborative, and inclusive workplace. The training touches on accepting people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. 

Online DEI courses are in-depth and require a few hours to complete. The programs can be delivered in several ways, including:

Podcasts – These are pre-recorded audio by an instructor, taking the employees through different aspects of training. Podcasts are ideal for employees who prefer listening while working, jogging, or driving to or from work. 

Video Training – Videos are great for retaining information, making them an ideal diversity training program. The pre-recorded videos focus on role-playing and highlight common workplace problems like unconscious bias and discrimination. 

Video Conferencing – Employees can also attend online video conferencing hosted by a trainer, taking them through the training. Although it’s the best form of online DEI training due to instant feedback and corrections, it’s costly to maintain in the long run. 

Online Courses – Alternatively, an organization can purchase an online DEI course covering the entire training, allowing the employees to go through it at their convenience. Popular online course platforms like Udemy and Coursera come in handy. 

What’s Included in Online DEI Training?

Online diversity training covers a wide range of topics, depending on the organization and the objectives it aims to achieve. Here is a rundown of fundamental concepts covered by online diversity training:

Foundation Concepts

The training introduces employees to the concepts of DEI by defining diversity, equity, and inclusion. Employees also learn the importance of training in the workplace and why they should focus on it. 

Unconscious Bias Training

Employees learn how to identify and address unconscious bias in the workplace. Unconscious bias is often cryptic and hard for untrained employees to notice. They also learn how unconscious bias affects relationships and decision-making processes in an organization. 

Cultural Competence

Online diversity training teaches the importance of embracing diverse cultures and backgrounds. The topic is crucial for recruiting and retaining diverse talent. The cultural diversity training also teaches employees the importance of embracing and understanding different cultures and how the move benefits the workplace. 


Workplace aggression is unacceptable, but employees struggle to identify, define, and deal with microaggressions. The training clarifies this by teaching employees different forms of microaggressions and how to deal with the situation. 

Inclusive Leadership and Management

Inclusion training is helpful to leaders within the organization, helping them transform the workplace into an inclusive and accommodative one. Inclusive leadership aims to inspire and guide, as opposed to traditional leadership, which focuses on commanding and ordering. The training is also essential to team leaders and those aspiring for such future roles. Inclusive behaviors in the workplace form the essence of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Discrimination Prevention and Sexual Harassment 

Workplace discrimination creates a hostile work environment where one group receives favors and opportunities deprived of the others. Discrimination comes in different forms, including hiring, firing, promoting, pay, and distributing benefits like holidays, bonuses, etc. 

Sexual harassment is a horrific experience facing any employee, regardless of their gender. It entails crossing boundaries and conducting oneself in an unethical manner. Sexual harassment takes many forms, including inappropriate touch, sexual advances, sexual talk, making inappropriate advances, and looking at a colleague in an unacceptable manner. 

The leadership often initiates sexual harassment, but it can also happen between colleagues. 

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The world is transforming into an inclusive place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their sexual orientation. Online diversity training creates an inclusive environment, recognizing the needs and rights of LGBTQ+ communities. 

Disability Inclusion

People with disabilities are as important as everyone else and deserve equal workplace rights and opportunities. The diversity training program helps to address and eliminate the stigma that people with disabilities often face in the workplace. 

Religious and Gender Inclusion

An effective workplace should accommodate people of different religions and genders. The training helps employees identify and understand different religions and why accepting them in a workplace makes sense. Gender is also another area the training focuses on, helping create a fair and inclusive workplace that accommodates people of different genders. 

Legal and Compliance Aspects

Employees learn about the relevant regulations and laws related to the DEI initiatives. They learn why DEI is crucial in a workplace from a legal perspective. By focusing on the legal side, employees understand the significance of the training and why they should take it seriously. 

Case Studies and Scenarios

The training also introduces employees to real-life case scenarios, showcasing its importance and effectiveness in the workplace. Doing so helps them understand why they should take the training seriously and how it can transform the workplace. 

Interactive Activities

After going through theories, employees are required to interact in various activities, such as role-playing and group discussions. These simulations provide real-life workplace problems, helping them experience and react to them in a controlled environment. 

Self-assessment and Reflection

Employees can assess their learning progress and reflect on their previous behavior. Doing so helps them understand how their behavior and conduct affect their colleagues. 

Creating Inclusive Action Plans

Since DEI aims to promote inclusion within an organization, this step of the training helps to formulate an effective plan for creating inclusivity within the workplace. The organization’s leadership takes on this task, although they rely on feedback from other employees. It’s perhaps the most crucial stage in diversity training as it determines how the initiatives will be integrated within the workplace. 

Evaluating the Impact

An effective diversity training creates an immediate impact, helping everyone settle in. However, the DEI committee, usually formed when implementing the initiatives, evaluates the impact to determine if the initiatives work as needed. They collect feedback from employees to determine which changes are required. The committee creates actionable guidance that employees can follow through.

Ongoing Learning and Support

Diversity, equity, and inclusion training keep changing due to the increasing changes in workplaces. As a result, it’s always best to keep the learning process ongoing. 

The Benefits of Online DEI Training

Online DEI training has numerous benefits to employees and employers, and they include:


The ability to access the training materials online is vital to any learning process. These materials are also updated regularly to keep them as evergreen as possible. Employees can access the content at any time, whether it’s learning for the first time or polishing their skills without seeking out an instructor. 

Self-Paced Learning

Since only some learn the same, online DEI training programs are crucial to accommodate different learners. Employees can time themselves through the learning process, ensuring they complete the training at their convenience. 


Hiring a full-time DEI trainer is expensive as they bill by the hour. However, online training is a cheaper alternative, as some inclusion courses are subsidized or discounted, depending on the trainer. 

Data and Analytics

The training provides progress-tracking tools that help collect valuable data and information. The DEI committee can use this data to fine-tune the training and implementation techniques. 

Final Thoughts

Online diversity, equity, and inclusion training influences workplaces, ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity. It also facilitates attracting and retaining diverse and promising talent, helping improve the organization’s reputation. Online DEI training covers many aspects, like LGBTQ+ rights and dealing with microaggressions, discrimination, and sexual harassment. It’s an excellent way of eliminating employees’ own biases from the same workplace. 

To gain a more nuanced understanding of how DEI programs impact the workplace and why they’re so crucial, we encourage you to read our detailed post on ‘Understanding DEI Programs and Their Workplace Impact‘. This informative article will provide you with a deeper comprehension of the fundamental principles of DEI and practical ways these programs can contribute to a more inclusive and productive work environment. Dive in to better understand the transformative power of DEI initiatives.

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