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From Team-Building to Luxury Stays - Your Perfect Parisian Team Package

"The private event we planned with Woyago was absolutely incredible. Every detail was perfectly executed and my clients were blown away by the unique experiences we had. The service we received was top-notch and I would highly recommend Woyago to anyone looking to plan a personalised private event in Paris."

Raffaella Colombo , Event Management Executive

These enterprise teams are feeding their wanderlust (and bonding with each other) with Woyago

Bienvenue à Paris

You just opened a secret Parisian door to unforgettable experiences.

From storytelling and surprise elements, to personalised touches and memorable gifts, we’ve got the secret sauce for an experience you’ll never forget.

Let us create lifetime memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Paris Awaits: Tailored Team Experiences for Unmatched Success

Transform your team outings into extraordinary Parisian experiences with Woyago. Whether it’s dynamic team-building in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, incentive trips across France’s picturesque landscapes, private tours filled with cultural richness, or luxurious accommodations, we specialize in creating bespoke experiences. Every aspect is thoughtfully curated to align with your needs, ensuring memorable moments and meaningful connections.


Incentives Trips

Private Tours


Unforgettable Moments in Paris

Dive into a Woyago Case Study

Gain insights into our bespoke team planning with our detailed case study. Discover how we tailor each Parisian experience to meet the unique needs of our clients, from exclusive venue access to personalized activities. Each case study showcases our commitment to creating engaging, memorable team experiences in the heart of Paris

3-Day Business Group Itinerary

The Request

The delegation sought an itinerary that combined Paris’s key attractions with exclusive experiences and networking opportunities. The challenge was to curate an agenda that not only met their budget constraints but also delivered a memorable and enriching Parisian experience coupled with valuable industry insights and connections.

The Plan
We crafted a three-day program encompassing three distinct Parisian themes: Classic, Fashionista, and Fancy Parisian. Each day was meticulously planned to showcase a different facet of the city, including meetings with local industry professionals, private tours, and exclusive access to some of the city’s most renowned landmarks and establishments.

The Outcome

Once the itinerary was accepted and the tour booked, we engaged in a series of detailed discussions to fine-tune each element of the tour. The result was a successful business trip that seamlessly combined work with the pleasure of exploring Paris, creating memories that the delegates will cherish for a lifetime.


They came. They saw. And they had *fun!*

Who (or what) is Woyago?

Our team is a unique blend of world travelers, event managers, and local experts, all united by one goal: to create unforgettable experiences for individuals, families, and teams. Whether you’re discovering the hidden charms of the city or strengthening bonds through personalized team-building activities, either in-person or virtually, we’re here to make your journey extraordinary

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