Plan your trip the best possible way: With a Parisian

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How much does a trip to Paris cost? When's the best time to travel? How many days should you spend here? Ten online searches will give you ten different, and generic, answers. We will give you precise, personalized, and tailored answers for your trip.

How it works

First, We’ll share a few mistakes people make when planning a trip to Paris. We’ll then discuss the ideas for your trip that you will have sent us beforehand. We’ll share where we go to eat, shop, and enjoy ourselves so you can get a feel for the Paris of Parisians. Then, we’ll pick the best place for you to stay based on your plans, budget, and more.

Food? Shopping? Museums? Fashion? We'll plan, search, and discuss. Ask us anything, no matter how silly it may sound. We want you to feel at ease in terms of safety, transport, and logistics.

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What you will get

  • A private 30 minute zoom session with a certified Parisian tour guide (who lives in Paris!).
  • Learn the 5 most common mistakes when booking a trip to Paris.
  • A plan for your Paris trip as detailed as you want it to be: budget, time of the year, safety, logistics, where to stay according to your favorite things to do, where to shop, eat, how to avoid the crowds on popular landmarks and how to get off the beaten path, how to move around, day trips from Paris and anything else you can think of.

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We'll help you plan your trip that you will ALWAYS REMEMBER