Elevate Team Growth and Productivity to the Next Level with Fun and Memorable Professional Development Workshops

Workshops led by professional certified mentors combined with virtual travel will transform your team and your career to new heights. And it will be fun!

These enterprise teams are feeding their wanderlust (and bonding with each other) with Woyago

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A different way of building stronger teams

At Woyago, we believe in the power of unique and engaging experiences to drive professional development and success. That’s why we’ve combined traditional workshops with virtual travel to create a truly memorable and fun learning experience for your team.

Our professional certified mentors lead workshops that are specifically designed to enhance skills and knowledge, while the virtual travel aspect creates an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere for team bonding. The result? Improved productivity, enhanced team morale, and a more united team.

You bring the guests.
We'll bring transformative experience.

All Woyagos (workshops) are led by charismatic, friendly, and energetic professional certified mentors. And in just 90 minutes your team will create warm and wonderfull connections with each other that will last for years.

Where will you take your team next?

Psychologically Safe Workplace Workshop

Embrace the Power of Trust in Your Team: A Workshop on Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

DEI Conversations at Work

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Fostering an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Make Meetings Cool: Manager as Event Manager

Transform Your Meetings: From Dull to Dynamic with Manager as Event Manager

Want to know how it all works?


Give your team the chance to recharge and destress as they virtually explore new and exciting destinations, all while taking part in professional development workshops.


Engage your team with fun and interactive activities designed to build stronger bonds and foster a more positive work environment.

Group Activities

Improve team dynamics and collaboration skills as participants work together in break-out rooms to complete challenging and rewarding missions. With guidance from certified mentors, your team will leave with not just newfound skills, but also a strengthened sense of camaraderie.

About us

Who (or what) is Woyago?

Woyago combines professional development workshops with engaging virtual travel experiences to take your team’s productivity to new heights. Our certified mentors lead your team on a journey to exotic destinations, creating unforgettable memories and improving teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Join the many successful companies who trust Woyago to bring their team together.


Frequently Asked Questions

“At the moment, Woyago workshops are designed specifically for remote and hybrid teams.”

Life has its ups and downs. We get it. You can change the date of your event for free up until 48 hours before the starting time.

“Absolutely, we recognize that every team is unique and has specific development needs. Our workshops can be customized to align with your team’s specific requirements.”


They’d be the first of their kind! But we’re sorry to hear that and of course we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

We thought you’d never ask 😏

Simply sign up for our launch notification and wait for our first email.

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Because happy teams are worth *everything*

Experience the Woyago difference and elevate your team’s performance, satisfaction, and longevity.

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