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Level Up Your Team with Questing: Building Trust, Cultivating Happiness

Engage in a unique and impactful activity that promotes team building, personal growth, and increased happiness in the workplace.

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No Setup!

How Questing Works


Step 1: Preparing for the Quest

  • Participants are greeted by the moderator and informed about the purpose of the event, which is to create and deepen connections between participants.
  • Participants are instructed to write down their own ideas and develop them, and to come up with 10 real problems they have in their lives.
  • They are prompted to broaden and simplify these problems, and to create several questions that would help them in their quest.


Step 2: Questing in Pairs

  • Participants are split into pairs, with one person taking on the role of the Quester and the other as the Assistant.
  • Questers share their simplified problems and questions with their Assistant, who helps them in their quest by providing suggestions, insights, and potential solutions.
  • They go through four cycles of Quester/Assistant, alternating roles each time, allowing each participant to experience both sides of the quest.


Step 3: Wrapping up the Quest

  • After the questing sessions, participants come together for a debriefing, where they can reflect on their learnings and experiences.
  • Participants may choose to share their insights, personal information, and how the questing process has impacted them.
  • The event concludes with a sense of connection and shared experiences among participants, with the option for further questing or future activities to deepen relationships.

Key Features of Questing

One-on-one interactions Participants engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations to share personal information and work together to find solutions.

Real-world problem solving Participants bring their own real problems and work collaboratively to find solutions, leading to practical and applicable learning.

Emotional intelligence development Questing encourages empathy, understanding, and better communication skills among participants.

With Questing, you help create bonds among your team and promote happiness and efficiency in your workplace

Welcome to the world of questing! Questing is a unique and engaging activity that is designed to create bonds among participants, boost happiness, and foster personal growth. Based on scientific research that shows the positive impact of social connections on overall well-being and productivity, questing provides a structured and fun way for individuals to connect on a deeper level while working towards finding solutions to real problems they face.

Questing is all about creating meaningful connections among participants. Through one-on-one interactions, participants share personal information, face difficulties together, and engage in open communication. This process helps build trust, empathy, and understanding among participants, creating a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can feel heard and valued. These bonds formed during questing can translate to a happier workplace, leading to more efficient and motivated workers.

The benefits of questing go beyond just building connections. Questing also promotes personal growth as participants reflect on their own challenges, develop problem-solving skills, and gain insights from the perspectives of others. It encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones, learn from each other’s experiences, and broaden their horizons. Questing provides a safe space for self-exploration and self-awareness, allowing individuals to learn more about themselves and others in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, research has shown that happy workers are more productive and engaged in their tasks. By incorporating questing into your workplace or team-building activities, you can improve overall efficiency and performance. Questing helps to create a positive and inclusive culture, where participants feel supported, motivated, and empowered to collaborate and contribute their unique strengths and ideas.

In summary, questing is an innovative and impactful activity that brings people together, improves efficiency through increased happiness, and fosters personal growth. It provides a platform for participants to connect, learn, and grow, leading to a happier and more productive workplace. Are you ready to embark on a quest of bonding, growth, and success? Join us in the questing experience!

(Sounds like a win-win-win, no?)

Here's all the ways Questing help teams bond with each other:

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