Quick team building ideas for remote staff

11 easy team building activities for remote workers

Over the last 12 months many of us have become accustomed to working from home, which while it has certain benefits (can’t beat the shorter commutes!), there are some pretty big drawbacks.

One of them, as has been shown in numerous studies and surveys, is the feeling of loneliness. In addition to team chats, shared virtual coffee breaks and similar measures, team building and team bonding are essential in order not to let this arise in the first place. And with a little creativity, this also succeeds in the home office – and is a lot of fun!

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1. Remote Quiz

How smart is your Remote Team? Find out together in a virtual quiz. Create questions yourself on topics such as general knowledge, expertise, etc. or research quiz questions on the Internet. Divide your team into groups of 2-4 people who will also be in their own group meeting room at the same time. The quizmaster then asks the questions in the team meeting room. The groups consult in their private room (don’t forget to turn off the micros in the team meeting room). If you know the answer first, press the “buzzer” – or show up with a smiley face in the team meeting room. For the winning team with the most correct answers, you can come up with a nice reward.

If you want to make your team better known to each other, questions about individual employees – assuming their consent, of course – are also very funny. Ask .B which employee with a middle name is called “Hubert” or who from the team owns a cat named Mia…

2. The virtual scavenger hunt

As with the offline scavenger hunt, the team that was the first to complete all the predetermined tasks wins. You can research your employees in small groups .B. certain facts on the Internet, find certain things on certain websites or have puzzles solved. Creativity is required here!

3. Remote Escape Room

Escape rooms are a very popular activity for team outings. No wonder, because they promote teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills. Try creating your own escape room by hiding clues and puzzles around your desk, and telling a story behind the scene…

4. Draw the picture

Someone describes with words a certain picture, the others draw what they hear. Often the most diverse works of art come out, which often produce good laughs. Either you draw directly at the computer and then share your screen, or you reach for pen and paper and finally hold the work into the camera.

5. 10 things to do in life

This game is perfect to get to know the wishes, dreams and passions of your employees. Each draws up a list of 10 things they really want to do in their lives and introduces them to the team. Perhaps there are similarities? Then you can work together on the realization. Perhaps Mr A would like to try skydiving, and Mr B has a neighbour who offers such experiences? Talking brings people together!

6. MacGyver

This game promotes creativity and also causes laughter again and again. In advance, the game manager determines a (still) secret scenario and the specifications. The scenario is any disaster, but the employees only experience it in hindsight (e.g. the zombie apocalypse, the sinking ship, the attack of the killer bees,…). First you get the presets, i.e..: “Take three things from your desk.” or “Choose 5 items from your household.”. Then the disaster begins, which your team must now deal with. However, your employees only have the previously selected items at their disposal. With these, they must now find ways to survive or avert disaster in general and save everyone.

7. Guess the artist

A collaboration platform like Miro is helpful in this game. There, each employee uploads a picture or photo that he or she has taken himself. Now it has to be advised which image of whom is – of course, you can talk and joke live in the video meeting. One variation of this is: Guess the desk. Works exactly the same way, only the employees share photos of their home office workstations.

8. I’ve never…

Some people may know this game as a drinking game, but that would of course be unsuitable for a team event. Luckily, you can also play it with life – and virtually: a co-worker mentions something he has never done before, e.g.: “I’ve never climbed a mountaintop.” Every colleague who has done what has been said before loses a life. The last one left wins. The game is very suitable for teams that need to get to know each other a little better. But even sworn-in teams who know each other well can have a lot of fun here (then it will be even more exciting)!

9. PowerPoint Karaoke

A lot of improvisational talent and creativity is required here. Individual employees or even small groups get any PowerPoint presentation, to which they have to give a short presentation (of course without preparation). These can be work topics, but presentations from completely different areas of life are particularly funny. For example, have you heard your boss talk about the challenges of biological shrimp breeding?

10. True or false

This game is a relatively well-known icebreaker: each employee thinks about two stories, one of which is true and one is a lie. Colleagues then have to guess which of the stories is which. Here, spectacular things about your colleagues come to light again and again!

11. The aliens have landed

In this game, the employees are divided into small groups. Then the aliens land and would like to know what this company is actually doing. Unfortunately, they do not speak our language. Therefore, the groups have to resort to image language: they have to explain the core of the company’s work by means of 5 images, symbols, graphics, etc. You will be surprised by the creative solutions!

Team Building in the home office – a question of creativity

Happy group of company wearing a red berets and smiling on a zoom call

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas that can be implemented in the virtual team with simple means. But it requires, as well as real-life team events – of course, some preparation and a lot of creativity! When you’re scheduling virtual team games for the first time, it can be helpful to test all the technical aspects in advance with someone.

Virtual team games are good for cohesion, promote teamwork and problem-solving skills, and are fun! They are a great way to get to know colleagues better and to have a great time with the team.