Post: 15 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Work to Spread Love and Happiness in the Office!

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Who doesn’t want more love and happiness in their life?

It’s easy to get so focused on your task that you forget to smile, take a break, or interact with your collaborators, but random acts of kindness are always welcome!

They have been shown to make people happier and more involved in their work, as well as making teams stronger. And yet all too often, we find ourselves forgetting the simple things that bring joy to others – sharing our time, volunteering, or giving someone a compliment.

From bringing in coffee for the entire office to writing notes for random coworkers with compliments, there are plenty of ways you can spread love and happiness in the workplace.

To get you inspired, we gathered 15 random acts of kindness ideas for work, that will help keep your spirits up and create a more friendly atmosphere in the office!

What random act of kindness will you do today?

Random acts of kindness ideas for work begins with you message written in chalk

1. Start by being kind to yourself

It’s easy to forget about self-care when you’re overwhelmed by everything happening at work or in your personal life.

So believe us, the first random act of kindness you could take is to take care of yourself, no matter how busy you might be!

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you do not finish a task or if you make a mistake. Learn how to reflect on this and see how you can improve the next time.

And after work, treat yourself to something that makes you happy – read a book, watch your favorite TV show or go for a walk.

2. Bring in breakfast for the entire office

It’s a random act of kindness that costs almost nothing, but can make everyone happy!

When they come in the morning and there is a fresh pot of coffee waiting for them, people will surely appreciate it.

Take it up a notch, and bring a few bagels, muffins, fresh fruits, chocolate cake, or any other treats that you can all share to start the day off on the right foot!

If you’re working remotely, you can also send a coffee gift card to a colleague through the Starbucks eGifts program or share a virtual coffee break!

A typed note saying - Encouragement. Pass it on. on a ripped piece of paper
A compliment can go a long way.

3. Write a complimenting note for your coworkers

Let them know you appreciate their presence and it brightens your day when they are around.

Be specific, and let them know the thing you like the most in their work, their outfit, their personality, their new hairstyle, or their attitude at work. You could even include some inspiring quotes in those employee appreciation messages!

Your colleague might not realize that you think he is always cheerful at work- more often than not, people are too busy to notice these things themselves!

Leave them a handwritten thank-you note on their desk when they’re out of the office or if your team is working remotely, send them a nice email or chat!

4. Share lunch with someone sitting alone

If you notice someone sitting alone in the break room for lunch, don’t waste a minute and go sit down with them!

Sharing a meal is always better than eating alone and this simple act can help you get to know your colleagues better.

For those working from home, this random act of kindness idea can be done by Zoom. You may know of a team member that lives alone so suggest a video conference lunch and share your meals together!

two coworkers high fiving in the office
Who doesn’t like a high-five?

5. High five your co-workers

Give high fives or fist bumps to people that you randomly see in the corridors.

Happy to see someone? Show them with this simple movement. It may even cause a giggle or two.

6. Leave money in the coffee machine

Every once in a while, leave a coin or a dollar bill in the coffee machine.

The next time someone is taking a coffee break and wants to get their favorite caffeine boost, they will happily find that they can enjoy a coffee for free!

One of those small acts that will surely make the day of a co-worker.

words cultivate kindness on a black letter board
Kindness is contagious. Spread it around freely.

7. Spread the great news around the office

If you hear some great news, share it with your team!

Is someone’s project approved? Is your company’s revenue up by x% for this month? Share it through an email, a chat, or on the bulletin board and make people smile when they read it!

8. Express your gratitude

Don’t forget to express your gratitude towards a particular person or your team.

Newbie in the company and want to welcome them into your team? One of your colleagues helped you finish a task on time? Thank them and make sure they know you appreciated that.

If you’re part of a remote team, send chocolates, flowers, cakes, etc.

PRO TIP: Want to show your employee(s) that you pay attention? Ask them some random ice breaker questions to get them talking about their favorite foods, shops, guilty pleasures, and then buy them something special from there. That extra bit of thought will really show that you are not only listening but that you care about them as an individual.

9. Share with other a great book you read

If you read a book that really touched you, share it with your colleagues!

They might not have the time to read or they simply don’t have any recommendations for their next page-turner. Bring your book to the office and share your experience!

It’s one of those random acts of kindness that are super simple, costs nothing but could brighten up someone’s day.

10. Encourage your colleagues to take part in a great team effort and help a local food bank

What about organizing an act of kindness as a team?

You can choose to help a local food bank for instance. Collect food from your employees and deliver the proceeds to a food bank.

It will take you around a few minutes but can help save people’s lives!

11. Start the conversation with that person you have seen so many times in the hallway but never talked to

It’s an awkward situation but it happens way too often. We’re too shy or too busy staring at our cell phones, drinking our coffee, or leaving the office, that we sometimes fail to ignore other people while walking in the hallway.

This simple kindness idea is to start a conversation with someone you see all the time, but have never talked to. You might not even know their name!

What about just introducing yourself or asking how their day is going?

12. Pay attention to other people’s stories

We’re so busy in our mind with what’s happening to us that sometimes we don’t notice the people around us, or just don’t pay attention to their stories.

A simple thing to do, but too often forgotten. While conversing with someone, pay attention to them, the details, be interested, keep your cell phone away, and be there to actively listen to the story.

Later on, ask them about that issue or that big news they were expecting. They’ll be thrilled to see that you remembered!

14. Give a hand to someone that needs it at work

Does a colleague need to be backed up while going out to an appointment? Does an employee need a hand to finish up a project before the deadline?

Invite your employees or teammates to create a collaborative workplace and to help anyone that is in need.

You can even take this further by offering them your help proactively.

15. Hold the door for someone

Whether or not the next person coming through the door has their hands full with things like a cup of hot tea, or even just simply walking in, keeping the door open for others is always a nice touch.

It will surely be appreciated by your co-worker!

FAQ: Random Acts of Kindness in the Office

What is a random act of kindness?

A random act of kindness is an everyday activity that brings a small amount of joy or happiness to someone. They are simple but meaningful things that anyone can do without too much effort.

Things like holding the door for someone, helping them with their grocery bags, saying hello to someone you see every day, or helping them find what they’re looking for.

Why would you invite your teams to spread kindness at work?

You know about karma, right? It’s the idea that being nice to others will bring good vibes in return to your life. So when you’re kind at work, random acts of kindness also come back to you.

And when employees are happy in the workplace, they are also more productive and more inclined to go the extra mile. It will also brighten the office environment and increase morale!

How do you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day at Work?

Get in touch with your team via email or in-person and organize a Random Acts of Kindness Day at work!

Ask everyone to come up with random ideas that will make the lives of their co-workers easier or bring a moment of happiness to their lives.

You could also organize a team activity that can benefit a group or a stranger outside the office. For instance, volunteering in a local charity, donating to a food bank, or even helping your community by picking up trash around the neighborhood.

? Remember, the next Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th, 2022.

What random act of kindness can you do today?

Just start with easy things. It could be taking a coffee break with a colleague you have found to be demotivated, washing people’s dishes in the office kitchen, or giving someone flowers from the flower shop just because!

How do you promote kindness in the workplace?

Make random acts of kindness at work an everyday habit!

Encourage employees or remote workers to do random acts of kindness on their own, but also to be open to new ideas when someone comes up with a nice initiative that might fit your organization’s values and team!

And finally, show them the way! Lead by example.

We hope these random acts of kindness ideas will help you feel happier and more connected with your coworkers.

You now have all the keys to fly baby bird. So, pluck up your courage and start spreading love and happiness at work today!

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