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resume writing tips for remote jobs

In the past few years, remote working has become increasingly popular. IT and finance professionals in particular are drawn to this trend as it allows them to benefit from greater flexibility and freedom while still managing to remain productive with their experience.

Additionally, organizations across the globe with headquarters in a particular country or region recruit professionals from various parts of the world to enhance their productivity with the best minds working for them. 

Recruitment for remote positions is a challenging task and requires managers to pay attention to the experience and skills of applicants thoroughly to reach a decision. 

If you’re looking to apply for a remote job, you need a tailor-made resume. You need to organize your resume in a fashion that excellently reflects your capability of working remotely. 

When applying for remote jobs, you need to ensure your resume accurately reflects your competence and experience. Unfortunately, many professionals and beginners overlook the importance of customizing their resumes for remote positions, which can result in employers passing them over even if they possess all the necessary qualifications.

Landing your dream job heavily relies on your resume, so we’ve put together a few tips to create a perfect resume to help you. If you’re on the hunt for a remote job yet continuously facing rejections, this article just became your new best friend.

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Remote Job Resume

1. Add Your Personal Details

Before we move on to discuss the structure of a perfect resume for a remote job, it is necessary to understand that you have to add details that can help recruiters understand your remote competency. The process starts with personal details; it is time to add contact details after adding your name. 

Make sure you add your phone number according to the international format. It will make it easier for the recruiter to contact you. Additionally, if you have a backup phone number, make sure to add it. 

After phone contact details, add your email address. Make sure the email address you write on your resume looks professional. Many recruiters tend to judge applicants’ professionalism based on their email addresses. 

You should also add the URL of your LinkedIn profile and other professional social media handles. You can also add the URL of your portfolio or website you manage to impress recruiters. Always add your nationality and residence address with the zip code. You can also add the details about the standard time you follow.

2. Add a Summary (Your Ability to Work Remotely)

Once you complete your personal details, it is time to work on the summary section. It is worth mentioning that experienced professionals will name it summary, while beginners will call it objective.

The section’s headline will be altered according to the applicant’s experience. If you are a beginner, you need to discuss how you idealize working with a particular organization and how you are a perfect fit for the remote position. You can also include details of your remote learning experience (If any) to reflect your remote competency.

For experienced professionals, the summary will feature various roles and projects administered or performed by them. Moreover, experienced professionals can discuss their roles as communicators between two teams working on the same project for better results. 

Such details will help them showcase how they are capable of working in a remote position without any hassle. Remember, the summary or objective section allows you to showcase your ability to work remotely. Hence, ensure it is written perfectly while keeping this fact in mind.

Bonus Tip: Use power words and keywords to go through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The term “responsible for” sounds weak; instead, use words like “Played the Role of”, “Administered”, and “Supervised” to sound confident. 

3. Select the Right Format

The selection of the right format is not only a problem for applicants who are applying for a remote job, but applicants applying for an on-site job end up making mistakes while choosing the format as well. 

Whether you are applying for a remote or on-site job, the recruiters want to see the details they require before seeing anything else. Therefore, selecting the wrong format will not only ruin the structure of your resume but push the details a recruiter deems important away. Generally, three types of resume formats are used frequently.

The first one is the chronological format, which keeps an applicant’s work experience on the top listed in reverse chronological order. It is suitable for experienced professionals. 

The second one is called functional format, and it lists an applicant’s skills on top before anything else. Beginners and people who are changing their field use it. 

The hybrid format is the 3rd type of resume format, and it picks goods of both the formats mentioned above. You will see a resume with a hybrid format listing an applicant’s work experiences and skills on the top in a parallel way. 

4. Showcase Your Soft Skills

You can’t get a remote job based on your work experience or hard skills. Soft skills are essential in highlighting you as a perfect fit for the said job. While hard skills make you perfect for a particular task, soft skills allow you to do that task perfectly. 

Recruiters also understand this fact and tend to recruit people who have acquired such skills. Those who lack knowledge about soft skills should know that skills that are non-technical but define how a person should work are called soft skills. 

Recruiters looking for remote working professionals search for a person with soft skills like attention to detail, proper communication, ability to fit in, teamwork, and self-motivation. 

Additionally, they want a person capable of organizing himself and showing flexibility when required. It is pretty visible how these soft skills can help you become an ideal remote job candidate. Hence, you must showcase these soft skills on your resume to land a remote job.

5. Use a Reliable Resume Maker

It is worth keeping in mind that an impressive-looking resume can grab the attention of recruiters and force them to focus on it. So if you want to land a remote job, developing a perfect resume that looks phenomenal is necessary. This is impossible when creating a resume using a Word processing tool. 

Moreover, you are prone to making mistakes in terms of formatting and layout that will take you back to square one. You need to spend significant time and effort during this process. 

The best way to avoid such a hassle is to use an online resume builder to create an impressive resume. Such a tool will allow you to choose the right template from various options. Additionally, it will provide you with resume templates according to your field. Additionally, it will help you create your resume according to the suitable format. All you need to do is select the right font and text color to customize your resume. After doing it, you can easily add details and create a perfect resume for a remote job in no time. Such a resume will surely help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Crafting the perfect resume for a remote role requires extra consideration and meticulous attention – demonstrating your capability of working autonomously, independent from supervision. Having an impactful application can be instrumental in getting you hired! Thus, it’s essential that all details included are tailored specifically to make the right impression.

We hope these tips were helpful in giving you a better idea on how to draft an impressive resume for remote jobs! And good luck with the application process! Let us know how it goes.

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