Post: The Best Remote Trivia Games for Remote Teams! Plus 9 Tips on How to Setup Your First Game!

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It’s probably not news to you that remote teams can struggle with the lack of face-to-face contact. This is especially true for people who don’t work in offices all day. But there are ways around this problem, and one way is remote trivia games!

Online trivia games offer a way to break up the monotony of the day for remote employees. They have all the same benefits as playing in person. You get to be with friends and team members from around the world in a fun way, talk and laugh–only now you can do it from the comfort of your own home! In this article we’ll explore some of the best options out there for virtual team building so you can find something just right for your team’s needs.

What is trivia? Or better yet, what is virtual trivia?

Trivia is a form of game or entertainment where participants or teams get asked a series of questions based on categories and answers them. There are usually some prizes involved.

Trivia is often held during happy hour, on a pub quiz night or a game night at a bar or restaurant. But since COVID-19 many trivia nights have gone virtual. And there are plenty of trivia games that can be played remotely over video chat or video conferencing, with all the same benefits of traditional bar trivia.

What are the benefits of remote trivia games

One of the main benefits of virtual trivia games is that you can enjoy on-going conversations uninterrupted. It also creates a virtual bond between remote colleagues.

You’re able to collaborate without having to be in the same room, or even the same country. And this is perfect for remote team building activities. Plus, they’re fun to play and free!

If you’re looking for a virtual trivia game that will be great for your team, here are some things to consider.

How do you find a good remote trivia game for your team? 

One way to find virtual trivia games is by visiting online quiz sites like Monkeyquiz, TriviaMaker and Random Trivia Generator.

They offer a variety of remote quizzes, some paid, but many of which are free as well. Most remote quizzes on these sites are at fixed times so this could mean less flexibility in coordinating schedules with remote employees.

They majority of trivia questions are multiple choice but don’t be surprised by Jeopardy style game show questions or even image based trivia questions like “Name the title of this movie poster.”

A group of people all wearing 3D movie glasses eating popcorn and smiling
Movie trivia is just of many trivia themes to choose from.

The best online trivia game ideas to play with your remote team members on trivia night!

Here are a couple of fun choices to get the ball rolling!

  • Music trivia game: Think name that tune, band, or singer.
  • Friends trivia: not like, your friends – friends (though that could be a good idea), but as in Friends, the pop culture tv show
  • Trivia Crack! the free app have been downloaded over 1M times!
  • Movie trivia questions: who won best leading lady, what actress has never won an Oscar but has been nominated 3 times, and so on
  • Sports trivia games: a fun way to reconnect with your work team league when you can’t make in person games
  • Pop culture virtual happy hour: the perfect theme or category for keeping things light and easy during your next work event
  • TV show trivia night: find out which of your colleagues is a “couch-potato” or “telly-addict
  • Theme inspired virtual game: think Halloween, Christmas, etc
  • DIY trivia game: create your own custom one of a kind online trivia game. Your employees or colleagues just might think you are the coolest boss ever.

For more virtual trivia game ideas check out BuzzFeed’s random Netflix knowledge quiz.

There’s also Houseparty, a face-to-face virtual social networking app and Big Quiz Thing, the world’s greatest live trivia game show.

Happy couple playing remote trivia games online and laughing
Virtual trivia games have all the same benefits of an in-person game!

9 tips for setting up and playing online trivia games 

As a remote team or group, you may find it easier to play virtual trivia games when all participants are all located in their homes. 

Before starting your online trivia game, make sure that everyone has all the materials they need like:

  1. Once you have all the tech all in order, decide on a host for your virtual trivia game.
  2. A trivia host is an essential part of hosting a virtual trivia game. Make sure that the host has a good grasp on all topics to prevent participants from being bored and unengaged.
  3. If you do not have a remote team member who fits this criteria, you can take turns hosting with different colleagues or even consider hiring someone to help with your team building game.
  4. We suggest playing at least 3 rounds of virtual trivia online. This will give teams and participants plenty of opportunities to answer questions and connect with one another.
  5. You may also want to set up a virtual whiteboard that team members can leave messages on for each other. 
  6. When you finish playing your team building trivia night, make sure to document the winning team names and to post the leader board so participants know who ended up where. Bragging rights are very important!  
Colourful block letters scattered all around with the words team building in the center
Have fun on your next virtual team building meeting by hosting a trivia night.

Virtual trivia games are great team building activities. They provide all the benefits of in-person trivia nights, such as being able to talk and laugh with your colleagues from your own home; however they also offer unique features that cannot be replicated with an in-person game! 

Webcams allow you to work collaboratively with people from your office all across the globe. They also offer a personal connection as it’s not often we get to peek inside our fellow coworkers homes.

And this can make for some interesting conversations when you’re not actively engaged in the quiz itself. 

It’s important to have fun as a remote team, and these virtual trivia night options can help make that happen!

Feel free to get social and share with us your fun virtual trivia night events. What themes did you play? What categories did you choose? But more importantly, when’s your next event? We’d love to play too!

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