Post: 57 Great Spirit Week Ideas for Work: Bonding With Your Team While Having Fun!

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This post was last updated on January 16th, 2024

It’s that time of year again when dressing up, showing team spirit, and having fun is the name of the game!

If you’re looking for some new Spirit Week ideas for work, look no further.

From costume contests to group competitions, we’ve got 57 great ideas that are sure to get everyone in the groove. Read on to find out more!

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Overall, it is clear that there are many compelling reasons why companies should consider organizing a spirit week – so why not start planning one today?

To help you, here are 51 excellent spirit week ideas for work.

Table of contents:

  1. Our Top Pick for Spirit Week Event
  2. Spirit Week Themed Day Ideas
  3. Summer Spirit Week Ideas
  4. Spirit Week Dress-up Days Ideas
  5. Company Culture Ideas
  6. Olympics Spirit Week Ideas
  7. Engaging and Entertaining Spirit Week Ideas
  8. Holiday and Christmas Spirit Week Ideas
  9. Virtual Spirit Week Ideas for Work
  10. Quick Facts about Spirit Week at Work
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Our Top Pick for Spirit Week Event

1. Themed-Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get employees moving and interacting with each other.

Split the teams into groups and give them a list of things to look for in or outside the office that fit the spirit week theme. The first team to find all the items wins!

For boosting the company culture, link the quest to your company or business. Make sure to include some organizations’ emblems or products in the list of items.

Pro tip: First time organizing a scavenger hunt for adults? Follow our guide!

Costume Contests & Theme Day Ideas

One such idea is to host an office costume contest, where everyone dresses up as their favorite movie or TV character, superhero, or historical figure. This can be a lot of fun for players and spectators, with several possibilities for innovation on those theme days.

A man in business attire wearing a red superhero cape and mask, posing with his fist raised in a classic superhero stance, symbolizing empowerment and fun in the workplace.

Watch your employees production achieve new heights with the best Spirit week ideas!

2. Costume Day

To fully embrace the festive mood, encourage employees to come to work dressed in creative costumes. This not only boosts the Halloween spirit but also adds a fun and exciting dimension to any holiday celebration. It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to showcase their creativity, break the ice, and enjoy a day filled with laughter and camaraderie. This simple yet effective approach can transform a regular workday into an extraordinary and memorable experience, strengthening team bonds.

3. Superhero Day

Encourage your team to dress up as their favorite superhero (or create their own!) to help boost morale and productivity.

4. Decade Day

Pick a decade and have employees dress in clothes from that era, turning the workplace into a vibrant time capsule. This not only adds an element of fun but also sparks conversations and connections over nostalgic fashion and memories.

5. Meme Day

Pick a popular meme and have everyone dress up as their favorite character from it. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos!

6. Favorite Book Character Day

Let your literary side shine by coming to work dressed as your favorite book character on this spirit week day, bringing the rich and diverse world of literature to life in a colorful, creative display of beloved figures from classic and contemporary stories.

7. Character Day

Come to work dressed as your favorite TV or movie character, or, if you’re feeling daring, make up your own character, adding an element of creativity and personal expression that can spark conversations and build connections among colleagues.

8. Back to the Future Day

Break out the DeLorean and have a blast traveling back in time, and immerse yourself in the nostalgia and fun as you relive the iconic moments and styles of the past.

9. Disney Character Day

Who doesn’t love Disney? Come to work as your favorite character and make everyone’s day a little brighter, filling the office with the magic and joy that only these timeless characters can bring.

man sitting a desk wearing a snorkel mask and flippers with laptop

Add a theme to your spirit week to make it memorable.

Summer Spirit Week Ideas

10. Tropical Tuesday

Transform your workplace into a tropical paradise. Encourage everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, and leis. Decorate the space with beach-themed items, like inflatable palm trees and beach balls. Organize a tropical fruit buffet or a smoothie bar to add to the summery vibe.

11. Water Fun Wednesday

Host a water-themed day, perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. For indoor settings, you can have a “sea creature” costume contest or a beach-themed photo booth with props.

Invite your team to take part in those dress-up days

Choose one of these exciting dress-up day themes to bring a burst of creativity and fun to your spirit week. Whether it’s the vibrant colors and laid-back vibes of Wacky Tacky Day or the cool and playful atmosphere of Tropical/Beach Day, each theme offers a unique way to engage and energize everyone.

12. Crazy Hair Day

Let your employees let their hair down – literally! – and have fun with hairstyles they would never usually try, encouraging a day of creativity and self-expression that adds a unique and vibrant flair to the workplace.

13. Pajama Day

We all love wearing comfy clothes to work, so why not make it an official day? Start the day with a relaxed vibe by allowing employees to wear their PJs to work.

14. Wacky Tacky Day

This is the perfect opportunity for employees to break out those eye-catching (and maybe even tacky) clothes they’ve been dying to wear to work.

15. Hat Day

A classic spirit week staple, Hat Day is always a fun way to mix things up at the office, allowing everyone to showcase their personalities and styles with a variety of quirky, elegant, or humorous headwear.

16. Crazy Socks Day

Get creative with this one – the brighter and crazier, the better! It’s all about unleashing your imagination and having a blast with bold colors and wild designs that bring a lively and energetic vibe to the day.

17. Twins day

Employees can team up with a co-worker and dress alike for the day, fostering camaraderie and teamwork while enjoying the fun of coordinating outfits with their office “twins

18. Sports Day

Encourage some friendly competition by having a sports day. Employees can wear their favorite team’s jerseys or gear and compete in office-wide games.

19. Tropical Day / Beach Day

Bring the beach to the office with Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and tropical drinks. Whether it’s snowing or sunny outside, bring the beach to work by donning some beachwear and accessories!

20. Dress like a CEO Day

Challenge employees to dress their best for a day of power meetings and boardroom presentations, creating an atmosphere of professionalism and confidence that can inspire and elevate the day’s business activities.

21. Tie-Dye Day

This spirit week idea is sure to add some color to the office! Employees can break out their tie-dye shirts or make their own.

22. Spirit Day

This is the perfect opportunity for employees to show their pride in their favorite sports team, school colors, or just about anything else!

Celebrate the Company Culture with the office!

23. Wear the Company Swag

If you’re looking for unique spirit week ideas to help employees feel more connected to their company, stop here.

Encourage employees to wear the company swag that day. Sweatshirts, caps, T-shirts, flags… This is an excellent opportunity for employees to show off their company pride by wearing branded clothing and accessories.

24. Decorate Your Desk

Among the fun spirit week ideas, you can do to enhance company culture, decorating desks is a fun and creative one!

Employees can decorate their workstations however they like by displaying their corporate memorabilia and collections of company-branded goods.

So… Who has the most?

25.Social Media Challenges

Get everyone in on the fun by challenging them to take and share photos or videos relating to the day’s theme. For example, on Crazy Hair Day, people could post pictures of their crazy hair creations, or on Throwback Thursday, they could share childhood photos.

26. Group photoshoot of the Team

Gather everyone together for some fun group photos. These photos can be used for the company website or social media; they’re a great way to capture memories of spirit week.

Capture the flag team dressed in red. Great Spirit Week Ideas for Work.

Get Ready for Office Olympics!

Get employees moving and competing against each other with an office-wide Olympics!

Split the office into teams and have them compete in a series of fun and silly games. Keep the spirit week theme in mind when coming up with the games, or let employees get creative and come up with their own.

The winners of each event earn points, and the team with the most points at the end of the week wins a prize.

Here are a few fun spirit week ideas to get you started:

27. Hula Hoop Relay

Divide the office into teams and have them race to see who can keep a hula hoop going the longest.

28. Cake Eating Contest

This one is sure to be a hit with the sweet tooths in the office! Divide the office into teams and see who can eat an entire sheet cake the fastest.

29. Paper airplane throwing contest

Divide the office into teams and see who can throw a paper airplane the furthest, turning this simple challenge into a fun and competitive team-building exercise that encourages creativity and collaboration.

30. Board Game Day

Gather your teams and dive into a world of strategy, fun, and laughter with a variety of classic and modern board games, and bring out the best of teamwork and sportsmanship.

31. Friendly Sport Competition

Another great option is to have an action-packed sports day, where co-workers can challenge each other in friendly competitions like foosball, cornhole, or ping pong.

Engaging Spirit Week Ideas

32. Host a Bake-off Spirit Week Style

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen! This spirit week, what about hosting a bake-off?

This is always a favorite. Every day, have a potluck-style bake-off where everyone brings their favorite dish and best homemade goodies to share with the office.

You can have a different category or theme each day, so there’s something for everyone. Monday is cookies, Tuesday is cakes, Wednesday is pies, Thursday is savory dishes, and Friday is for anything goes!

The rules are simple: each dish must be made from scratch. Then, have everyone vote on their favorite dishes. There will be prizes for the best overall dish each day, as well as a grand prize for the best overall baker at the end of the week.

So start thinking about your recipes, and we’ll see you in the kitchen!

33. Organize an educational or cultural outing

Whether you’re planning a group outing to an art museum or an offsite workshop on innovation, there are plenty of ways to get everyone fired up and ready to go.

34. Lip sync battle

This is a classic for a reason! Get everyone in the office involved in a lip sync battle. You can divide into teams or have everyone compete individually. The best part is that you can do this completely virtually if you need to.

Spark a friendly competition on your spirit week at work with a trivia game.

35. Trivia contest

Now this is a fun spirit week idea! Host an office-wide trivia contest, offering prizes to the winning team. Put together some fun trivia about your company, industry, or general knowledge.

This is a great way to activate those brain cells and encourage interaction, teamwork, and creativity among your co-workers.

Pro tip: You can do this with in-person teams as well as remote teams.

36. High School Stereotype Day: Relive the Classics!

Step back in time and embody your favorite high school movie stereotype for a day filled with nostalgic fun! Whether you’re the jock, the nerd, the rebel, or the prom queen, embrace these classic roles with a modern twist and enjoy a day of playful reminiscing and school spirit.

37. Get too puzzling!

Host a puzzle competition where participants must use their brainpower to piece different colored shapes into an intricate pattern. The first team or individual to figure it out wins!

38. Live my Life

Next, up the ante with a playful “reversed roles” day, where everyone in the office has to switch roles. The boss becomes the intern, the receptionist becomes the CEO, and so on.

This is sure to create some laughs and help everyone see things from a different perspective in busy offices. Getting in your co-workers’ shoes will definitely promote team-building and enhance empathy in the office.

woman and man dressed in Christmas holiday themed sweaters

What office doesn’t love a Christmas Jumper day?

Holiday and Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

Stuck for ideas when it comes to your office’s upcoming Holiday or Christmas Spirit Week? Well, look no further than this list of exciting and fun activities to keep the holiday spirit burning bright!

39. Ugly Sweater Day

Organize an ugly sweater day, where everyone dresses up in their most festive and tacky knitwear. Host an ugly sweater contest at the end of the day – with why not a runway – and award prizes to the most festive entrants.

40. Karaoke Competition

Get everyone in the office singing their favorite holiday tunes with a karaoke competition! You can do this virtually or in person, and it’s sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

41. Holiday Decorating Contest

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… and some friendly competition! Encourage everyone in the office to get into the spirit of decorating by holding a holiday decorating contest. The most festive office wins a prize!

42. Christmas Movie Marathon

Host a Christmas movie marathon, where everyone in the office votes on their favorite holiday films.

Invite your teammates to bring in their favorite holiday movie and watch them together as a group. You can have different themed days, like Christmas classics or modern favorites, and popcorn is mandatory, of course.

43. Festive Food Swaps

Now this is a great spirit week idea!Get everyone in the office cooking and baking up a storm with some festive food swaps!

Each person brings in their top choice holiday dish, which is then swapped with someone else’s. This is a great way to try out new recipes and get everyone in the spirit of giving.

Secret Santa Gift Swaps

You can also organize a Secret Santa exchange, where participants draw names and buy gifts for one another. This helps promote team bonding and kindness around the office.

44. Red and Green Cozy Dress-up Day

Wearing cozy red and green outfits each day or hosting an ugly Christmas sweater contest adds a festive and humorous touch to the workplace, bringing in the holiday cheer and fostering a fun, lighthearted atmosphere among colleagues.

45. Holiday Treats on the House

Set up a mulled cider or hot chocolate bar, where employees can help themselves to a warm drink any time throughout the week, creating a cozy, comforting corner that’s perfect for quick breaks and casual chats.

46. Christmas Tree Decorating

Other fun ideas include decorating a Christmas tree together. Don’t forget to tune in Christmas songs while you decorate to get everyone in the mood!

47. Holiday Card Making

Get everyone in the spirit of giving by having them make holiday cards for each other. This is a great way to spread some holiday cheer and show your appreciation for your co-workers.

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48. End of Year Office Party

And, of course, no spirit week would be complete without an epic end-of-year office party! This is the perfect way to let loose, celebrate your team’s achievements, and ring in the new year.

For remote teams, think about hosting a virtual holiday party!

49. Caroling Contest

Split your workforce into different groups and challenge them to go caroling around the office. The group that can sing the best Christmas carols wins!

50. Have a Gingerbread House Competition

This is a fun activity that the whole office can get involved in. Split everyone into teams and give them a set amount of time to build the best gingerbread house. The winning team gets a prize!

51. Do some Volunteer work together

Give back to those less fortunate this holiday season by organizing a day of volunteering. This is a great way to get everyone in the spirit of giving and helping others.

52. Christmas Jumper Day

Last but not least, don’t forget the ever-popular Christmas jumper day! This is a fun and festive way to get everyone in the office into the spirit of the season.

Host a Virtual Spirit Week Ideas for Work

With many of us still working from home, it can be easy to feel disconnected from our colleagues. One way to combat this feeling is to host a virtual spirit week, which is as easy as sending a video meeting link!

53. Theme days of the week

Here are some of the easiest spirit week ideas to get you started:

  • Monday: Crazy Hair Day – Encourage your colleagues to let their hair down (literally!) and show off their wildest styles.

  • Tuesday: Twin Day – Ask everyone to dress like a colleague or family member. Bonus points if you can find a matching outfit!

  • Wednesday: Wacky T-Shirt Day – Pull out those old concert tees and eye-catching graphic shirts for a fun-filled day.

  • Thursday: Throwback Day – Go back in time with an outfit from your favorite decade.

  • Friday: Root for Your Favorite Team Day – Show your team spirit by wearing gear from your favorite sports team.

You can also add in some fun online office games and activities like:

54. Online Trivia

You can also have some fun with a themed remote trivia game. This is a great way to get everyone engaged and learning something new. You can base the trivia around the company history, general culture, or your colleagues’ characteristics.

55. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Another fun way to engage your team is with a themed virtual scavenger hunt around the company, industry, or remote work life. This is a great way to get everyone active, collaborating, and working together.

56. Virtual Olympics

Get your team moving with a virtual Olympics! This is a great way to get everyone active and competing while at home. You can have different events each day, such as a typing speed test. This is the perfect event to challenge remote teams with!

57. Virtual Spirit Week Party

Whether you want to gather your whole remote team for the big finale or you are hosting a virtual holiday party, it’s always a good idea to end virtual spirit weeks with convivial online parties!

Pro tip: Check out our related blog post for more ideas on Virtual Spirit Week.

Group of Freinds posing for a selfie against a red background

Quick Facts about Spirit Week at Work

What is Spirit Week for work?

Spirit Week is more than just a fun-filled occasion; it’s an opportunity for employees to engage with one another in a lively, spirited atmosphere while showcasing their company pride. Typically spanning an entire week, this celebration is a medley of themed days, creative activities, and friendly competitions that culminate in a significant company event or game. It’s a time for the workforce to break away from the usual routine and connect over shared experiences, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

What is the purpose of Spirit Week?

From dress-up days to team-building challenges, Spirit Week serves as a vibrant reminder of the organization’s identity, strengthening the bonds between colleagues and reigniting their enthusiasm for the workplace. This special week is a chance for everyone to participate, collaborate, and celebrate the collective spirit that makes their company unique. So get out your company gear and get ready to have some fun! 

A happy team is a productive team.

What should I do for spirit week at work?

Usual activities you can do for spirit week at work are:

  • Wearing the company swag,

  • Decorating your desks with company paraphernalia,

  • Guessing the most trivia questions about the company,

  • Participating in fun competitions,

  • Spending lunches bonding over our shared love of the business,

  • And much more!

Why should companies organize a spirit week?

There are a number of reasons why companies might want to organize a spirit week.

Perhaps most importantly, spirit week activities can help to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among employees. Spirit week allows people to interact with their co-workers and make new friends by allowing them to showcase their distinct personalities and interests in the workplace.

Additionally, creating fun activities like costume contests or group challenges can help to keep employees energized and motivated throughout the workweek.

Not only that but organizing a spirit day ideas can also be great for business. By bringing everyone together in celebration of company goals, spirit week encourages team members to work together and collaborate, leading to better performance and greater success.


No matter what theme, team-building activity, or dress-up day you choose, spirit week is sure to be a hit with your employees!

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