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This post was last updated on December 28th, 2022

A team is like a family. And if you’re heading into the holiday season or want to reward your collaborators, corporate gifting is the perfect way to show appreciation and to say thank you.

Now, we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect team gift – especially for co-workers with different interests. That’s why we compiled here some great team gift ideas that should do the work for successful corporate gifting!

It doesn’t matter what kind of team member they are: there is something here for everyone! So go ahead and take these as inspiration when selecting your next team gift idea this year!

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Best Team Gift Ideas to Bring Back Company Spirit

While team members can be very different or scattered around the world, they still share one thing in common: they’re all part of your company. So it makes sense to surprise them with thoughtful gifts that speak to their team spirit and can, in their own way, unite them!

Table of contents

On-brand Employee Gift Ideas

1. Virtual team-building experience in Europe!
2. Care package
3. Office supplies gift set
3. Team photo box
4. Company apparel

Tech Gifts

5. Bluetooth speakers
6. Portable charger
7. Wireless earbuds or headphones

Health & Wellness

8. Wellness box
9. Spa day
10. Online exercise classes

Office Foodie Gift Ideas

11. Wine and cheese tasting
12. Bakery basket
13. Chocolate assortment
14. High-end and gourmet gift ideas

Virtual Team Gifts: Ideal for Remote Teams

15. Invite your entire team to a virtual picnic
16. Bring your team for a virtual trip to Paris

Best Original Gifts and Experiences

17. Dinner gift card
18. Concert tickets
19. A gift card or subscription

Extra Cute Gift Ideas

20. Christmas gifts
21. Birthday gifts
22. Summer gifts

On Brand Employee Gift Ideas

Virtual team-building experience in Europe! 

If you’re organizing a holiday party this year, why not take it up a notch and treat your team to a virtual trip to Spain, France – maybe even Italy?

Create a virtual European extravaganza where coworkers can “travel” from home or office to a virtual destination with no passport required. Begin the evening with a toast from Paris, gather everyone around the pooping Christmas log in wacky Barcelona and then finish it all off with a race around your home on a Santa Mozzarella scavenger hunt in Italy.

Not traveling has never been this fun!

Care Package

An employee care package offers your team members a ton of options while promoting your company’s brand! Filled with your company’s swag, healthy and delicious snacks, personalized messages, sweet treats, and other unique goodies — this team gift will be loved by all! 

Take this 60-second quiz to start building the perfect care package for your team.

Office supplies gift set

A great way to do this is through a box filled with custom-made office supplies that showcase how their team is unique.

Build up a nice basket with cute gifts such as personalized sticky notes and business cards for each member, colorful pens, to-do lists that will make them want to tick some tasks, a coffee mug with the company logo, a genius desk accessory for organization, or reusable water bottles for instance.

Pro tip: If you are looking for fun office gadgets or whimsical desk accessories to insert in the basket, make sure to read our related blog post here!

Team photo box

Another team gift idea to bring back team spirit is through a personalized team photo box.

With this team gift, each team member will instantly cherish their memories with the team.

Company apparel

Another team gift idea that works well, especially if the team is doing home office in different locations, is team company apparel!

With custom team t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, or hoodies proudly showing the company logo and a personal touch, you can design unique and pretty corporate clothes that your employees will actually use!

Pro tip: They also make great team-building gifts!

Tech Gifts

Because who doesn’t love a new gadget? If your company is able to spare some budget, choose an electronic that will make everyone happy regardless if they work from home or the office.

Bluetooth speakers

Ideal for music time or movie nights – those are not only useful but also appreciated as team gifts. Not only can they use it for work, but they could also use it in their personal time.

Believe us, this is a perfect gift for all connected staff members!

Portable charger

When sales team members spend their day on the go with meetings, team events, and team building activities, a portable charger comes very handy for when they need to recharge their phone!

Wireless earbuds or headphones

Other great corporate gifts for employees who work on the go or do remote work are earbuds and headphones.

Those will surely please your collaborators and be seen as great appreciation gifts!

Health & Wellness

Wellness Box

If you’re looking for team gift ideas that will improve team members’ productivity and boost employee morale, wellness should be at the top of your list!

With bath and body gifts, team members will feel appreciated and fulfilled in a way that has a positive effect on their work. Fill a team wellness box with different items and team members will love you for this!

You can include different items such as shower oils, essential oil diffusers, face masks, or body soap. You can even throw in a fresh and natural hand sanitizer, a handy item to have these days!

Depending on what your employees enjoy doing, you might also add sports accessories like yoga mats or fitness bands that they can use at the office during lunch break or in their free time.

This nice gesture will be a great tool for your teammates to relieve stress after a busy day or during tough times, so do consider it!

Spa day

And last but not least, another great thoughtful gift could be a spa day!

Your team will be happy to enjoy a little quality time for themselves while receiving some relaxing treatments. 

Online exercise classes

For the office yogi aka health freak, online exercise classes are a great way to stay active and improve productivity.

From yoga and meditation to HIIT and dance cardio, there are plenty of options that your team members can choose from according to their interests. And the best part is that they can do it from the comfort of their homes!

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even offer a monthly subscription to an online exercise platform like Peloton, ClassPass, or Daily Burn. This will be greatly appreciated by your team and will definitely make them feel valued!

Office Foodie Gift Ideas

When team members are happy, they have the potential to reach higher team heights.

And you know what? Nothing makes team members happier than enjoying some treats – well, at least for us, the heavy foodies we are at Woyago!

So here are a few ideas to greet and thank your team with some sweet treats!

Wine and cheese tasting

Put together all employees to share wine and cheese and to taste delicious flavors coming right from France, everything through zoom meetings and the comfort of your home!

If you’re too busy to organize a successful French tasting experience, Woyago can help you to set up everything, and let you with very little effort to provide.

We will make sure to send to all your local or remote employees a selection of some of the best cheeses and red-colored elixir and connect you with a Parisian foodie that will animate the whole experience in a fun and surprising way!

Pro tip: Of course, make sure that all team members are of legal age.

Bakery basket

Another great team gift idea for those who love tasty things is a pastry gift basket.

If some of your teammates are coffee lovers, what about team gifts involving freshly baked croissants? You can also consider including candies, cookies, or muffins.

Ordered in large quantities, those can represent cheap gifts for tighter budgets!

Chocolate assortment

If your team members are chocolate addicts, why not send them a great selection of dark chocolate, fruits, and nuts-flavored chocolate, or some more traditional milk chocolate?

They will surely be very happy to receive that delicious and thoughtful gift basket!

High-end and gourmet gift ideas

If you’ve got in your team some real gourmet food lovers, then you should consider employee gift ideas around it.

Think about truffle oil, a top-of-the-line olive oil, a high-end salt and pepper set, or a chocolate fondue gift set.

Don’t forget to include a great bottle of red wine or Champagne for them to share too!

Virtual Team Gifts: Ideal for Remote Teams

Great employee gifts can also come from sharing an experience with the full reunited team.

With employees working remotely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t share a convivial time, it just means that you need to be more inventive, and here we come to help you!

Invite your entire team to a virtual picnic

A virtual picnic is a perfect gift idea for remote employees, or just for team members who can’t be physically together.

Your team will love to share a virtual Parisian picnic experience while chatting and talking with each other.

At Woyago, we can provide you with everything and organize the full event, from sending the e-vite to your collaborators, to shipping your team some fresh and natural French products, to animating the picnic with fun anecdotes about Paris, and to creating a convivial atmosphere.

Contact us if you want to know more!

Bring your team for a virtual trip to Paris

Among the best virtual gifts, you can offer your teammates is to bring everyone for a virtual trip to Paris.

Your team will have the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, or any other iconic location in Paris, thanks to a live tour of the City of Lights with one of our Woyago guides.

Intrigued? Check out our Virtual Parisian Live Bike Tour for more details!

Best Original Gifts and Experiences

Reward your team like never before.

Dinner gift card

You might also want to consider more upscale team gifts!

Maybe your team members enjoy going out for dinner? What about team dinners vouchers at their favorite restaurant?

Concert tickets

If team members are music lovers, why not think about a different corporate gift experience like live concert tickets?

They’ll enjoy sharing this experience with each other!

A gift card or subscription

Other corporate gifts could be a monthly or yearly subscription to the local movies, the gym, the theater, etc.

This employee gift will allow your colleagues to enjoy an activity they like, either alone, with their close ones, or with other teammates.

Extra Cute Gift Ideas

Special Occasions, Holiday gifts & Christmas gifts for your team. There are also holiday gifts that you could consider for certain occasions or times of the year.

Christmas gifts

If you are looking to offer Christmas gifts for your teammates or employees, you could consider building your own classic Christmas gifts’ basket, with gingerbread cookies, hot wine kits, patterned socks to stay warm during the holiday season, and a handwritten card to send your best wishes to all your colleagues.

This meaningful gift won’t be forgotten!

Birthday gifts

Whether it is someone’s birthday at the office or their work anniversary, you could give them a voucher for their favorite restaurant to celebrate their day with friends.

You can also materialize this with some simple and useful items such as luggage tags, a snack box, or a coffee mug. Those are universal and cheap gifts that will always be appreciated!

Summer gifts

Surprise your team with summer corporate gifting to reward and acknowledge their hard work over the first semester of the year.

What if you decide to give them 1 or 2 more paid days off as a bonus if they have earned it?

Or, other summer holiday gifts could be sending them a mixology starter kit, a pareo, or a fun inflatable pool float that anyone can enjoy during summertime!

In the end, team corporate gifts are an opportunity to thank your team members for their hard work and to strengthen their team spirit.

It’s important to note that the employee gifts you will decide on should be meaningful, genuine, personalized, and appreciated by everyone – or at least the majority!

If you’re looking for virtual gifts, make sure to contact us or visit our dedicated virtual team building page to understand the great experiences we can build together.

If you’re looking for custom-made items but don’t know where to start, then have a look at our previous blog post and discover some great corporate gifting companies you could contact.

Thanks for reading!

Table of Contents

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