Post: 445 Ultimate This or That Questions for Everyone! (2024 Edition)

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This post was last updated on February 28th, 2024

Spice up your next get-together with a classic game of “this or that”! Perfect for any occasion, from family dinners to friend gatherings, it’s your go-to for fun chats and big laughs. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to a game that gets everyone talking, laughing, and learning something new about each other. Ready to make your hangout unforgettable? Let’s jump into a world of quirky choices and see where the conversation takes us!

At Woyago, we’re huge fans of “this or that” questions—they’re just so much fun we had to share our favorites with you! And because we’re all about adding our own special touch, we threw in some cool questions about our beloved Paris, along with a nod to the excitement of the Olympics. So, if you’re ready for a laugh and some good conversation, dive into our mix of quirky picks and Parisian flair, with a sporty twist!

Table of Contents

1. Fun & Interesting ‘this or that questions’
2. General Conversation Starters
3. Food-related this or that questions
4. Pop culture ‘this or that’ questions
5. Olympic inspired ‘this or that’ questions
6. Parisian style ‘this or that’ questions
7. Kids + Teens ‘this or that’ questions
8. Fun work-related ‘this or that’ questions
9. For Adults Only 😈
10. FAQ’s about ‘This or That’ questions

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The Ultimate List of ‘This or That’ Questions for almost every situation!

Ever wondered what your best friend, colleague, or even your mom might choose if faced with the critical decision? ‘Pizza-or-Pasta for the rest of your life?!’.

Well, now you can find out. With 197 This Or That quest

ions to get any virtual team meeting (or party) going, plus some exclusive Parisian-inspired ones too – it’s time to turn off that phone and join in on the fun of answering these not-at-all-important dilemmas of life.

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Fun & Interesting ‘this or that questions’

Making it fun from the get go:

  1. Board games or video games?

  2. DIY projects or art classes?

  3. Podcasts or audiobooks?

  4. Stargazing or bird watching?

  5. Magic show or comedy night?

  6. Sunrise hikes or sunset picnics?

  7. Super speed or super strength?

  8. Virtual reality games or traditional board games?

  9. Time travel to the past or future?

  10. Mystery novels or adventure stories?

  11. Art classes or cooking classes?

  12. Stargazing or bird watching?

  13. DIY projects or shopping for new gadgets?

  14. Podcasts or audiobooks?

  15. Homemade meals or food delivery apps?

  16. Learn a new language or a musical instrument?

  17. Yoga or pilates?

  18. Indoor rock climbing or kayaking?

  19. Historical documentaries or science fiction series?

  20. Camping under the stars or a luxury hotel stay?

  21. Ice skating or roller skating?

  22. Visit a volcano or a deep-sea trench?

  23. Go on a safari or deep-sea diving?

  24. Attend a live theater performance or a music festival?

  25. Explore a haunted house or solve an escape room?

  26. Grow a garden or start a book club?

  27. Try stand-up comedy or write a novel?

  28. Go without coffee for a month or your phone for a week?

  29. Spend a day without speaking or a day without technology?

  30. Win a talent show or a trivia contest?

  31. Star in a movie or write a bestselling book?

  32. Spend a day in space or at the bottom of the ocean?

  33. Own a time machine or a teleporter?

  34. Learn to surf or learn to snowboard?

  35. Go on a road trip across the country or fly to a distant land?

  36. Spend a day with your favorite historical figure or your favorite fictional character?

  37. Have the ability to talk to animals or speak every human language?

  38. Be a master at painting or a genius at mathematics?

  39. Attend a mystery dinner party or a costume ball?

  40. Live in a treehouse or a cave house?

  41. Invent something new or discover something lost?

  42. Explore a new planet or discover a hidden city underwater?

  43. Win an Olympic medal or an Academy Award?

  44. Be an expert in survival skills or have an encyclopedic knowledge of the world?

  45. Have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you want?

Young girl wearing a red shirt, with a doubtful facial expression.

General ‘this or that’ Questions: Conversation Starters

Let’s get started with some easy this or that questions to get the flow going.

  1. Tv shows or movies?

  2. Football or basketball?

  3. Baseball or basketball?

  4. Football or Hockey?

  5. Heels or flats?

  6. Spring or Fall?

  7. Summer or Winter?

  8. Sunrises or sunsets?

  9. Mountains or forests?

  10. Car or Truck?

  11. Car or motorcycle?

  12. Surfing or snowboarding?

  13. School or work?

  14. Reading or writing?

  15. Play video games or watch music videos?

  16. Animals or people?

  17. Long hair or short hair?

  18. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

  19. Carpet or hardwood floors?

  20. Comedies or scary movies?

  21. Rom-Com or SciFi?

  22. Beach or pool?

  23. Sand or snow?

  24. Big city or countryside?

  25. Bar or club?

  26. Mountains or beach?

  27. Cats or dogs?

  28. Cooking or baking?

  29. Action movies or comedies?

  30. Science fiction books or nonfiction books

  31. Gym or yoga class?

  32. Camping or glamping?

  33. Hiking or biking?

  34. Singing or dancing?

  35. Classic literature or contemporary fiction?

  36. Non-fiction or biographies?

  37. E-book or physical book?

  38. Rainy days or sunny days?

  39. Sunrise jog or evening run?

  40. Comedy club or live music concert?

  41. Indoor activities or outdoor adventures?

  42. Morning person or night owl?

  43. Roller coasters or Ferris wheels?

  44. Amusement park or arcade?

  45. Swimming pool or swimming in a lake?

  46. Plane travel or road trip?

  47. Camping in a tent or camping in a cabin?

  48. Mountainside cabin or lakeside cottage?

  49. Tropical rainforest or desert landscape?

  50. Museums or amusement parks?

  51. Rollerblading or skateboarding?

  52. High heels or sneakers?

  53. Bungee jumping or skydiving?

  54. Charades or Pictionary?

  55. Bubble bath or shower?

  56. Watch sports or play sports?

  57. Private jet or mansion in Beverly Hills?

  58. Outer space or underwater?

  59. Bad breath or body odor?

  60. Day or night?

food-related this or that questions image of pizza vs pasta

Foodies rejoice! Get to know someone’s taste with a fun game of fun food-related questions. Fair warning, though. Just be sure to eat something before playing because you may end up hungry.

  1. Breakfast or skip breakfast type of person?

  2. Pancakes or waffles?

  3. Waffles or crepes?

  4. How about french toast or pancakes?

  5. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

  6. Chocolate bar or ice cream?

  7. Grilled chicken or fish?

  8. Peas or brussels sprouts?

  9. Beer or wine?

  10. Coke or Pepsi?

  11. Red wine or white wine?

  12. Beer or Vodka?

  13. Food truck or restaurant?

  14. Michelin-star restaurant or Classic Dinner?

  15. Ice cream sandwich or ice cream cone?

  16. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

  17. Pizza or tacos?

  18. Cheeseburger or pizza?

  19. French fries or onion rings?

  20. Mustard or ketchup?

  21. American mustard or Dijon?

  22. Bacon or turkey bacon?

  23. Beef ribs or pork?

  24. Pasta or pizza?

  25. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

  26. Tomato sauce or cream sauce?

  27. Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing?

  28. Iced Coffee or Bubble tea?

  29. Iced or hot coffee?

  30. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

  31. Bagel or donut?

  32. Cereal or oatmeal?

  33. Cheesecake or tiramisu?

  34. Would you rather drink sour milk or eat moldy cheese?

  35. Sushi or burgers?

  36. Eat Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

  37. Sweet or savory?

  38. White or wheat bread?

  39. Fast food or health food?

  40. Hot chocolate or mulled cider?

  41. BBQ or sushi buffet?

Sculpture with red hat blue headphones and t-shirt on

Pop culture ‘this or that’ questions

You can get to know someone a lot just but the music they listen to or the movies and TV shows they religiously follow. 

Curious what will these ‘this or that questions’ will reveal about some of your favorite people? It’s time to ask!

  1. Netflix or Amazon Prime?

  2. Disney or Pixar?

  3. Comedies or Horror movies?

  4. Rom-Com or SciFi?

  5. Chess or Checkers?

  6. Shopping in-store or online shopping?

  7. Madonna or Michael Jackson?

  8. Taylor Swift or Britney Spears?

  9. 80’s music or 90’s pop?

  10. Pop music or rock music?

  11. Alternative or Rock?

  12. Classical music or rock music?

  13. Back Street Boys or New Kids on the Block?

  14. Friends or Seinfeld?

  15. Scarface or The God Father?

  16. Star Wars or Star Trek?

  17. Game of Thrones or Walking Dead?

  18. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

  19. Batman or Superman?

  20. Superwoman or Catwoman?

  21. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

  22. Biggie Smalls or Tupac?

  23. Kanye West or JAY-Z?

  24. Beyonce vs Destiny’s Child (who are you choosing, Queen-B on her own or taking her back old school?)

  25. High School Musical or Glee?

  26. Vampire or Werewolf? (live forever and never see daylight again, or turn into a hairy beast once a month?)

  27. Vintage style or modern fashion?

  28. Thrift shopping or high-end boutiques?

  29. Digital art or traditional art?

  30. Classic art or contemporary art?

  31. Classical dance or hip-hop dance?

  32. Art gallery or art museum?

Arc de Triomphe in Paris at night time, during a busy night

Olympic inspired ‘this or that’ questions

These questions can create engaging discussions, especially during the Olympic season or as a fun way to connect with sports enthusiasts year-round. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?

  2. Gymnastics or Diving?

  3. Track and Field or Swimming?

  4. Figure Skating or Snowboarding?

  5. Fencing or Archery?

  6. Team sports (e.g., Soccer, Basketball) or Individual sports (e.g., Tennis, Golf)?

  7. Watching the Opening Ceremony or Closing Ceremony?

  8. Traditional sports (e.g., Athletics, Gymnastics) or Modern sports (e.g., Skateboarding, Surfing)?

  9. Earning a Gold Medal or Setting a World Record?

  10. Competing as an athlete or Participating as a coach?

  11. Marathon run or Triathlon?

  12. Boxing or Wrestling?

  13. Rowing or Canoeing?

  14. Table Tennis or Badminton?

  15. Bobsleigh or Luge?

  16. Dressage (Equestrian) or Modern Pentathlon?

  17. Attending the games in person or Watching the broadcast at home?

  18. Cheer for your country or Appreciate all athletes’ performances?

  19. Historical Olympic venues (e.g., Athens) or Modern Olympic venues (e.g., Tokyo)?

  20. Olympic torch relay or Olympic medals ceremony?

  21. Synchronized Swimming or Water Polo?

  22. Artistic Gymnastics or Rhythmic Gymnastics?

  23. Beach Volleyball or Indoor Volleyball?

  24. Olympic debut sports (e.g., Skateboarding in Tokyo 2020) or Classic Olympic sports (e.g., Wrestling)?

  25. Watching live Olympic events or Highlights and replays?

  26. Cheering for underdogs or Established champions?

  27. The thrill of the 100m dash or The endurance of the marathon?

  28. Olympic village life stories or Behind-the-scenes training sessions?

  29. Collecting Olympic pins or Olympic mascots?

  30. Weightlifting or Judo?

  31. Biathlon (Winter) or Decathlon (Summer)?

  32. The precision of Archery or The speed of Shooting?

  33. Olympic record-breaking moments or Emotional Olympic stories?

  34. Paralympic Games or Youth Olympic Games?

  35. Historical Olympians (e.g., Jesse Owens, Nadia Comaneci) or Contemporary stars (e.g., Usain Bolt, Simone Biles)?

  36. Olympic flame lighting ceremony or The passing of the Olympic flag?

  37. Participating in an Olympic sport for a day or Being an Olympic spectator for the entire event?

  38. The intensity of Short Track Speed Skating or The grace of Figure Skating?

  39. Experiencing the Summer Olympics host city or Winter Olympics host city?

  40. Watching sports you’re familiar with or Exploring new Olympic sports?

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woman in Paris holding a coffee on side street in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Parisian style ‘this or that’ questions to get you in a joie de vivre type of mood!

It is no secret that Paris, France is famous both on and off-screen. And who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the city of love and contemplate what they would rather do, see, eat, taste?

  1. Baguette or croissant?

  2. Camembert or brie?

  3. Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe?

  4. The Louvre or Musée d’Orsay?

  5. Champagne or Bordeaux wine?

  6. Frog’s legs or snails?

  7. Moulin Rouge or Disneyland Paris?

  8. Palace of Versailles or Notre Dame Cathedral?

  9. Notre Dame Cathedral or Sacré‑Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris)?

  10. French beret or chapeau?

  11. Bike ride along the Seine or fast and furious on the Métro?

  12. Madeleines and macarons?

  13. Eiffel Tower by day or Eiffel Tower by night?

  14. Crepes or waffles?

  15. Croissants or brioche bread?

  16. French toast or pancakes?

  17. Which movie do you like best, Amelie or Funny Face?

  18. Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson or BURNT featuring Bradley Cooper?

  19. The Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo? 

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kids and teens together outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.

Kids + Teens ‘this or that’ questions

These questions are crafted to spark curiosity and conversation among younger minds, making every choice an adventure and every answer a glimpse into their unique perspectives. Dive in

  1. Skateboard or Rollerblades?

  2. Superhero movies or Animated movies?

  3. Ice cream sundae or Milkshake?

  4. Pizza party or Taco night?

  5. Zoo visit or Aquarium visit?

  6. Science Museum or Art Gallery?

  7. Playground games or Video games?

  8. Bike ride or Scooter ride?

  9. Treehouse or Fort?

  10. Swimming in a pool or Playing in the sprinkler?

  11. Camping in the backyard or Sleepover with friends?

  12. Magic tricks or Science experiments?

  13. Drawing or Painting?

  14. Reading a book or Writing a story?

  15. Building sandcastles or Collecting seashells?

  16. Dinosaurs or Space exploration?

  17. Pirates or Knights?

  18. Karaoke singing or Dance-off?

  19. Board games or Puzzle solving?

  20. Clay modeling or LEGO building?

  21. Watching cartoons or Creating your own comic strip?

  22. Hide and seek or Tag?

  23. Jump rope or Hula hoop?

  24. Stargazing or Cloud watching?

  25. Baking cookies or Decorating cupcakes?

  26. Playing in the snow or Sunbathing on the beach?

  27. Learning a new instrument or Joining a choir?

  28. DIY crafts or Gardening?

  29. Watching a magic show or Going to a circus?

  30. Going on a nature hike or Riding a trail on a bike?

  31. Playing fetch with a dog or Cuddling with a cat?

  32. Making a homemade pizza or Sushi making?

  33. Visiting a theme park or Going on a road trip?

  34. Learning magic tricks or Solving riddles?

  35. Starting a band or Making a movie?

  36. Flying a kite or Rowing a boat?

  37. Collecting rocks or Collecting stickers?

  38. Virtual reality games or Board games night?

  39. Making friendship bracelets or Customizing t-shirts?

  40. Playing chess or Checkers?

  41. Going to a library or Visiting a bookshop?

  42. Trampoline fun or Climbing walls?

  43. Watching sunrise or Sunset?

  44. Building a robot or Drawing a comic book?

  45. Going to a sports game or Watching a play?

  46. Learning to code or Learning a new language?

  47. Making a bird feeder or Planting a tree?

  48. Going on a picnic or Hosting a barbecue?

  49. Attending a science fair or Joining an art workshop?

Shot of happy coworkers having a meeting in a boardroom

Get to know your boss and fellow colleagues with these office-approved this or that questions.

  1. iPhone or Android?

  2. Call or text?

  3. Dream job or dream house?

  4. Public transport or bike to work?

  5. Slack or Zoom?

  6. Facebook or Twitter?

  7. Facebook or Instagram?

  8. Instagram or TikTok?

  9. Laptop or desktop?

  10. Netflix or Hulu?

  11. Would you rather be the smartest person or the most popular?

  12. Online or in-person meetings?

  13. Outdoor lunch break or indoor office break time?

  14. Date night with your partner, or play sports/ hang with friends?

  15. Board games or computer games?

  16. Monopoly or CandyCrush?

  17. Card games or board games?

  18. Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

  19. Passenger or driver?

  20. Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?

  21. Tuna fish sandwich or Egg salad sandwich? (trick question, the answer is neither! You never bring a tuna fish or egg salad sandwich to the office)

  22. Would you rather give up your phone or TV?

  23. Would you rather work 12 hours a day and have a four-day work week or your normal business schedule with weekends off?

  24. Working a four-day week, what day would you take off, Monday or Friday?

  25. Would you rather be skilled at a number of new skills or hone one skill and become an expert?

  26. Would you rather be part of a big team or work on your own?

  27. Which do you prefer: come in late and leave late or come into work early and head home early?

  28. Given a choice, would you rather eat the mystery piece of food in the office fridge? Or clean the men’s bathroom?

  29. Headphones at your desk or office sound system playing music for all?

  30. Which is better … sitting at your desk answering emails all day? Or in and out of meetings with no emails to reply to?

  31. Coffee shop morning meetings or video call lunch check-ins?

  32. Free lunch or paid time off?

  33. Personal chef or personal assistant?

  34. Handwritten notes or emails?

  35. Would you rather be your own boss or an employee?

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couple feet entangled on a bed

For Adults Only

Stepping into the “Adults” section, let’s toss the rulebook and explore “This or That” questions tailored for grown-up gatherings. Here, whimsy meets wisdom in a playful dance of choices, where every decision reveals a layer of our complex, adult selves.

Couples ‘this or that’ Questions

Here you’ll find “This or That” questions designed to spark engaging conversations and deepen connections with your better half:

  1. Netflix night or Fancy dinner out?

  2. Beach vacation or Mountain retreat?

  3. Cooking together or Ordering takeout?

  4. Romantic comedy or Thriller movie?

  5. Going to a concert or A quiet night stargazing?

  6. Early morning walks or Late-night talks?

  7. Board games or Video games?

  8. City exploration or Countryside adventure?

  9. Wine tasting or Brewery tour?

  10. DIY projects or Art galleries?

  11. Home renovation shows or Cooking competitions?

  12. Partner yoga or Joint gym session?

  13. Poetry reading or Dance class?

  14. Candlelit dinner at home or Sunset picnic?

  15. Shared journaling or Creating a playlist together?

  16. Vintage shopping or Modern mall spree?

  17. Couples’ massage or Hot springs soak?

  18. Bike ride or Kayak trip?

  19. Home-cooked breakfast or Brunch at a cafe?

  20. Watching sunrise or Chasing sunsets?

  21. Planting a garden or Painting a mural?

  22. Book club for two or Movie marathon?

  23. Weekend getaway or Staycation with themed nights?

  24. Learning a new language or Picking up a new hobby together?

  25. Candle making or Pottery class?

  26. Writing love letters or Sending surprise gifts?

  27. Historical tour or Haunted house visit?

  28. Fancy dress party or Casual barbecue?

  29. Opera or Broadway show?

  30. Couples’ costumes for Halloween or Matching outfits for a photo shoot?

  31. Making homemade pizza or Baking a cake together?

  32. Visiting an animal shelter or Aquarium?

  33. Indoor rock climbing or Trampoline park?

  34. Mini-golf or Bowling?

  35. Ice cream making or Chocolate tasting?

  36. Sailing day or Hot air balloon ride?

  37. Volunteer work or Attend a workshop?

  38. Indoor fort night or Backyard camping?

  39. Karaoke night or Poetry slam?

Dating ‘this or that’ Questions

  1. Candlelit dinner at home or dining out at a fancy restaurant?

  2. Walk on the beach or hike through the woods?

  3. Cooking together or ordering takeout?

  4. Watching a romantic movie or a comedy special?

  5. Visiting a museum or an art gallery?

  6. Going to a concert or a Broadway show?

  7. Wine tasting or brewery tour?

  8. Weekend getaway to the mountains or the seaside?

  9. Sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner?

  10. Staying in and playing board games or going out for a night of dancing?

  11. Exploring a new city or relaxing in a countryside villa?

  12. Attending a cooking class or a pottery workshop together?

  13. Going for a bike ride or kayaking?

  14. Visiting a zoo or an aquarium?

  15. Ice skating or roller skating?

  16. Attending a sports event or a music festival?

  17. Planning a picnic in the park or a barbecue in the backyard?

  18. Enjoying a spa day or going on an adventure park?

  19. Taking a road trip or flying to a destination?

  20. Watching the sunrise or stargazing?

  21. Trying out exotic cuisine or sticking to classic dishes?

  22. Going thrift shopping or window shopping at luxury stores?

  23. Taking dance lessons or fitness classes together?

  24. Enjoying a quiet night with books or a lively night out with friends?

  25. Visiting a historical site or a modern amusement park?

  26. Going to a comedy club or a jazz bar?

  27. Participating in a charity event or attending a workshop?

  28. Building a DIY project or gardening together?

  29. Visiting a local farmers’ market or a trendy food festival?

  30. Going on a ghost tour or a scenic nature trail?

  31. Watching a documentary or a mystery thriller?

  32. Planning a day of volunteering or a day of leisure activities?

  33. Taking a scenic drive or a long walk in the city?

  34. Exploring a cave or snorkeling?

  35. Attending a poetry reading or an open mic night?

  36. Visiting an escape room or playing virtual reality games?

  37. Having a game night with friends or a quiet evening just the two of you?

  38. Trying aerial yoga or traditional meditation classes?

  39. Planning a surprise date or deciding together?

  40. Baking desserts or grilling steaks?

  41. Visiting a fortune teller or making bucket lists?

  42. Learning a new language or a musical instrument together?

  43. Going to a flea market or an antique shop?

  44. Watching fireworks or flying kites?

  45. Taking a hot air balloon ride or a boat cruise?

  46. Writing love letters or creating a photo album?

  47. Enjoying a silent disco or a karaoke night?

Spicy ‘this or that’ Questions for Adults Only

Venturing into the “Spicy Section,” we dial up the heat with questions designed to uncover deeper desires and playful preferences. Whether it’s choosing between whispering sweet nothings or engaging in a bit of naughty talk, these queries are all about exploring the more tantalizing aspects of connection.

Perfect for those moments when you’re looking to add a little extra sizzle to your conversations, this section invites you to navigate the realms of romance, desire, and playful intrigue with your partner. So, let the sparks fly and see where these spicy questions lead you!

  1. Exploring a new city’s hidden spots or discovering hidden corners at home?

  2. A playful challenge that leads to a surprise or a planned romantic scenario?

  3. Sharing a fantasy you’ve never acted on or reenacting a favorite shared memory?

  4. A night dedicated to fulfilling each other’s wishes or a day of unexpected adventures?

  5. Writing a bucket list of places to make memories together or creating a playlist of songs that tell your story?

  6. Experimenting with a new cuisine at home or finding the most romantic spot for a picnic?

  7. Learning something new about each other through a game of truth or daring to ask questions you’ve never asked before?

  8. Choosing an outfit for the other to wear for a night out or selecting the perfect fragrance that drives you wild?

  9. A candlelit bath with essential oils or a surprise massage with warm oils?

  10. Whispering what you adore about each other or writing it down in a letter to be read in private?

  11. Planning a themed date night that taps into a shared fantasy or spontaneously deciding to turn an ordinary evening into something extraordinary?

  12. Sharing your most romantic desires over a bottle of wine or crafting a love potion together with exotic ingredients?

  13. A slow dance in the living room to your song or a playful tickle fight that leads to laughter and more?

  14. Creating art together that symbolizes your passion or capturing the moment in photos that are just for you?

  15. Venturing out for a late-night walk where you share your deepest dreams or staying in to build a fort and watch films that ignite your imagination?

  16. Trying a new gourmet recipe together or ordering your favorite comfort food for a cozy night in?

  17. Initiating a spontaneous game that only you two understand or creating a secret code language for your intimate moments?

  18. Setting up a surprise theme for your next date night or asking your partner to choose an adventure for you both?

  19. Crafting a playlist of songs that describe your relationship or selecting a book to read aloud to each other?

  20. Sharing a fantasy location for making love or recreating a special moment from your relationship’s early days?

  21. Deciding on a new hobby to explore together or revisiting a past activity that you both loved?

  22. Engaging in a pillow talk session about your deepest desires or writing a story together featuring you as the protagonists?

  23. Planning an unexpected romantic gesture that fulfills a partner’s long-held wish or designing a treasure hunt at home with clues leading to a passionate surprise?

  24. Experimenting with sensual food play or a blind taste test where you can guess the flavors?

  25. Sharing your most memorable moment together or discussing a new dream to pursue jointly?

  26. Planning a ‘fantasy draft’ of bucket list experiences or a ‘role-reversal’ day where you surprise each other by stepping into the other’s shoes?

  27. Choosing an exotic destination to symbolize your love or crafting a dream board of future adventures?

  28. Engaging in a sensory exploration night where you focus on touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell or a silent date night where actions speak louder than words?

  29. Discussing the art of seduction or the science of love and attraction?

  30. Creating a couples’ spa night with homemade treatments or competing in a playful ‘who knows who better’ game?

  31. Sharing the most exciting dream you’ve had about each other or imagining a day in the life ten years from now?

  32. Curating a photo album of your most intimate moments or writing a poem together that captures your journey?

  33. Sending each other cryptic, flirtatious messages throughout the day or leaving hidden love notes for each other to find?

  34. Designing your ultimate romantic getaway or a stay-at-home retreat that caters to all your senses?

  35. Discussing what intimacy means to each of you or exploring new ways to express your affection?

  36. Planning a ‘just because’ celebration of your love or creating a ritual that celebrates your connection?

  37. Experimenting with DIY couple’s photography or taking turns being each other’s muse?

  38. Reflecting on your growth as a couple or setting new relationship goals to achieve together?

FAQ’s about ‘This or That’ questions

What is the ‘this or that’ questions game?

This or that questions are a conversation game where players choose between two items they prefer. Players must choose one word that they prefer over the other and can not add a new option or answer to their response.

Similar to the famous game “Would You Rather,” competitors are asked to choose between two bad things.

‘This or that’ questions are also a fun way to get to know someone, whether it’s your partner, family, friends, or coworkers.

The questions include everything you can think of, from food to habits to hypothetical situations.

How do you play the ‘this or that questions game’?

You are given the choice of two statements, and you have to choose one. The only rule is that it must be a question, so no multiple-choice answers or anything like that. You quite literally choose one option or the other.

There’s also no right or wrong answer- just see what pops into your head first and follow your gut!

How do you ask a ‘this or that question’?

A good idea would be to phrase your questions in the form of a “would you rather” scenario. Like, would you rather see a sunrise or a sunset? Or would you rather it be summer or winter?

Have you ever played a round or virtual game of “this or that questions?” If so, what were some of the best questions you were asked? Share your answers with us on social.

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