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So many things to do, to see, to eat, so overwhelming! We have designed three itineraries that will give you a unique insight to Paris, whether it’s your first time or tenth. We combine sight seeing with food stops, game stops and coffee stops. You will not learn about Paris, you will enjoy Paris like a Parisian.

Every city has secrets and places the locals want to keep for themselves. Because we don’t do big groups and are not rushing you from spot to spot, we feel comfortable sharing them with you. Your French experience is our priority, we want you to feel like a local.

We keep the groups small for you to easily interact with each other. Don’t hesitate to ask questions (or for pictures)

We have prepared for you a unique tours that will help you discover the city of Paris through its most famous landmarks but also some more local neighborhoods

Parisian Culture

We’ll enter places you’ve never thought you could get into. We’ll also introduce you to one of our traditional sports, taste delicious bread and espresso.

all inclusive

We cover all drinks, food stops and rentals needed during the experience.

Small Groups

We will offer you an all inclusive and over 5 hours intimate experiences (no more than 8 guests) We want to make you feel like you are hanging out with friends

Woyago Signature Paris City Tours

First Day In Paris Tour

Suitable for Everyone visiting paris for the first time or after many years

We at Woyago believe, that FIRST impressions are the most lasting. This is why we propose you an all-inclusive experience to discover Paris. Biking next to landmarks and local places. Tasting our wine, cheese, croissant, and coffee. We want to make you feel like you are hanging out with friends. MORE INFO

6 hours | 2 – 8 people | 129 Euros

Bike & Breakfast

Suitable for everyone who love food from local market

Coming Soon. MORE INFO

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people |

Secret & Hidden neighborhoods of Paris aka Second Day in Paris

Suitable for everyone who would to explore more than just landmarks

Coming Soon. MORE INFO

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people |

Plan your whole Parisian trip with a local

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People are not forgetting their time with us. Here's what they had to say:

Katie, February 2020

This was the most wonderful experience of our Paris trip. The wine and cheese tasting gave us a great opportunity to get to know Herbert better and learn about the “French” way of thinking. We loved the wine and cheese, but the conversation was really what made it special. He was even kind enough to drop us right at our next reservation! I cannot say enough good things about the experience. There were even some special local stops that we would never have done on any other tours.

Michael, November 2019

This was the best decision we made for our trip to Paris. This experience is like being shown around the city by some friends. It’s both casual, and informative. Biking through the city was fun and easy, Peter made us feel safe and was always looking out for us. Herbert was wonderful and we had a deep great conversation over great wine and cheese. Both these guys are really passionate about what they do, and you can really tell. If you’re looking for something personal and unique, this is it, book it now, don’t look any further. After we left we were talking about how we wish we would have had this type of experience in other cities we’ve visited.

Kristen, November 2019

We took this tour on our first day in Paris and can’t imagine a better first day! Even after getting into Paris at 9 am on the red eye and starting our tour just a couple hours later, we felt energized and engaged throughout the tour. Peter made us feel like a pro biking through the city, and I loved the stops for coffee and pastries. I felt like we had a good understanding of Paris to kick off our trip, and it helped us figure out what we wanted to see in the days remaining. The wine and cheese tasting at the end was wonderful, and we scarfed it down after a day of biking. Peter and Herbert are a wonderful company, and I would recommend this to anyone traveling to Paris for the first time!

Michael, November 2019

We did four tours during a 6 night stay and this was our absolute favorite! I never would have had the courage to bike around Paris on our own but this tour gave us the confidence to experience Paris in an amazing way. Herbert and Peter were absolutely fabulous hosts and are so passionate about the city; both about its past and about its future. We saw a lot, and learned a lot, and felt very well taken care throughout. We ended the tour drinking wine and eating cheese in a private little room at a charming local shop. The conversation was fantastic (their English was perfect) and by the end, everyone came away as friends. I would rate this tour as a must-do for anyone visiting Paris. It will always be an extremely special memory for us.

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