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Virtual happy hour ideas are practically inexhaustible, with easy options to carry out. For the foreseeable future, these fun activities will take over among the remote working teams, and for a good reason.

Virtual events have a literal way of making things look like they would in person! Therefore, they are the best way to keep your virtual team members entertained and connected.

If you’re looking for hilarious, high-energy virtual hour ideas to engage with your friends or remote team, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve composed seven fun happy hour activities that you and your team will love and, without a doubt, enjoy. Without further ado, let’s go!

First, What’s a Virtual Happy Hour?

Can you recall the typical in-person fun activities we love, like grabbing drinks or supper with friends? I bet you do, and that’s what virtual happy hour means. 

But here, you’ll do it over a screen instead of the physical presence of your teammates. Sounds fun, right?

It sometimes ends up with catching up or creating team bonds over campfires and even sleepovers if you’re like us!

Fun Virtual Happy Hour Ideas to Try Out

From an online bingo to name-and-finish-the-lyrics, here are seven virtual happy hour ideas to try out with your virtual team this year.

1. Happy Hour Bingo

Most people enjoy Bingo cards at their bachelor parties, girl’s or guy’s nights out, birthday parties, and other fun in-person fun activities. Mostly they use them as icebreakers. Therefore, they can make an ideal option for your virtual happy hour fun, right?

How does happy hour bingo work? It’s simple! You’ll mail each team member a bingo card, having marked the cards with the fun quizzes you guys want to answer.

Like you could decide on team drinks, and everyone gives you their favorite drink name. Then you’ll write them on the cards. Then each time someone takes that drink, they mark it on their cards—the first member to mark correctly five times in raw wins.

Remote work bingo card printable

Looking for more bingo card ideas? Check out our virtual team-building bingo post for more FREE downloads.

You could mash it up with other methods of playing bingos, like instead of writing drink names, you write icebreaker questions about each person. Then have them in several bunches of bingo cards, with each branch having one person’s questions.

Here the one who knows the other team member better wins. You can repeat the process until you finish your prizes. Isn’t that a fantastic way to bond?

2. Virtual Happy Hour Games

There’s an endless list of virtual games that you could engage and connect with your team. I’ll show you three plays to consider.

Call of Duty

It’s an online game with interaction options where you can speak and direct each other as you engage in shooting and combat.

One can say it’s a way of being a soldier with your team as friends and all the other players as enemies. You have various customizable play modes like battle royale, with 25 groups of fours. That means it can hold a 100-member virtual team at a go! AWESOME RIGHT?

Other modes include multiplayer and zombie hunt, ideal for smaller teams. Thus, Call of Duty is a to-go-for game for all shooting game fanatics.

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Then You have a Virtual Clue, Murder Mystery, where you solve cases within a specific time. You’ll solve puzzles and look for clues until you solve the murder mystery and catch the criminals in this game. Look at it as a vigilante mission but for fun.

Happy Hour Trivia Game

This game is another fun virtual activity to consider because of its nature. First, you’ll go to the watering hole called Hamish McDuff’s and then into the virtual pub and engage in mind-boggling trivia.

A hilarious Scottish pub owner leads you through the trivia to determine who knows their trivia well.

3. MTV Cribs With Kitchen and House Edition

MTV Cribs is a house tour show where super-star celebrities take a camera crew around their homes, showing their favorite spots. It’s more like Architectural Digest Show or Vogue.

You and your team can embrace that idea, right?

How? Each member will take the team around their house and kitchen, showing them their workplace, favorite spots, and furniture.

Imagine showing each other’s fridges, counters, cupboards, and kitchenware, not to criticize but for fun. It will help your team bond and assist your colleagues in knowing each other a bit. COOL RIGHT?

4. Finish and Name That Song 

A singing challenge with prizes-as simple as taking a drink gulp-is what the finish and name that song is all about.

Finish and name that song is a fun game where you’ll have a team member sing a part of their favorite song. Then anyone can complete the lyrics and try figuring out the song’s name. The one who guesses the song right gets the prize.

You can include more fun activities for extra fun to this game, like creating a playlist. Then each member takes turns identifying the name and the artist.

5.”Would You Rather?” Virtual Happy hour

Imagine uncovering your team’s hidden truths and passions by making engaging, curious questions. It’s a fun way of knowing and bonding with your team.

However, everyone has a favorite, and sometimes they have two. For instance, imagine if someone asked you to choose between a bloody mary or bourbon? I might have to choose bourbon because it isn’t Halloween!

The team experiences bliss, especially over a virtual drink session as they engage in virtual charts. It’s a no-miss event for all your virtual teams. I know I wouldn’t!

6. Virtual Charades

This game is like the usual charades where players, if the challenge is not speaking, must use gestures to show the required action, thing, place, person, etc.

In a virtual charade, you can use the words-only charade. That is where your team cannot show words or gestures that directly show the correct answer.

This is what I mean: if the challenge is to show the word pizza, then the players must not mention words like mozzarella, pepperoni, or the other direct pizza-related staff.

  • Challenge yourself: if the word test is your answer, which words must your team avoid? If you said words like the answer, school, learn, and study, pat yourself on the back; You’re right. Do you get it now?

Here’s a suggestion

  • Shaking hands- suggest that they cannot use words like fingers, greetings, shake, palm, and hand. Thus, they can say words like “it’s a welcoming way of guests. So I’ll illustrate by extending my arm, and you will extend yours, then we will bring together our flesh.”

Other suggestions include:

  • Roping that animal
  • Macarena dance
  • Throwing a football and others

How to Organize and Host a Virtual Happy hour

To organize virtual events, you’ll first have to determine all the participants and the time limit. Then pick your virtual meeting platform, whether it’s zoom, skype, or google meet. Be sure to choose the one you are comfortable operating.

If you need to hire an expert or send specific items to the participants, you can do that before the meeting. Then you can make guest lists and the event’s theme. 

But where you’re organizing for your virtual team only, you can confirm the ones who will be present instead of having a guest list.

Then send the meeting invitations, and voila!

How to Make Zoom Happy Hour Fun

Sometimes, you’ll need ice breakers because it’s a virtual happy hour moment, and it requires a “living-the-moment” kind of attitude.

Thus you can use icebreaker questions and breakout rooms for that purpose. You can also use a virtual happy hour theme and have everyone choose a theme for clothing that can be as simple as their favorite team jersey.

Other happy hour tips include having mixed zoom backgrounds and zoom Karaokes.

Wrap Up

Honestly, you can’t exhaust the number of activities for your virtual happy hours.

Why? Because a virtual happy hour event is a matter of creativity, transforming in-person events like wine tasting into virtual wine tasting, ordinary games into virtual happy hour games, and guests into virtual happy hour ones.

Whether over a video call or live camera feed, your remote teams can engage in these virtual happy hour tips for the best team-building online activities.

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