Crazy Fun Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for the Office: Plus 14 Tips to Throw a Creative and Tech-Savvy Online Celebration

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas, Christmas hats and other party favors

It’s that time of year again, the holiday season! Where virtual holiday party ideas are in full swing and in real life holiday parties have taken a back seat for another year.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of throwing a virtual holiday party before, it might seem daunting to try and plan one with your co-workers who are scattered across the country or around the world.

But don’t worry because we here at Woyago have got you covered. We’ve got virtual holiday party ideas, activities, games, tips, tricks, themes, and more – that will help you make your online holiday party celebration easier to plan and more fun for everyone!

What is a Virtual Holiday Party?

A virtual holiday party is the best of a real life holiday party minus the mess and added expenses! Virtual parties are typically held via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Blue Jeans.

Companies host virtual holiday parties for a variety of reasons:

  • To save money and reduce carbon footprint (no travel expenses)
  • As an opportunity to give remote team members the chance to relax and reconnect with their coworkers who are spread across different office locations or time zones
  • To show employee appreciation
  • Celebrate company milestones or
  • To spread some holiday cheer and joy throughout the office!

What do you do at a virtual holiday party?

Besides, have fun? Play holiday inspired virtual team building games like Bingo, fun and creative challenges like holiday trivia, are just some of the fun games and activities that take place at a virtual holiday party.

You can also incorporate holiday traditions, a secret Santa gift exchange, team themed ugly sweaters, holiday movies, sing company holiday carols, and more!

There’s also time to bond with your coworkers and maybe even talk a little shop, but not too much!

Virtual holiday parties are also a great opportunity to announce company milestones, goals, and visions for the future kind of stuff.

How do you make a virtual holiday party memorable?

Planning is everything! And contrary to what you may think, the more organized you are, the more holiday cheer you’ll experience.

Here are some quick virtual holiday party tips and tricks to make your virtual holiday event a blast:

  • Decorate the room with virtual lights or streamers. This is an easy way to get people into the holiday spirit!
  • Choose the right theme (we suggest something festive.)
  • Plan ahead, send invitations and reminders.
  • Include virtual holiday party games.
  • Create a holiday playlist and share it.
  • Organize and hire a fully hosted virtual holiday party with a virtual event management company.
  • Mail your team a holiday treat, send decorations or props.
  • Give out rewards and prizes.
  • Create an agenda and stick to it.
party favors including hats, gold stars sprinkled with glitter on a yellow background
Don’t skimp out on the small details! Send your guests party favors and treats to help them get into the holiday mood!

How to Throw a Virtual Holiday Party: 5 Tips for Virtual Party Success

Tip #1 – Make it official!

Companies typically make announcements during company meetings and send out virtual holiday party invitations via email detailing who, what, when, and where about their virtual holiday party. 

Tip #2 – Have a virtual holiday party budget and stick to it!

Set a virtual holiday party spending limit that covers food, activities, and decor.

While virtual holiday parties are usually free for employees – don’t forget about any snacks or drinks you’ll need during your celebration! This will save you from going over your virtual holiday party budget. 

Tip #3 – Get creative!

Virtual holiday parties are a great opportunity to try something new and different with your video conferencing equipment.

Have people play games on the big screen, have virtual assistants help you put together virtual holiday decorations in real time, chat live with folks who share common interests during trivia, virtual holiday parties are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Tip #4 – Have fun with virtual holiday party games!

Virtual party activities don’t have to be super formal. We recommend having at least one game during the virtual holiday party, whether it’s trivia or a silly holiday video you found on the internet – virtual holiday parties are an opportunity to have some fun so let loose!

Tip #5 – Set a virtual holiday party schedule and stick to it!

Virtual events are already kind of informal, so don’t forget about time when planning your virtual holiday party.

Keep the virtual activities going but remember – everything has an allotted amount of time. Keep track of how long things take during your event and don’t let things drag on.

lime mojito with mint
Virtual dinners, cocktail masterclasses – just a few of the virtual holiday party ideas that await you below.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

“Tis the season to be jolly!” That’s what they say. But for virtual workers, it can be tough to get into the holiday spirit when you’re not surrounded by your colleagues in person.

To help virtual employees feel more festive this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of virtual holiday party ideas for remote teams that are sure to make everyone have a merry virtual Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali – or whatever special holiday event you and your team members are celebrating!

10 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Work

Virtual holiday karaoke party night

Bring on the holiday cheer and laughs with your own virtual karaoke night. Have all employees bring their best rendition of “Jingle Bells” to share as virtual gifts.

Ask for volunteers to sing their favorite karaoke tunes, or you could plan a specific time slot where participants are allowed to pick out songs on the virtual holiday party playlist and belt them out in front of everyone else to win gifts and prizes.

Virtual wine tasting party or cheese tasting party

Invite remote employees to a virtual wine tasting or cheese tasting party. As an alternative, you could make this a virtual coffee break where everyone brings their favorite cup of Joe and snacks for all participants to share while chatting about the latest cat video from YouTube.

Festive cook-along party or virtual tasting party

As virtual holiday party ideas go, hosting a festive cook-along is top on the most memorable holiday party list. Participants could share recipes and food samples from around the world to taste test with all virtual employees.

Mix & mingle with a virtual cocktail party or mocktail class

Make festive hot drinks and mocktails for your team. To create a high quality experience for your virtual holiday party guests, find a class led by a knowledgeable bartender or mixologist. Alternatively, call local food and brewpubs to check to see if they offer virtual classes in mixology. 

Stuck for holiday inspired mocktails? Why not host a virtual hot chocolate tasting party? Would someone pass the marshmallows, please?

Virtual painting party

Bring in virtual artisans and set up a virtual painting party. This is perfect for employees who enjoy doodling, sketching, and drawing away from the office. Plus the final product makes for a great secret Santa gift exchange.

Host a virtual holiday movie night

Metaphorically dust off your beloved holiday movie and host a movie night with virtual team members.

Choose your movie, the streaming platform of choice like Disney+ or Netflix, set the mood with themed attire and don’t forget snacks!

Around the world holiday traditions party

Learn about global holiday traditions with an around the world virtual party. Participants could share what they are doing in virtual office spaces to celebrate the holidays.

As virtual holiday party ideas go, this is a great way for employees across time zones and countries to connect with each other during this busy period of year and share a little something special about what they do to celebrate during the holidays.

Take a virtual Christmas lights tour

‘Wrap up’ remote employees and take a virtual Christmas lights tour around the world. Participants could share photos of their favorite holiday light displays, or they could share virtual tours of the most spectacular Christmas light displays they’ve seen.

Virtual holiday dance party

Bring on the culturally appropriate holiday music and get to dancing the night away! This is a virtual holiday party idea that’s sure to get employees moving and grooving.

Organize a virtual dance competition or simply join the group in the virtual hot cocoa line for an impromptu virtual boogie down session!

Want a spin on this classic holiday party activity? Turn your dance party into a game of musical chairs where virtual holiday party attendees dance until the music stops. The last one to sit down at their chair is out.

Ornament making virtual party

One fun virtual holiday gathering idea is an ornament making virtual party.

This activity allows employees to decorate their computers and phones with festive, digital ornaments! The virtual decoration trend started as a way to avoid putting real decorations up that might get broken.

Holiday Magic Show

Channel your inner Harry Poter and host a virtual holiday magic show. Who doesn’t love magic tricks? Since most magic shows are interactive and live – everyone is bound to have fun.

Virtual office space decorating contest

This virtual party idea is so fun. If you want to get competitive, create some virtual prizes and let the games begin! For example: Who can come up with the best virtual holiday card or who can design the most festive avatar.

Host a virtual dinner party theme

Mexican fiestas, DIY pizza dinner – there’s no limit to your virtual dinner party. Don’t forget to include recipes, fun holiday drinks, and a shopping list so that all team members can participate in the epicurean fun.

mirrored disco ball ornaments on a red background
Turn any classic team building game into holiday magic!

Virtual Party Ideas for a Holiday Themed Games Night

Who doesn’t love a good game? Virtual holiday party games are the perfect way to break up any potentially awkward silence during your virtual holiday party. Here’s our list of games that you can play.

Virtual holiday trivia

Why not test virtual employees’ holiday knowledge with an online holiday trivia game? Focus questions around a specific theme like holiday songs or holiday movies. You can even throw in some virtual prizes for the winners!

Virtual holiday bingo

The best way to spread some holiday cheer with by yelling out Bingo! Turn this classic into a virtual holiday party activity and let remote employees test their luck.

Virtual office scavenger hunt

Think of an online holiday scavenger hunt for your next virtual team gathering! This fun group event is perfect for virtual employees who are not physically in the office with their coworkers.

For more scavenger hunt ideas check out our post ‘Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Adults.’

A holiday edition escape room

A virtual party game where teams of employees race to escape virtual rooms using clues, puzzles, and word scrambles. Escape room games are especially popular in large companies because they challenge teammates’ problem solving skills while building camaraderie at the same time!

So there you have it, over XX holiday party ideas sure to get you and your remote employees into the holiday spirit.

With online team building games, virtual activities, themes, and more – you’re next company event is sure to go off without a hitch when following the tips above.

Online holiday games embrace whatever holiday spirit they’re designed for and encourage remote employees to work together in virtual spaces.

Holiday parties are not only an awesome way to celebrate the holidays but also a great way for remote work teams to strengthen their communication skills and team bonding.

Events like these give remote workers the chance to relax, enjoy themselves and connect with colleagues who may not be located nearby.

What virtual holiday party ideas are you planning for your virtual office? Get social with us and let us know.

Or better yet, get in touch with us so that we can help you plan the perfect virtual holiday party! We’re only a Zoom holiday party away.

Prepare your "world" virtual hangout!