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Currently, we have an unexpected turn of events happening globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As humanity, we had to adapt and move on, and currently, nations are slowly recovering and getting back on their feet.

Remote working and virtual events are the central connecting platform bridging the people and their workplaces. Sometimes even families. Plus, it’s convenient for team building, especially for workers living far from each other.

Online events mainly achieve what was previously held physically. These events can also be something you do for fun, whether with your family, workforce, students, or others. Here are excellent virtual social events ideas for you in 2022.

8 Virtual Social Event Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!

Creating Social Network Groups

Creating social network groups improves flexibility with telework socials. Flexibility is vital for your team in gaining social skills. Remember that the online community comprises a vast potential marketplace for your business or services.

First, you can limit your team’s online socials to video calls which is okay. However, you can also consider creating private social media groups on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Statista research says that an average person may spend two hours or more on socials every day. You can take that chance for team building plus bonding. What can you do in these groups?

If, for instance, you create a group, you can invite your family or teammates to share their old photos. Please encourage them to question each other about fashion preferences, likes and dislikes, and the like. You can also encourage your mates to share meal photos, whether they were takeout meal photos or homemade meals because sharing experiences enhances bonding.

Other ideas include a never-ending story whereby one teammate ends their challenge by challenging the next, and the story continues. You can also tag teammates with characters that directly or indirectly correspond with them.

Virtual Game Play

The remote gameplay covers all bases you need with your team for fun and bonding. They are ideal for an online birthday party, filling programming holes in the virtual webinars, team bonding, building, etc. They’re perfect because they bring out the effect that you need.

You may consider online games like Call of Duty, virtual office Olympics, and others. They offer a sensational, fun mashup for your remote teammates, creating bonds and friendships, improving skills, and inspiring teamwork, both collaboratively and competitively.

Such virtual game shows like online office games come in handy for groups that require some morale boost or chances for firmer bonding. What’s more? These shows work perfectly with all group sizes.

Team Virtual Corporate Skill Building

Sometimes when one hears of virtual corporate events, especially the learning ones, they may get scared or daunted. However, when you learn, tackle a subject, or read about an interesting topic concerning the team, you get that support system you may need. The support helps you demystify the idea that you are the only individual making mistakes in the group.

For instance, as a telework community, you can turn the group’s socializing time into learning time by engaging in an online course geared towards the group’s well-being. The virtual space offers a variety of options.

Some ideas include: holding a workshop for creative writing, a self-defence class, cooking lessons, photography tutorials, guided meditations. You can also consider an online course like Udemy or Masterclass. Also, you may compile your syllabus from YouTube or other resources.

Two couples enjoying a virtual dinner party

A Virtual Dinner Party

In the virtual world, some events like a remote supper with coworkers may seem unrealistic. Diner over a video call, crazy, right? But these offer great ways of gathering teams and fostering natural conversations. How would you go about a virtual dinner party?

First, pick a suitable day and time to avoid any inconveniences. Then you can come up with the theme food, like pizza. You can also allow the teammates to freely pick their food from the menu with the allowed stipend. Afterwards, disseminate the meeting link to your teammates. Come up with virtual activities or discussion topics. Finally, on the event day, enjoy your feast with your remote team.

Some ideas include: encouraging your team to develop a standard recipe and prepare the meals themselves. During your virtual gathering, your teammates can make and enjoy the meal. Unlike in restaurants, where you can only speak with the one next to you, you can talk with anyone at virtual dinner parties.

Fun Virtual Events

Fun virtual event ideas include virtual cooking, virtual dance party, virtual cooking classes, virtual jam session, virtual karaoke, a virtual scavenger hunt, etc. In these virtual happy hours, the attendees have a chance to bond through a tone of activities.

In a virtual cooking class, your teammates may learn how to prepare a specific meal that you can enjoy together virtually in a virtual dinner party. You can also learn how to create excellent virtual backgrounds.

Before these happy virtual hours, plan the events by pre-calling the team. Here, you’ll interview them and get their thoughts on the online event idea that you intend at hand. After the interviews, consider the themes, the costs you will incur, and any other undertaking you need before the event runs smoothly.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes will promote healthy habits for your team. It creates a form of accountability, especially where you make follow-ups. It’s not unheard of that remote workers start the routine fitness workouts or activities.

But you don’t have an instructor yelling at you when you fall out, you end up abandoning the classes. When you do them virtually as you get instructed as a group, it makes it fun and brings in accountability. The online fitness virtual events are better than solo fitness activities.

To arrange a class, pick the workout you want or inquire about it from your teammates. For instance, you can consider excluding high-intensity workouts while you begin the sessions. Then identify a virtual fitness professional who can guide your sessions. Then plan the video call and exercise with your teammates.

Exploring the Meeting Place

Since virtual meeting software like skype and zoom are available for android and iOS devices, the team meeting can happen anywhere. Mostly, the virtual attendees are from different places, which means you can leave the station and show your teammates the other sites in your premises where you feel comfortable.

Please show them your home, move to your backyard, show them your favorite places to work from, or host virtual events. You can even recommend some office equipment which you think would bring an excellent virtual world experience.

Celebrating Unconventional Events

The virtual world has fewer opportunities for in-person events because the attendees aren’t in the same room. Though there are many virtual events you can celebrate virtually, it’s tricky to have regular meetings except for occasional virtual socials like Christmas holiday, Halloween, and other holidays in a virtual office space.

So use these events as an opportunity to meet up with your team, take the chance, and have a virtual party. This way, you can enjoy other non-American parties, especially if you have a global team.

What’s more? You can celebrate a teammate’s online birthday party. Here you may consider activities like making an email chain of birthday wishes from each team member. Then you can top the wish email chain with a photoshopped pic of the birthday girl or boy at a party.

In conclusion, these are some common virtual event ideas to consider for bonding, competition, learning, etc. Yet, there’s an endless list of interesting virtual event ideas convenient to hold in the various virtual event platforms.

However, some platforms are better for video conferencing than others. The platform you’ll choose depends on the virtual event idea you have in mind and the number of people to attend.


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