Give your team the time of their life in Paris

(without actually sending them to Paris)

With Woyago's live-hosted virtual team-building events & activities

It's official! These enterprise teams love Woyago (and Paris, too)
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There's a reason they say "from Paris, with love."💌

And that reason is Woyago!

We'll help your new hires "break the ice" and encourage your remote teams to build deeper connections with each other, under the guidance of your fun (and super friendly!) Parisian hosts.

From guided virtual bike tours through the city, to wine & cheese tastings, French stereotype trivia, and beyond. Woyago will give your teams a fun-filled virtual event that will bring them closer—and will make them smile and laugh about it for years after.

Listen to what teams at Google, IBM, and Apple are saying about Woyago

Why go with Woyago for your next virtual team-building event?

Because your Parisian hosts are experts in helping teams like yours connect, laugh & learn!


Our Virtual events are designed to help your team create warm, friendly, and lasting connections with each other.


Years later, they may not remember everything. But they’ll never forget how much they laughed or how much fun they had.


Whether they pick up some “unusual”vocabulary or a passion for French wine, your team will have learned something new by the end of your event.

Ooh là là! See how much fun everyone can have with Woyago 👀

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A Virtual Party In Paris 🎉

Make your team laugh as they learn hilarious French vocabulary. Get them working together to solve ridiculous Parisian trivia. And help them connect through absurd icebreaker questions. This is 60 minutes of Parisian-themed fun they will never forget!

Time: 60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Price: $29 USD per guest

Optional: add extra activities for extra fun 🥖

Add-on: Virtual Live Bike Ride

Ride a bike through Paris from the comfort of your own home with your team! Join our Parisian guide as they take you around the city in real-time. You’ll soak up beautiful sites and hear hilarious stories—without your legs getting tired!

Add-on: Parisian Picnic Box

Each of your guests will receive a luxurious picnic box packed to the lid with exquisite French delicacies. And along with your live host, your team will enjoy them down to every last crumb while learning, laughing, and “walking around” Paris together.

Add-on: Wine & Cheese Tasting

Let your team whet their appetite for bonding with a sampler of 3-6 delicious French wines & 4 full-size French cheeses sent directly to each guest’s home with a local Parisian host. Join us as we discover Paris together, sip by sip and bite by bite.

"Are you really that good?" 🤔

Well, here's what companies like Apple, IBM iX, Lyra, Google are saying about Woyago's virtual team-building events

John - Data Content Manager

“I have never done anything like this. I can say it was just amazing. That was a really fun experience. My team definitely appreciates it. It was very different and highly recommend it to others.”

Tina - Marketing & Events Manager

“We already had 2 tours with Woyago. The experience was really special and great. Working with the team was really easy, always funny, always really flexible customizing a tour to our needs. It’s a cool opportunity at times like this.”

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Jill -Administrative Business Partner

“We did an amazing tour with Woyago. We had so much fun seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I highly highly recommend it.”

Rickpaul - Commercial Councel

“We went to Paris. My team is already messaging me how much they loved and how much fun we had. I just want to thank your team, we really enjoyed it.”

Cliche Parisian wearing stripe t-shirt, red scarf and red berret. Holding bottle of wine and french baguette

Who (or what) is Woyago?

It’s simple, really. We’re Parisians, through and through.
Some of us used to be architects. Or train operators. Or engineers. But we all had one thing in common: we adore the City of Lights. It is our home and our heart.
And now we get to make a living sharing the world’s most beautiful city with amazing teams from all over the world (just like yours).


Delighted clients
Events held every month
Woyago hosts
Baguettes eaten

Get a taste* of Paris for yourself in a private live demo

Fill in your details below and one of our friendly and fun Parisian hosts will help you book a live demo of our fabulous virtual team-building events

(*unfortunately, baguettes not included)

Have Fun In Virtual Paris With Your Team!

Transport your team and boost morale while you laugh, learn and connect with your team in virtual Paris. 60-90 minutes each. Fully facilitated. Pants are optional👖

Have Fun with your team in Paris over zoom

Laugh, learn and connect with your team while in Paris. Pants are optional👖

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Over 1000+ Happy clients
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Bring your team to Paris for an Unforgettable time together

Enjoy live Paris footage while enjoying delicious cheese and wine. Have fun with French stereotype trivia, French vocabulary lessons that will make you laugh out loud, ridiculous ice breaking questions and much more!

A relaxed Virtual Walk or an engaging Party in Paris?

Add Some Extras!

The reviews! Oh la la!

Starts at 29 USD per person

Add guests up until one hour before starting time

Pay in EUR, CAD, GBP, BTC, Sea shells etc.


A relaxed Virtual Walk or an engaging Party in Paris?

A Virtual Party In Paris

Suitable for business

Learn hilarious French vocabulary, compete in ridiculous Parisian trivia, and discover your Parisian soul with absurd icebreaker questions! Your group will learn quirky stories about Paris while they connect, interact, and engage with each other. MORE INFO

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people |

Add Some Extras!

Virtual Picnic In Paris

A Parisian will host you directly from Paris! Your guests will receive a “picnic box” with French delicacies; and we’ll enjoy them together while learning, laughing and “walking around” Paris.

60 – 90 minutes | 2-300+ people

The Only Live Interactive Bike Ride in the World

Ride a bike through Paris from the comfort of your own home with your team, friends, or family! Join our Parisian guide as he or she takes you around the city in real-time. You’ll hear hilarious stories and soak up the most beautiful sites! A second Parisian guide will provide context, photos, and extra jokes from a second screen. MORE INFO

60 – 90 minutes | 2-300+ people

Wine and cheese tasting at home

Not in France? No worries! We’ve teamed up with iGourmet and Vinebox to deliver each member of your party a set of 3 or 6 French wine samples plus 4 different kinds of French cheese. Join us as we taste, drink, and discover Paris together. Continental US and Europe only MORE INFO

60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people

Are we that good? We’ll let our former guests tell you the truth about our virtual activities!

Katerina, August 2020


Happy customers on a zoom call wearing red berets and drinking delicious drink

“Can I give 10 stars? That was amazing! When I found the experience and saw the reviews the first thing that came to my mind was”Wow what do these folks do if they have such great feedbacks?” and after the first minutes when the experience started I understood. They just do their best to give the best experience they can. It was simply awesome. I have no words to describe it. Herbert was hilarious, knowledgable, kind, attentive, professional! Love it!”

Diana, November 2020


Happy group of company wearing a red berets and smiling on a zoom call

We had an amazing time with Herbert and Cedric. We had a fun, interactive, and non-stop laughing event with the team. We learned a little French, had a mini-breakout session to learn some fun facts about our team, had a lovely virtual tour that was interactive, and the hosts answered any questions we had. We also learned about Parisians and the current state of some famous landmarks and also some awesome tips when we decide to visit Paris in the future. I would highly recommend this company and activity to a friend. You will not be disappointed.

Julie, October 2020


Zoom call in virtual Paris- Woyago Teambuilding - happy company from Australia

“I hosted a few clients to a wonderful virtual trip of Paris. Herbert did an amazing job – with great humor and awesome stories. We all really enjoyed our time in Paris. Many thanks for a fun adventure.”

Marcel, June 2020


Zoom call in virtual Paris- Woyago Teambuilding - happy company

“We did this as a work team get-together as we have not seen each other face-to-face in months. Most of the team had never been to Paris and want to travel there now. Tais was very friendly, enjoyable and knowledgeable and made sure to involve everyone and keep them all engaged. We really had a great time.”

We'll help you plan your trip to (Virtual) Paris

Prepare your Parisian virtual hangout!


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