Santa Mozzarella! Your team is going on a scavenger hunt in Italia!

Quick! Get the Aperitivi!

With Woyago's live-hosted virtual team-building events & activities

60 – 90 minutes | 10 – 300+ people | $29 USD per guest

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Get your team learning and connecting with each other in an idyllic Italian setting

Say hello like in Sicily, where they don't ask "How are you?" but "Have you eaten today?". Master the full blown art of the hand gestures. And practice your charming skills with your team, Italian style, among many other activities!

Travel to Italy & learn the never heard before stories from a local. Have fun as your teams go scavenging inside your living room, searching for things that our Italian host wants to see!

Listen to what teams at Google, IBM, and Apple are saying about Woyago

Why go with Woyago for your next virtual team-building event?

Because your hosts are experts in helping teams like yours connect, laugh & learn!


Our Virtual events are designed to help your team create warm, friendly, and lasting connections with each other.


Years later, they may not remember everything. But they'll never forget how much they laughed or how much fun they had.


Whether they pick up some "unusual" vocabulary or a passion for Italian pasta, your team will have learned something new by the end of your event.

Mamma mia! See how much fun everyone can have with Woyago 👀

Scavenger hunt in Italy 🎉

Learn and practice Italian vocabulary, run around to find links between Italian culture and objects you have at home. Great opportunity to have fun while putting your wit, IQ, creativity and smartness to test on 60-90 minutes of Italy-themed fun they will never forget!

Time: 60 to 90 minutes | 2-300+ people | Price: $29 USD per guest

"Are you really that good?" 🤔

Well, here's what companies like Apple, IBM iX, Lyra, Google are saying about Woyago's virtual team-building events

John - Data Content Manager

“I have never done anything like this. I can say it was just amazing. That was a really fun experience. My team definitely appreciates it. It was very different and highly recommend it to others.”

Tina - Marketing & Events Manager

“The experience was really special and great. Working with the team was really easy, always funny, always really flexible customizing a tour to our needs. It’s a cool opportunity at times like this.”

Who (or what) is Woyago?

It's simple, really. We're World Travelers, through and through. Some of us used to be architects. Or train operators. Or engineers. But we all had one thing in common: we adore travel. It is our home and our heart. And now we get to make a living sharing the world's most beautiful cities with amazing teams from all over the world (just like yours).

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Get a taste* of Italy for your team!

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