Send them on a trip to Italy

Without actually bringing them to Italy

Get your team laughing, sharing, and connecting through a virtual event experience to the land of Santa Mozzarella.

These enterprise teams are feeding their wanderlust (and bonding with each other) with Woyago

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Mamma Mia!

Let’s discover how Italian you are, eh? (Hint: it’s more than you’d think!)


They came. They saw. And they had *fun!*

Just bring the guests.
We'll bring you Italy and bring your team together, too.

Woyago tours are live-hosted from India by authentic, true-to-life locals. Feel like you’re really in Italy – without getting off your couch!

Each Woyago includes dedicated time for:

Get away from it all hanging out

You know your team has earned it, so let them sit back, relax, and soak up the rich sights and fun of Italy.

Roll on the floor laughing interactions

Unique activities to get your team to crack up, let loose, and create warm, friendly connections.

Honest to goodness team building

Your guests will split into break-out rooms, with each group working furiously together to complete their *important* missions.

Want to know how it all works?

Schedule a time for a one-on-one LIVE conversation with us.

Get all your questions answered and plan your Woyago for your team today.

Make sure to pick the right time zone!

Fill the form to see the demo, get excited and be the team’s hero for bringing the joy!

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