Welcome to the sassiest cooking class on the internet!

You will learn to cook French delicacies while engaging in French sassiness. These cooking sessions are engaging, fun, and a delicious treat for teams looking to do ‘something different for team bonding and celebrating virtual togetherness!

90 minutes | 2 – 10+ people 

It's official! These enterprise teams love cooking (and Paris, too)
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How it works

Choose a menu

Pick from our two handcrafted menus based on your mood of the day & taste pallet! The menu has been designed keeping in mind ease of cooking and authenticity in the recipe.

Pick a date and time that works best for you

Let us know your perfect date when you plan to bring this cooking trip to your folks, and we will align everything suitable for that hour! We now host 24×7 all days of the year! Go ahead, pick your perfect spot!

Receive the shopping list

Receive an exhaustive list of items available at a grocery store just next door – it includes all options (including gluten-free, vegan, nut-free substitutes). Also, it comes with a list of utensils required. Most of these items are regular pantry items that are usually available in all kitchens.

Join the live private class

Join the video call with the link, meet the expert french chef, and be one in just 60 to 90 minutes! Not a youtube video. This is a live class!

Cook together and celebrate!

Turn on the stove and get the party started! Ask questions and get tips and tricks right from your kitchen to ours on the unique experience that guarantees taste and laughter together.

First Menu


Everybody has seen the movie but few can say that they have cooked Ratatouille!

Let our chefs demystify the recipe which can bring tears of nostalgia even in the eyes of a strict French critic! Learn the lesser known facts about food that are bound to leave anyone impressed.

Come together, bond, cheer and raise a toast with this experience that brings Ratatouille from the silver screen to your table! Bon Apetit!

Second Menu

Cut the Crepe!

Happiness is making crepes with our chefs! Nothing can make a French smile more than a crepe.

Our chef is ready to spill the best kept secrets to help you prepare this iconic dish in multiple flavours - sweet, savoury and cheesy!

Watch out for the sass and salt in your dish when you take this class - remember, you have been warned! Smile, you will learn to make a crepe! Bon Apetit!

John - Data Content Manager

“I have never done anything like this. I can say it was just amazing. That was a really fun experience. My team definitely appreciates it. It was very different and highly recommend it to others.”

Tina - Marketing & Events Manager

“The experience was really special and great. Working with the team was really easy, always funny, always really flexible customizing a tour to our needs. It’s a cool opportunity at times like this.”

Who We Are?

Ohlala.. We are a bunch of passionate Parisians who want to take the French culture and our love for food, cheese and wine beyond our borders. Meet our star chefs who have curated these extraordinary virtual cooking trips, especially for remote teams - big or small. At woyago - we make sure that the guests learn, interact, have fun & indulge in the delectable french cruises with us!

Cliche Parisian wearing stripe t-shirt, red scarf and red berret. Holding bottle of wine and french baguette


Prepare your Parisian cooking session!


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