Live footage from Paris' streets!

The only live interactive virtual trip in the world

60- 90 minutes | 2 – 1300+ people 

Listen to what teams at Google, IBM, Apple, UBS are saying about Woyago

There's a reason they say "from Paris, with love." 💌

Play Video

Explore Paris in real-time from your couch with your private group.

Hear hilarious stories, discover beautiful sites, and interact in real-time with your Parisian guide as they show you around the City of Lights. A second Parisian guide will provide context, photos, and extra jokes from a second screen.

A 60 or 90 minutes private live Parisian in the streets of Paris

A second Parisian to provide context, pictures, and extra jokes and commentary

Interactive! Ask and talk to people in the streets of Paris in real time!

Beautiful off the beaten path spots in the middle of Paris

Ooh là là! Choose between 2 types of live stream

Live Interactive Virtual Bike Ride

Parisian on his Velib bike presenting his live biking tour close to Alexander III bridge in Paris

For events during Paris day time

What to expect (60 minute version available, just ask!)

Activity Time
10 minutes
Past and Future of Notre Dame
20 minutes
Ice breaking questions Paris related to get you know you better 10 minutes
Biking around the Louvre Museum 20 minutes
Compete in Ridiculous Trivia 10 minutes
From Guillotine square to the Eiffel Tower 20 minutes
Learn Hilarious French Vocabulary 10 minutes
Total 90 minutes

Live Interactive Night Walk

two decorated Christmas tress in a square in Paris France

For events during Paris night time

What to expect (60 minute version available, just ask!)

10 minutes
The Arc de Triumph: by Napoleon for Napoleon because Napoleon
20 minutes
Ice breaking questions Paris related to get you know you better10 minutes
Fanciest shops at the fanciest avenue in the world20 minutes
Compete in Ridiculous Trivia10 minutes
The Grand and the (not so) Small Palace20 minutes
The sparkling Eiffel Tower from the most beautiful bridge in the world10 minutes
Total90 minutes

Can't choose? We'll help you!

We'll help you plan your team event. You can ask any questions with zero sales pressure

Prepare your Parisian virtual hangout!

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