It’s your first day in Paris! Follow a Parisian on a Virtual Tour as they bring you along on a typical day in the City of Lights

Learn about Paris and get expert insights from local Parisians

60 to 90 minutes | 10 – 300+ people 

Are you ready for your first day in virtual Paris?

Your local guide will take you through a typical day in the life of a Parisian using props, photos, and images (since they’ll be at home on their couch too!). Your guide will also tell you fun facts and stories that will make you smile!

Learn how to order a “tradi,” which is way better than a baguette. Find out how four Americans made the Louvre Museum so famous, discover the birthplace of an iconic drink in the Palais Royal, and end the day with a secret underground party!

You’ll also learn the true meaning of concepts like flâner, joie de vivre, and laissez-faire so that you leave your virtual activity feeling a little more Parisian!

Group Size

10- 300+ people

Time Needed

60 minutes Extensions to 90

What to expect

Introduction and Set up10 minutes
Bakery and Notre Dame15 minutes
Louvre and Eiffel Tower
35 minutes
Wrap up5 minutes
Total60 minutes

Standard Event details

Ideal for a lunch break, a virtual getaway or a relaxed evening at home

Your virtual Paris walk includes:

  • How to properly greet and talk to people in Paris
  • Make yourself more Parisian by understanding French vocabulary terms like joie de vivre, laissez-faire, and flâner
  • Unique stories from the most popular monuments

Katerina, August 2020


Happy customers on a zoom call wearing red berets and drinking delicious drink

“Can I give 10 stars? That was amazing! When I found the experience and saw the reviews the first thing that came to my mind was”Wow what do these folks do if they have such great feedbacks?” and after the first minutes when the experience started I understood. They just do their best to give the best experience they can. It was simply awesome. I have no words to describe it. Herbert was hilarious, knowledgable, kind, attentive, professional! Love it!”

Diana, November 2020


Happy group of company wearing a red berets and smiling on a zoom call

We had an amazing time with Herbert and Cedric. We had a fun, interactive, and non-stop laughing event with the team. We learned a little French, had a mini-breakout session to learn some fun facts about our team, had a lovely virtual tour that was interactive, and the hosts answered any questions we had. We also learned about Parisians and the current state of some famous landmarks and also some awesome tips when we decide to visit Paris in the future. I would highly recommend this company and activity to a friend. You will not be disappointed.

Can't choose? Talk to a Parisian!

We'll help you plan your trip to (Virtual) Paris

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