Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting at Home

The only cheese and wine tasting at home with a Parisian in the world!

60 to 90 minutes | 2 – 300+ people 

We’ve partnered with iGourmet and Vinebox to deliver the best French delicacies to each of your guests overnight. Your wine and cheese samples will be fresh and ready to enjoy during your virtual activity!

We’ll dive right into the vast and exciting world that is French cheese and wine from the coziest place in the world – your own home! You’ll learn about the weird history, quirky production process, the mad science behind the creation, regional specialties, and the cultural significance of wine and cheese. Then, we’ll taste, mix, match, and enjoy…together!

We have 3 alternatives for you

A party in Paris team building

Wine and cheese tasting with sommelier

No party in Paris team building

Wine and cheese tasting with sommelier

A party in Paris team building

Add-on wine and cheese tasting without somellier

Group Size

10- 50 people

Time Needed

60 minutes Extensions to 90

What to expect

Intro & Icebreakers10 minutes
Wine and cheese facts15 minutes
Tasting with storytelling
35 minutes
Wrap up5 minutes
Total60 minutes

Standard Event details

Ideal for wine and cheese enthusiasts who want to learn more

Your virtual wine and cheese tasting includes:

  • A 1 hour guided tasting with our Parisian expert
  • 3 or 6 wine samplers from a curated French wine list
  • 4 full cheese portions to taste with us. Enjoy the rest for later!
  • Tips on how to pair wine and cheese like an expert
  • Intriguing and interesting stories about Paris during the tasting

The cheese

Chevre: This classic French goat cheese is sharp and tangy near the rind and gets progressively richer and creamier toward the center. When enjoying this cheese, you savor a delightful combination of flavors and textures in each bite (4 oz)

Camembert: This famous soft-ripened cheese from Normandie has a creamy interior beneath a fluffy (and edible) white rind. Similar to Brie, but with a slightly fuller flavor. (8 oz)

Ossau-Iraty AOP: We’re happy to bring you this raw sheep’s milk cheese from the Pays Basque region of Aquitaine (French Pyrenees). Its milk comes from red-nosed Manech ewes raised on small family farms (7.5 oz)

Comté: Created by local villagers in alpine dairies called “Fruiteries”, its milk comes only from Montbeliarde and Tachete de L’est cows. Each 70+ pound wheel of raw-milk Comté is aged for at least six months, resulting in a sweet and nutty masterpiece (7.5oz)

The wine

You will receive a selection of wines from our stock. All wines are imported directly from France and delivered in a beautiful box.

Recently delivered:

Château Bourbon La Chapelle Médoc 2012: Rich flavor, stays on palate. Gentle aroma. 100ml

Château Gillet Bordeaux Blanc 2017: Creamy with the semillion grapes. Fruity aromas. 100ml

Alchimie Côte de Brouilly 2015: Highly acidic, low on tagines, middle intensity. 100ml

Cheese plate with crackers and salami
4 kinds of cheese from France
wine tasting samples. red and white wine

John - Data Content Manager

“I have never done anything like this. I can say it was just amazing. That was a really fun experience. My team definitely appreciates it. It was very different and highly recommend it to others.”

Tina - Marketing & Events Manager

“The experience was really special and great. Working with the team was really easy, always funny, always really flexible customizing a tour to our needs. It’s a cool opportunity at times like this.”

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