Why Woyago

Because we don't do "team building." We travel!*

*And the communication, collaboration and camaraderie happens naturally along the way.)

These enterprise teams are feeding their wanderlust (and bonding with each other) with Woyago

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Why have 2,000+ teams chosen Woyago for their virtual team-building events?

Here’s 3 reasons…


Entertainment. For everyone!

Woyago hosts are experts at getting everyone involvedand engaged.

With passion, personality, and lots of humor, they get your team interacting authentically with each other.


The focus is on fun

The purpose of a Woyago is for your team to relax and get a respite from the hustle and stress of their regular lives.

So even though they’ll learn some new words and trivia, and will see some pretty views, the thrill of traveling (virtually) to an exotic location takes center stage.


They’re more similar than they think

There’s nothing like being in a strange, new place to realize how similar we really are to each other.

Together, your team will *magically* discover they have more common ground between them than they used to think.

Travel unites us all

When your team is relaxed and comfortable together – creativity shines.

When your team works well together – company culture improves.

When your team feels appreciated – retention rate increases.

(Sounds like a win-win-win, no?)

Here's all the ways Woyago virtual events help teams bond with each other:

With Woyago, you unite your teams while giving them the time of their lives!

See what these amazing teams did on their Woyagos

Dream Corps

Party in Paris for 5 guests


Party in Paris for 20 guests


Party in Paris + Bike Ride for 14 guests


Fiesta in Barcelona for 7 guests


Party in Paris + Bike Ridefor 11 guests

Capital One

Party in Paris for 10 guests

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Make sure to pick the right time zone!

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