21 Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Virtual Meeting With a Fun Twist

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If you are looking for a new digital party or virtual team building activity that is both fun and engaging, then don’t look any further: a Zoom scavenger hunt may be the perfect solution for you!

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about hosting a zoom scavenger hunt and how to set it up for your work team, your friends or family. We’ll also tell you why it’s such a great way to create a team building exercise, give you some treasure hunt lists, ideas and more!

FAQ: Virtual Scavenger Hunts

What is a virtual scavenger hunt?

Virtual scavenger hunts are based on traditional games that encourage players to find specified items or solve riddles, but instead of running around in person like a chicken, a virtual scavenger hunt is 100% digital. The name scavenger hunt was inspired by animals, who sometimes search for food frantically.

How do you play a Zoom scavenger hunt?

Following its origins, the goal of a zoom scavenger hunt is to look for clues or objects quoted on a list given by the organizer.

By the end of the indicated time, you need to submit proof of your findings by sending pictures or videos of what was asked on the list.

Where to organize a virtual scavenger hunt?

Virtual Scavenger Hunts can be organized from afar, using video conferencing software like Zoom, Google Meet or Skype.

How do you do host a virtual scavenger hunt?

All zoom scavenger hunts require at least one person to organize and lead who will make it as simple or complex as desired.

Consider your audience. Write a list of objects to hunt or challenges. Send e-vites to your virtual group with the list and instructions and then get the party started!

For which occasions could you organize a virtual scavenger hunt?

Fun to play and easy to adapt to a virtual setting, online scavenger hunts make wonderful team building activities, birthday parties, retirement parties, and more.

With all the social distancing we are experiencing, they are a perfect activity to play with family, friends, with school or even coworkers.

What ever the occasion a virtual zoom scavenger hunt can bring out the fun in any remote team.

How long should you give for a Zoom scavenger hunt?

For zoom scavenger hunt, the time limit is determined by you. You can set a short deadline or make it last for hours.

At Woyago, we recommend that a virtual scavenger round lasts 20 to 30 minutes maximum as you still have to consider the after activity debrief that might take some more time.

Organize Your Zoom Scavenger hunt

Will you be the video call organizer of a scavenger hunt? Here are some guidelines for organizing your first event.

1. Create a list of items that other players will hunt for

First, you’ll have to come up with a list of around 10 to 20 items to submit to the virtual group. The number will depend on how many participants you have and what length of time you’ve decided that the game will last.

Make sure to create a list of items so it’s easy for everyone in the team to find what they need to search for. Organize the items from easy to difficult.

Two options for you here: You may name the items directly or you could also give some clues for them to guess what are they.

This style of glue based scavenging is more suitable to adults. It will definitely add some twists and increase the fun rating plus it’s a great way to challenge your coworkers and friends.

2. Establish Virtual Scavenger Hunt Rules

Before the game starts, clearly state the game rules so that everyone can play in a fair way.

We recommend that you send the rules beforehand if possible so that the group can have a look with a rested mind.

Think about the technical details of this fun scavenger hunt:

  1. How many points is worth one found item or challenge?
  2. At what time will you start the timer?
  3. What’s the time limit?
  4. Will you group participants in teams or will they play the game solo?
  5. Will they keep their video on during the game?
  6. Can players interact with the organizer during the game?
  7. Shall the participants send all proofs at once or as the game goes?
  8. Does the first person to find a specific item win the point or all participants who found it win a point?
  9. What will be the prize of the winner

General guidelines of the scavenger game to consider

  1. Take a photo of any object found or challenge made to give proof of what they check off their hunt list.
  2. Send or post photos and videos before the end of the time limit.
  3. An item can be used for one answer only.
  4. All items need to be found inside the house.

3. Let the online hunt begin!

Gather your players, make sure everyone is correctly connected and can hear you well.

Quote the rules and remind everyone of the time limit.

Start your timer and launch the start of the hunt for this scavenger activity.

On your marks, get set, hunt!

All adults participating will then go on this special quest, use clues to solve mysteries, find items and ultimately try to score the most points possible to win the game!

Reminder: For all the items they find, the players will have to take a photo for proof and send it right away or before the timer is up.

4. Name the winner

Once the scavenger activity is done, stop the timer and take some time to count the points of every individual or team participating.

Determine the winner of your fun virtual zoom hunt and proceed to the ceremony. Announce to everyone who won the game and what prize, or prizes they won.

5. Discuss how did the search go, relive the fun once more!

Don’t hang up just yet! Keep your video call on once the scavenger race is done and the winner is announced. This is where another fun moment comes in!

Have a chat about how the game went. You can open the discussion with simple questions like:

Did you enjoy participating in this zoom race?

What was your favorite part of it?

Who would you like to play it again and why?

Organize a private Zoom Scavenger Hunt with friends or family

Fun Scavenger hunt with Friends

After some time, the excitement of digital parties starts to wear off, so we must find new and better ways to keep it fresh.

But we don’t have to let this happen! Organize a Zoom scavenger hunt with your friends to give another dynamic to those calls.

Make sure to include some funny, surprising challenges and unusual search objectives to spice up the game!

The type of challenges are up to you. Be creative and enjoy yourselves because it’s all about having fun and reconnecting after all!

A group of friends reconnecting over a zoom call with their mobile phone.
Reconnect with friends and co-workers on a Virtual Zoom Scavenger Hunt. Drinks and libations highly recommended.

Get on a Treasure Hunt with your family

One type of activity that is perfect for both young and old individuals and that will animate your birthday zoom party is to host a virtual scavenger hunt – treasure style. They’re easy to organize and made virtual for long-distance families, so make sure to include everyone in your family with an internet connection!

Quick tip: When organizing a scavenger hunt with several family members from different genders, ages and situations, you need to ensure that the objects stated in the hunt list could be found by anyone.

Also, you may want to create a theme around your treasure hunt, and the obvious being a Pirate theme. Or you can dust off your passport and travel virtually to another city or even country if you like.

You might want to set some teams and make them compete home against home in this situation so that one person of home doesn’t walk on another person’s steps during the hunt.

Scavenger hunt for kids

A scavenger hunt for kids is totally possible – and even encouraged!

Whether they’re part of your family event or you organize a special event for your little ones at home to connect with friends, trust us, they will definitely love participating in virtual scavenger hunts.

How do you play Zoom scavenger hunt with kids?

If you organize a virtual scavenger hunt for kids, note that for it to run smoothly, it is important to make sure that they are independent enough to go around the house to search for treasures by themselves. We recommend a minimum age of 6 years old.

They would also need to be in presence of an available adult to help them connect to the zoom reunion, grab items they might be unable to grab, take pictures of their finds and send them to the leader by the end of the virtual scavenger hunt.

Zoom Scavenger Hunt for a fun Team building activity

If you read our posts regularly, it’s nothing new to you: Work team building activities are the key to achieving a healthy work environment and productive employees.

But did you know that a Zoom scavenger hunt is a great fun virtual team bonding activity? They are one of the best online activities out there to kick off a fun day with your remote staff.

Team Building Benefits of a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Yes, virtual scavenger hunts offer more than just thrills and entertainment. They have many benefits for work-from-home teams, especially in this virtual world we are living in right now.

A virtual Scavenger hunt is an excellent way for people who work remotely to connect with their coworkers in a different and adventurous way.

Indeed, hunts are some great and unexpected team building activities that provide a fun way for colleagues to bond with each other.

Virtual hunts get players to move around, be active, interacting with their environments and competing. These shared adventures create a powerful impression of togetherness.

With these types of activities, team members get to make them feel part of the team, to know each other better and to have fun while doing it! 

How to Plan the Best Virtual Scavenger Hunt for your Work Team

When organizing a virtual scavenger hunt for a team building meeting, it’s important to take into account the size of your team and what kind of activity you would like to create.

You should also consider the personalities and environment of each member of your team.

The list should contain common everyday objects, but not so many that it becomes too easy.

Make sure the different team members have equal opportunity at finding all items on the list before declaring winners!

You can also ask your teammates to keep their video and microphones on if they are open to the idea, so that they can discuss or laugh together during the activity.

Discuss the Scavenger Hunt afterwards

The main goal of this team building activity is obviously to bring your team together, so make sure that all your colleagues share their feelings and excitement at the end of the search.

What object was the hardest to find and why?

Did you find an unexpected item in your house that you had forgotten about? Etc.

Those answers and after-session feelings are what will allow them to bond.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt ideas

We know inspiration can run short sometimes. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here! We gathered below a hunt list idea with items and riddles, for you to inspire your own:

Item lists for Virtual Scavenger Hunt ideas

  1. Favorite snack
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Favorite Mug
  4. School diploma
  5. Grand-parents picture
  6. Book you are reading right now
  7. Remote Home office / School desk set up

Ideas of Challenges to complete

  1. Selfie in your Sport outfit
  2. Show us how you sleep
  3. Have a hot drink
  4. Selfie with your pet
  5. Make yourself a face mask
  6. Recreate an old family picture
  7. Recreate a popular TikTok dance

Riddles to include in the hunt list

  1. I’m made of rubber and I bounce. (Ball)
  2. Which one of the chicken or me came first? (Egg)
  3. I can be half full or half empty. (Glass)
  4. I come in a yellow can and pop when I’m hot (Corn)
  5. I do have a spine, but I don’t have bones. (Book)
  6. Bored? Play me! (Board Game)
  7. Tired? ____ me! (Napkin/ Nap)

Looking for more scavenger list ideas? Check out 121 of them right here.

Original and Personal clues

You can also add original items to your list such as “Imagine having 5 minutes to find your weapon of choice during an apocalypse”; “Getting a picture of a keepsake from the 90s”, or the “item you would use to be your “Wilson” if you were left on a deserted island”.

Those will make the teams thinking struggle a bit more to first think of a good idea and then look for it!

Theme Zoom Scavenger hunt ideas

Pick up a theme zoom scavenger hunt party to give it a special touch!

Christmas, Super Bowl, Valentine’s day, Family, Wedding, Thanksgiving or Easter are a few of the themes that you can zoom scavenger hunt with.

Choose a theme that will fit your friends, family or work team events to engage everyone on an actual topic!

We hope this complete guide with scavenger hunt ideas inspired you to create your own fun experience with your peers.

Whether you play this game with your close ones or your coworkers, we are sure that you will have a great time!

Tell us in the comments if you already did an in-person or digital scavenger hunt and how it went!

If you need more ideas for a virtual team-building activity, make sure to contact us, we will help you find the perfect idea for a unique way to build up a team building experience.